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DrDeath  +   1118d ago
Ign use to be my go to for reviews and news. But now I'm all N4G. They don't do good reviews anymore especially for vita. And their mobile iPhone app sucks
papashango  +   1117d ago
That and if its not blatantly obvious. Ign is merely a promotional tool for those that advertise through them. In no way do I think any shady practice like under the table deals are going down.

But the gaming web sites out there are kept afloat by advertising. In no way is this illegal so when you see 3 different ign articles promoting blackops 2 on n4g. It becomes painfully obvious that blackops advertisements cost Activision a pretty penny
uiywoisdf   1118d ago | Spam
MasterD919  +   1118d ago
Well this should at least help with the decision-making process...

They did this with MW3.

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