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sarabbc  +   1189d ago
Brings back memories!
camel_toad  +   1189d ago
I saw the pic and I jumped in to say the same thing heh. Good painful memories of falling off of the super tall wall and doing it all over again... I'll never forget the pain.
YoungPlex  +   1189d ago
I always felt that Demon's/Dark Souls, were inspired by this game. Maybe that's why I love those games so much... Either way, Wizards&Warriors was a phenomenal game for its time. It's just too bad that the two sequels (Iron-Sword:Wizards&Warrio rs 2 and Wizards&Warriors III), were never as good as the first; Oh how I miss the classics...
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mastershredder  +   1189d ago
Some great use of tile sets in this game. And the time clock music...I can hear it now.

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