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aviator189  +   1193d ago
I think both franchises have got their own respective fanbases and players, so I don't think either one is going to immensely threaten the other in terms of sales.
The most that will happen is a few shifts here and there.
At least, in the short term..

Long term wise, it could be a different story.
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camel_toad  +   1193d ago
Yeh some people will play both but as you say - their individual fan bases will remain loyal.

Personally I quit playing COD after modern warfare 2 and never considered myself a Halo fan boy by any stretch (still enjoyed them though) but halo 4 looks to be a bit of fresh air thanks to the new team.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1193d ago
Not a chance.
With COD Blops2 going on all three platforms while Halo is an exclusive, there is no chance in hell that it will sell nearly as much as Cod.. and honestly, it's unfortunate because Halo 4 does look like the much better game with very impressive graphics coming from the 360! But I'm getting neither cause I have only have a ps3 and I ain't no cod fan...
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guitarded77  +   1193d ago
Everyone I know who plans on getting Halo 4, also plans on getting CoD:BlOps 2. The two franchises have coexisted among XBOX gamers for a long time. NOTE: I say "XBOX gamers" because that's where the question of HALO v CoD exists in terms of the author's topic. It's silly to compare the two though since one is exclusive, and one is multiplatform. It would me a more interesting conversation if HALO was multiplatform too. I wounder if it would pull CoD numbers across all platforms.
Gamer1982  +   1193d ago
Halo cant touch COD as its stuck on 1 platform and its only got 2 titles on PC. Although when it comes to releases its going for CODs crown to who can get the most games out in 10 years. Both neck and neck for a while now as there been a Halo and a COD game every year for a long while. No PS exclusive franchise is the same. But its a similar theme with most 360 AAA games looks at forza theres a new one of them out nearly every year (not every year) compared to GT every 4 years since GT3.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1192d ago
Guaranteed online numbers will drop some when Black Ops 2 comes out.
WildStyles  +   1193d ago
Halo 4 is not killing anything. Nothing is going to kill COD until next gen comes along. It's just too big despite the constant internet complaining. I hate COD and even I can acknowledge the juggernaut it truly is.
Kurt Russell  +   1192d ago
With a bit of luck COD will just kill itself :)
SheaHoff  +   1193d ago
For now, I think there's enough separate fan bases AND overlap for them to both keep going - at least for now.
first1NFANTRY  +   1193d ago
CoD killed it self along time ago. Although halo has improved alot graphically, the formula hasn't been innovated enough to warrant it a 10/10 experience.
THESHAUNZY  +   1193d ago
Don't forget to Vote on our poll in the article as well!!! it is election day after all =D
zyphee  +   1193d ago
Lol no... halo and cod are in two different standings....only thing they have in common is that its an fps.
Parappa  +   1193d ago
It's actually the other way around.
Megaton  +   1193d ago
CoD dethroned Halo in 2007. CoD has been the casual, easily accessible, FPS experience of choice by the mainstream since CoD4.
Muffins1223  +   1193d ago
Really?Cod is for medicore gamers...halo rapes it
Halo kills pretty much any sony IP in sales :)
csreynolds  +   1193d ago
The console that plays the disc is all Sony has to do with Call of Duty. The games are published by Activision, developed by Treyarch/Infinity Ward and Co., and it's also available on Xbox 360 - like Halo.

Do your research, fanboy...
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stage88  +   1193d ago
That's stupid. That's like me saying Gran Turismo kills pretty much any Microsoft IP in sales.

Even though I have no interest whatsoever in Halo your have to respect each systems games.
Kamikaze135  +   1193d ago
chukamachine  +   1193d ago
Halo is a ut/quake knockoff.
jjb1981  +   1193d ago
What an ignorant comment..
miyamoto  +   1192d ago
I sincerely hope you do not represent the Halo community.
RustedMan  +   1193d ago
different franchises.
I am, however, more in interested in the "halo killer" that never came out.
Yangus  +   1193d ago

Different FPS.
Military vs Science fiction.
TripC50  +   1193d ago
You can call recent COD sci fi.
Soldierone  +   1192d ago
Just because the story revolves around an army man doesn't make it not science fiction lol
mcstorm  +   1193d ago
I think we will know in 3 months once the xmas rush is over on if halo has had an effect of the COD sales on the 360. I don't see it having much of an effect though as COD and Halo attract different players.

Bing on 6:30 when I will be home and ready to pop my copy of Halo 4 into my console and get into some 342i Halo.
STK026  +   1193d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't CoD outsold Halo on X360 since CoD4:MW? Anyway, both franchises are selling extremely well, and I doubt this will end anytime soon.
hudsoniscool  +   1193d ago
cod 4 on 360 did not outsell halo 3. halo 3 did 11.5 million +. I know they dont say how much the 360 version did but activision said 2 years later it was at 13 million. so cod 4 is probably at 15 millionish on 3 platforms. which is probably 7-9 million for 360 version, And world at war sold even less. so no not since MW2
SlavisH2  +   1193d ago
yeah cod is the most sold game on ps3 not 360

"~Facts hurt Fanboys :("
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STK026  +   1193d ago
Yeah, I just went on Vgchartz (despite the fact that their numbers have not always been reliable, they're the only ones widely available as far as I know), and indeed Halo 3 outsold CoD4. However, like you said, Cod has been outselling Halo on X360 since MW2 (which outsold ODST).

