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Abash  +   817d ago
Awesome, want to see more single player footage
Hoje0308  +   816d ago
I'm going to try to avoid watching any more videos of this until it releases. I'll end up reading about how awesome it is on the forums though, which will just make the wait even harder.
Irishguy95  +   816d ago
Between this and MG Rising, great few months for my Action game needs
Scholla  +   817d ago
yo Abash you read my mind wow!
Walker  +   817d ago
Want to see more amazing single player footage !
Sizzon  +   817d ago
Cool :)
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fabod86  +   816d ago
fuck yeah! :D
GTRrocker666  +   816d ago
Really looking forward to this as well as Dead Space 3. 2013 is shaping up to be another good year for games.
dafegamer  +   816d ago
more SP footage i guess
GTRrocker666  +   816d ago
I hope... All we have seen so far is the demo. Id like to see some more enemies and a new level.
Blankman85  +   816d ago
I'm already going to buy this so I'm going to stay away from any further reveals about the story. I want to be suprised when I play it.
StrongMan  +   816d ago
Can't wait to see it.
sukas  +   816d ago
show some singleplayer gameplay.
mt  +   816d ago
it has been long time never heard any news from GOW:A.
miyamoto  +   815d ago
Super Stoked!
I'm gonna have me some fun!
Power Stone 3 here I come!
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