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Nawert  +   850d ago
I don't doubt this figure at all.
nrvalleytime  +   850d ago
That's one billion, five hundred million dollars if each copy sells for $60.

Pandamobile  +   850d ago
Publishers only make about $40 on the $60 MSRP.
nrvalleytime  +   850d ago
^ True, but total gross wouldn't be impacted by individual return.
calis  +   850d ago
if only GTA sold for $50 in Australia.
first1NFANTRY  +   850d ago
@ calis

check this website out It's an aussie website their located in NSW Alexandria. This is where i buy all my games online. New releases are $67, thank me later.
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TiberusX87  +   850d ago
@ Calis & first1FANTRY

Nearly all titles are under $60.00AUD and include free delivery. They also service the US. It's a fantastic site that i've been buying from for years.

Otherwise, check JB Hi-Fi. They sold both AC:III & Halo 4 for $69.00.
They're being forced to be competitive.
knowyourstuff  +   849d ago
Yeah, and Take Two would still be broke by the end of the year with their financial planning.
ThanatosDMC  +   849d ago
If it's better than GTA4 then i dont doubt it.
Ranma1  +   850d ago
I want good games to sell a lot, and good innovative games to sell even more...
GraveLord  +   850d ago
You should. Not only is this Jesse due uninformed(GTA IV didn't sell more than 20mil. In fact its just under that)

The game took about 4 years to reach this level of sales. This game sold less than San Andreas. Console fatigue is already setting in, GTA V will be a huge success, but it won't do COD levels.(25m+) at least not within the year.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   850d ago
I agree. I'm having a hard time believing that GTA5 will sell 25 million copies within a year.
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Shaman  +   849d ago
GTA IV is currently 24 mil I don't know what you are talking about. Check your facts!
raytraceme  +   849d ago
gta 4 came out when consoles were at their infancy and sold ~20million between 2 consoles. Now with a much higher console base i don't doubt that they can break 25 million hell I predict 30 million + in a year.
kneon  +   850d ago
It will only be 24,999,999 because I won't be buying it :)
Y_5150  +   850d ago
I love how much you are being a douche right now. :)
bumnut  +   849d ago
Im not buying on release day, im going to wait until the biased/paid reviews have passed. GTA4 got awesome reviews but I found it boring.
T3MPL3TON  +   849d ago
I like how you think your none purchase would stop it from hitting 25.. beyond full of ye' self ain't ya?
bumnut  +   849d ago
^^^^^^^ Relax, it was only a joke.
kneon  +   849d ago
I don't get the negative reaction, it's just a joke. Are you offended that I'm not buying the game or concerned that it may not make 25million?
Jamzluminati  +   850d ago
Actually they meant in 12 weeks.

Awesome_Gamer  +   850d ago
It will sell more..
@Mods: please bookmark this page and ban me if that didn't happen, i'm serious.
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Cam977  +   849d ago
Neither do I. Rockstar, prepare to become the richest developer ever...
showtimefolks  +   849d ago
I believe it will do more than that because there will be a pc version and a wiiu version most likely within the 12 months. With ps3 and Xbox360 install ate above 65 million GTA could end up being the best selling game of all time. And by the time it comes out both ps3 and Xbox360 will be around 70-75 million.

Not in every country are the games $60 so money adds up
first1NFANTRY  +   849d ago
@ TiberusX87

cheers mate i'll def check the website out
DA_SHREDDER  +   850d ago
I wont do what i did last time, I bought the special edition and even bought all the dlc separately. This time I will wait for all the dlc to come out and buy it digitally so I can game share on the psn.
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Zeixama  +   850d ago
Yeah, baby!!!Bring it on the hype !!! Let's go back to where we belong again : Saaaaan Andreassss!!!!
mt  +   850d ago
if it is anything close to San Andreas, it might do that. if it is similar to GTA4 i doubt it.
sdozzo  +   850d ago
That's CoD style. It will be big.
HeavenlySnipes  +   850d ago
GTA is bigger than COD lol
Swiggins  +   850d ago
I don't know if that's true anymore to be honest, CoD is pretty much the 800 lb gorilla of gaming.
ABizzel1  +   850d ago

I have to disagree as well. GTA holds more weight amongst gamers simply because when one is announced it's an event. Call of Duty's expected, and it's the new Madden of gaming.

