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TheLyonKing  +   1188d ago
Cheap pricing will gain anyone the lead next gen.
-Mika-  +   1188d ago
I don't blame sony for going cheap next gen. Look at what being cutting edge and powerful got them. The vita is it latest example. Gamers are always going on about graphics and wanting a powerful system but when Sony gives it to them. You guys don't buy it and then say it too expensive.

I hope Sony wins next gen with this new outlook they developed because appeasing to the core is just not working for them.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1188d ago
I agree with you on this one.

Looking forward to the reaction of the core fan base
-MD-  +   1188d ago
Graphics are at a point now where even the weakest console will still look perfectly fine.
dboyc310  +   1188d ago
You know its not always about being first that counts. Look at the amazing games that sony has given us that is only capable on the system. Their next console will be no different. As long as the console is still selling I think Sony is fine. They aren't rushing to be 1st in the console race. Sony will still have the strongest console next gen.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1188d ago
time to take the MS route and make camera games & repeat non innovative franchises? I hope not.

Remember ps3 still did good even after a bad start. Imagine ps4 with a good start.

Even if ps4 had the same specs as 720 ps4 games would look more immpressive seeing how sony devs push hardware.
and that is off camera.

I think MS will basically keep the same strategy as this gen.
"The first game (bungie game) in the series was planned for release in 2013, with a sequel scheduled for release every second year after. The first game would be exclusive to Xbox 360, while the sequels would then be released on both PS3 and PC as well."

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The_Klank  +   1188d ago
So this is basically speculating on speculation? Gotcha.

Whatever happens for the next gen one thing is for sure, no single company will dominate.
goldwyncq  +   1188d ago
Hopefully, cheap pricing wouldn't compromise the hardware; I'd rather have something expensive that will last for years rather than a cheap console that is hardly next gen at all.
joeorc  +   1188d ago
once again this rumor is just that a d@mn freaking rumor!
people are acting like there is no way for Sony to have custom chips AND THAT THEY ARE USING OFF THE SHELF PARTS!

I REPEAT AS OF NOW this rumor is just that a d@mn rumor, i posted info directly from the head CTO of Sony's Hard ware div. Stated, they are building a custom CPU and GPU chipset!

that it could very well be the 1st 1 billion chip set design in Playstation History. This info was direct from Sony but yet this is the 3rd d@mn post about this rumor Info being posted when the factual info keeps getting brushed aside!

again i am going to post it.

It appears that Sony is once again a “3DIC” leader showing that wide IO memory can be used without having to introduce HVM TSV technology which most assuredly, at this point in 3DIC evolution, would have been a costlier option which would have taken significantly longer to implement.

Earlier this year Masaaki Tsuruta, CTO of Sony Computer Entertainment, indicated that there will likely be a 3D stack incorporating TSV technology in the next generation console. Sony's target of no more than 50ms latency even for 8k x 4k resolution at 300fps, clearly points to the need for a highly integrated TSV-based package although Tsuruta warned "We will have to work with a lot of third-party partners to make these things happen."

Clearly, Sony will be a major player in the era of 2.5/3D

"for the incoming console is likely to be a 3D stack incorporating thru-silicon-via technology and could be the first $1bn hardware design project."

The PSvita already uses 3D stacked chip's

And as for AMD if they are it would confirm the use of these type of chips if anything:

ADDING multiple Arm cortex core's right on the CPU/GPU package die 3D stacked!

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OmniSlashPT  +   1188d ago
The Wii didn't sell well because it was cheap. It sold because it was attractive, it captivated the casual market, it had simple, fun games for families.

There are tons of cheaper phones than the iPhone or Galaxy S, but those are the ones that most sell because they're the ones that attract customers.

The PS3 at launch wasn't attractive at all, 600 dollars, 60 dollars games, some random FPS and a hacknslash. Why change from the wonder that was PS2 to a 600 dollar machine with no games? That was the pS3 problem at launch, not just the price, but how unattractive it was to the public.
joeorc  +   1188d ago
" Why change from the wonder that was PS2 to a 600 dollar machine with no games? "


for all the boasting about how much better development on the xbox360 hardware was, how much of ease it was do you see many development teams really pushing the xbox360 hard ware? Now take a look at Sony, Uncharted The Last of US. with the way many have slammed Sony over the past few years on how "the cell processor was useless and not good for games" which company out of the 3 is really pushing their hardware limits in software design?

that's the one of the points right now Sony is still pushing for core experiences mainly for the PS3 and while 2012 is almost over with 2013 will have many core software releases for the PS3.

The Truth of the matter is the Perception of others Products Pricing is dictating Sonys Product pricing right now, and Sony has the daunting Task of rebuilding that image.

for years many in the gaming Media have stated over and over is this Sony's last generation? the PS3 is doing really poor vs Microsoft and Nintendo, the PS3's drain on Sony's Money will sink the Playstation brand.

why make killzone 2 no one wanted anymore killzone after the poor Killzone 1. over and over the same thing, the perception of Sony as a viable company in the market has been damaged by Sony themselves, but more so by the Media and many gamer's that just view that Nintendo and Microsoft are better companies in the gaming space. Right now Sony is more concentrated to rebuild their platforms name brand again, by offering more content for your money. it may not be enough to some but they can only try and see what happens.

with Sony they have stated their buissness plan for the playstation part of their company is and has always been on a 10 year support cycle, it has never and will never be in their design of a buissness plan to be just about the 4 year future, its about the 10 year future!
GreenRanger  +   1188d ago
To me, price is what's most important, i could care less about the power and graphical capabilities of the next gen consoles.
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ZoyosJD  +   1188d ago
I believe that with the 3 console manufacture's investment into APU technology, the quality we can expect from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will remain high without becoming exceedingly expensive.

With the next generation arriving with Nintendo's Wii U Entertainment System, Microsoft's Xbox 720 Multimedia center, and Sony's eye-dazzling Playstation 4 gamers throughout civilization will rejoice in unison for these great companies bringing us never before seen quality in a variety of different forms.

joeorc  +   1188d ago
100% agreement, the WiiU is not just barely above the current generation its quite more robust in many ways, that same design elements of an increase in Microsofts and Sony's machines also will reflect an upgrade above not slightly but really a good level of advancement that does go above just a "slight" upgrade.

the standard nm scale in chips will be 32 nm down to 28 nm which is a jump from the 90 nm when we first started this generation to the 64 nm down to the 45 and 40 nm to now 28 nm and 3D stackable chips that they are already using in the PS3 and PSVita and Xbox360 and PC chipsets, to Smartphones and Tablets.
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GraveLord  +   1188d ago
Sony isn't going for cheap, they're going for affordable.
There's a difference.

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