I thank you for the info, as I didn't think Halo had sold so much.
Jek_Porkins  +   1193d ago
Why does everything have to be the "killer" of something else?
Halo is its own beast, COD does fine no matter the competition its up against. Both games will sell incredibly well, but COD is on a ton of platforms and Halo 4 is on but one, so no matter how well Halo 4 does on Xbox 360, COD will sell more overall.

I think games doing well overall is great for the industry and the more quality apps the better.
TheSuperior  +   1193d ago
That's the spirit!
DG90  +   1193d ago
How can a platform exclusive kill a multi platform game?..
csreynolds  +   1193d ago
ALLWRONG  +   1192d ago
stage88  +   1193d ago
An exclusive game cannot "kill" a multiplayer game. This article is stupid.
ALLWRONG  +   1192d ago
I know you mean multiplatform
time2die  +   1193d ago
And come November 30th Far Cry 3 will kill the pair of them.......Period
Gordon_Shumway  +   1193d ago
Not sure if serious...
THESHAUNZY  +   1193d ago
The point of the article is whether COD will feel an effect... SEEING that the franchise is a giant in its own right merits the question of whether or not the first party title can compete against a multi platform game and possibly sell consoles in the process... think outside your puny little boundaries.. you might...

Revolver_X_  +   1193d ago
Always funny seeing the author defending their own article. Fishing for hits much? The two are really incomparable. Exclusive vs. multi. Will H4 steal BO2 sales? Doubt it. You'll see H4 sales drop week 2 (BO2's release) then it will pick up during the Holidays. It's funny how journalists write an OP, acting as if they dont know how this industry works. BO2 will sale great immediately, because its COD. In the long run H4 will probably outsale BO2 in terms of Xbox only numbers. Never underestimate the power of fanboyism. Maybe it wont ever, but thats a solid prediction giving the mindset of said user base.

Ive watched a friend play H4 last night. Lets be honest. Its a polished H3. Nothing new to offer. BO2 on the other hand is at least trying to innovate. Whether it translates well, we will see next week. All in all, if it was H4 vs. MW3, I would give it to H4, but seeing how Treyarch is doing great things with BO2. BO2 will definitely give you more for your buck.
josephayal  +   1193d ago
Halo 4 is Perfect
But call of duty is unbeatable
emartini  +   1193d ago
And they both get owned by BF3 nuff said
Zha1tan  +   1193d ago
BF3 owns itself with its overpriced DLC, false advertising and multitude of technical problems that still spoil the experience to this very day.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   1193d ago
I think COD is doing a fine job of killing itself.
Shadonic  +   1193d ago
but didnt minecraft beat COD as the most played xbox live game already?
NYC_Gamer  +   1193d ago
It's not fair to compare Halo 4[360 exclusive] Vs Black Ops 2[multiplat game]
Thefreeman012  +   1193d ago
they are both mindless shooter games... one is not better than the other. linear subpar gameplay and story with the same old same old every year
tigertron  +   1193d ago
The question isn't "is Halo 4 the COD killer?" it's "is COD BO2 a Halo 4 killer?" and I doubt it. In sales, of course, it's a multiplatform game, but in quality? I don't think so.
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moneybag123456  +   1193d ago
I can only say that they both relate to different people. I just think Cod is easier so i play it more.
TheSuperior  +   1193d ago
I see the point. The way i look at it is that halo 4 is strategically released a week before COD with some similar elements. Although both series have their fans and they will both do great in sales i think COD might feel a slight effect from halo 4. H4 is huge and if people buy that then they may not be as willing to spill another 60 on a game just a week later.
GraveLord  +   1193d ago
Call of Duty is on PS3 too, there is no Halo on PS3 in case you forgot.

Call of Duty is a constantly evolving modern shooter(I guess near-future now) while Halo is a space alien old-school Quake-like game.
Clarence  +   1193d ago
No. Even though halo 4 looks good, so many people in the states refuse to see the cod franchise for what it is. Old and rehashed game. 343 really look like they put a lot of work into Halo 4. I'm not not a halo fan but the game looks good.
jjb1981  +   1193d ago
I will own both... Nanner nanner nanner
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1193d ago
sorry to say but no. COD is on 360, PS3, and now WiiU. Halo 4 will have better quality in gameplay. COD however will probably always have the better sales.
aliengmr  +   1193d ago
Considering one is Xbox exclusive and the other is multi-platform, no. Halo may be better than CoD, but to "kill" CoD you have to out sell it. Which won't happen with Halo 4 being exclusive to one system.

It really has nothing to do with which is better, it all about the total amount of players that have access.
godslayer429  +   1193d ago
no...not even close
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