That being said Call of Duty comes out every year and sells GTA numbers EVERY YEAR. There's no other game doing that regardless of what I think about the franchise it's probably the fastest growing / selling franchise of all time in the last half a decade. To put it in perspective in the last 5 years (November 2007 - now) Call of Duty has released 6 Call of Duty games (UGH) and they have gone on to sell over 100 million copies.
claud3  +   850d ago
Profit will include the dlc's how ever many their is

The game solo will sell around that number. If you include dlc's and GOTY, It will top around 26.4 to 28.5 million by the middle of 2014... that's everything

Has a solo game without dlc's, I say around 22 million. From day one and pre-order sales, around 23.4 million all together

On day one it will top around 9.3 million. By week 2,3,4,5,6,7 that will drop to 1.2 million to 437,825 after week 5, from their 283,608 copies and then it will hit a peak of 2.3 million On online sales..

After that and in between dlc's, the sales will drop to below 300,645 copies

The sales of the GOTY will kick sales back up to a respectable number for heavy profit again

Just my guess
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Pillsbury1  +   850d ago
That's a low estimate, I say 25 billion! *holds pinky up to mouth*
crazysammy  +   850d ago
The game will be very successful, but this number is not realistic.
e-p-ayeaH  +   850d ago
10-15 million sounds more likely.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   850d ago
Wouldn't doubt if GTA sells millions within the first week.
TheFallenAngel  +   850d ago
I think it will. This game looks so good.
Zha1tan  +   849d ago
what gameplay are you basing this opinion on?
josephayal  +   850d ago
GTA V will do better on Wii U than PC
25M why not? I actually believe GTA5 will come to the Wii U and PS-VITA sooner than you think
WildStyles  +   849d ago
This has to be a joke post.
GTRrocker666  +   850d ago
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GTRrocker666  +   850d ago
hadouken007  +   850d ago
There gonna buy all the reviewers again for 10 score ratings, To make that figure.
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etownone  +   850d ago
I'm in no hurry to buy cause I'm really hoping a next gen edition comes out when the next xbox/ps comes out.
Hicken  +   850d ago
Will it sell a lot? Sure.

25 million in a year?

claud3  +   850d ago
It's an over the top in sales and has to be, for any game of this
Importance to sell. It's called marketing

And people fall for it all the time.

I through in my comment for fun and I have no idea how much the game will sell and it's not my business to actual care. I am just a gamer that will buy the game
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medziarz  +   850d ago
let's hope so, it will be a big test for the industry - does anything matter anymore to gamers as much as CoD does
sdozzo  +   850d ago
One mention of how this and CoD both sell 20 million and you rats are all over the CoD hate. It's impossible, because somebody is buying all those games.

It's like it is trendy to hate CoD so anything you see has to be disliked, etc. That's a weak take forum rats. You're better than that.
Picnic  +   850d ago
That's a lot of copies for a game in which you go around a city passing loads of buildings that you can't enter.
black911  +   849d ago
Alot of fans were disappointed after GTA4. My friend who isnt a hardcore gamer said he's skipping GTA5. Believe me alot of other fans will aswell.
noorbert  +   849d ago
install base of consoles is about twice as big as it was when IV was released. Yeah, i dont think you need crystal ball to guess that it will be around 20 million first year.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   849d ago
I love GTA but I doubt this figure very much.
Bowzabub  +   849d ago
I have to be a realist and say it will sell probably half of this estimate in 1 year. Now lifetime , I'd be willing to bet it would sell 25-30 million. Especially if it is a true spiritual successor to San Andreas.
Gamerita  +   849d ago
well GTA is by far the most popular most successful gaming franchise in all of gaming history so i do not doubt the figure at all & it will sell keep on selling well for years to come unlike any other game apart from nintendo at party games. :)
Donnywho  +   849d ago
It's around the Top 5 but it's not the most successful franchise.
2pacalypsenow  +   849d ago
I think The sims is bigger than GTA
Prcko  +   849d ago
Probably most sucessfull gta in history(sales and quality)
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