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rajman  +   818d ago
and so it begins...the x360 game was leaked onto torrents earlier today...atleast I have a legit copy of the game:
GamingManiac  +   818d ago
How much did you pay for them?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   818d ago
Im guessing your rajmanHDgaming correct?

Also a game with nolan north as the announcer? sold
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rajman  +   818d ago
Yes =)
victoryscreeeeeech  +   818d ago
U have a legit copy but 2 cases?
rajman  +   818d ago
I have 2 copies of the game
victoryscreeeeeech  +   817d ago
and thank u for answering
FanboyPunisher  +   817d ago

More COD using the same f'n engine, passing it again.
Why pay 59.99 yearly for basically reused code?

When you realize this, you'll realize how stupid you were to buy that game yearly; making bobby kotick a multi millionare.

eff that.
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zyphee  +   818d ago
where did you get a legit copy
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   818d ago
wow............ this looks like it was really worked on
GunsAndTheBeast  +   818d ago

New video here 20 minutes ray gun too!
FanboyPunisher  +   817d ago

Literally using the same systems from ALL of the past zombie games in COD.

Nothing has changed, except for the fact your rebuying the old.

Stupid is as stupid does, stupid doesnt rebuy the same games.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   817d ago
What? did i offend you or you just need the attention from someone who has one fk to give?
chrisgayle  +   818d ago
They have it in HD

Related video
Swiggins  +   818d ago
That specialty zombie seems like it's gonna be a pain to deal with....ME GUSTA!
seanpitt23  +   817d ago
I wasn't taking about the graphics
Laiyoung   817d ago | Spam
seanpitt23  +   818d ago
Wow it looks EXACTLY the same but for some reason iam not shocked.
pandehz  +   818d ago
Yea dayuum I was like woah this is so damn awe-same
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Jason143  +   818d ago
pc runs on direct x 11 and will not look anything like the console
seanpitt23  +   817d ago
I wasn't talking about the graphics.
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optimus  +   817d ago
Video is no longer available... I'm not very big on tryarch's call of duty cause it mainly dealt with past wars and out dated weapons. I never was big on the multiplayer (i'm canceling my live subscription today) but seeing as how this one takes place in the modern/future era then i'm willing to give it a chance...
I really don't understand why the constant complaints about recycled engines, if it worked and sold well before then why not use it again? You're not getting the same exact scenario, you're not getting the same exact weapons, (except for 2 or 3), you're not getting the same exact vehicles either so what's the problem?...
you people want a next gen game on an old gen system, good luck with that. You should pop in the 1st call of duty that appeared on these systems and compare it to these last call of duties and ask yourselves if it's worth complaining over...I gather these people don't play sports games either.
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MasterD919  +   817d ago
I'm going through a lot of yes's and no's on this game...I was expecting more honestly, but I'm not too surprised.
deruy343  +   816d ago
videos gone, take down this story plz

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