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hellvaguy  +   1025d ago
All I need to know is to place the disk inside the 360 and proceed to play. Don't need no stinkin cockemame reviewer telling me how or what to think.
bwazy  +   1025d ago
Yet here you are.
spaceg0st  +   1025d ago
genius, pay attention. Its a summary of the STORY of the Halo series... at no point is it an opinion piece. Go troll somewhere else
hellvaguy   1025d ago | Personal attack | show
spaceg0st  +   1025d ago
"wow so many retards to shot down today, so little time. at least the IQ levels here were so low it made it easy." ... exactly. lol
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spaceg0st  +   1025d ago
a good synopsis of the previous halo games' summaries. There's a halo4 review OPTION to watch at the end of the read.
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