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DivineAssault  +   1119d ago
pretty decent.. Sux u cant save images or videos but not a big deal
Qrphe  +   1119d ago
It would've been cool if you could save gameplay videos and walkthroughs and upload them directly off of the Wii U.
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Venox2008  +   1119d ago
maybe one day with an update :) you never know..
Kos-Mos  +   1119d ago
How can it suck if it`s not a big deal?
Samus HD  +   1119d ago
why don't you use your laptop, PC, or smartphone o_O
TheUndertaker85  +   1119d ago
Because being able to use one device is much easier than having to use two?
Samus HD  +   1118d ago
naahh.. you are over-thinking it
Drainage  +   1119d ago
letdown after letdown. So I cant save or upload unlike the PS3 browser which is a 2006 console. whatever, I use my computer for that stuff anyways
corrus  +   1119d ago
Sh you will piss off Nintendo fanboys with that comment
ChickeyCantor  +   1119d ago
I like how you mix " console hardware" with " software".
TheUndertaker85  +   1119d ago

If the PS3 has 256MB RAM and can use those features plus Vita has 512MB RAM and can use those features... If both of those can use those features and the WiiU which has 1GB RAM(1GB is open to the system, 2 is not)can't/isn't, it's kind of easy to see why that comparison was brought up.

Not to mention the device can store pictures can't it? A lot of people store their pictures online now. Being able to use the browser to save the pics you have online would make things easier.
ChickeyCantor  +   1119d ago
The amount of RAM got nothing to do with an upload feature( not in this day in age, not back in 2000). It's such a trivial piece of subroutine to CPU consumption and RAM.

There is probably a different reason for why they haven't implemented it yet ( perhaps exploits to the system)

The comparison is complete nonsense and not justified. Obviously a PS3 does all sorts of game logic. So why wouldn't it be able to handle such a small feature?

It's simply technical impaired ducks here giving their shi**y 2 cents.
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metroid32  +   1119d ago
That image upload is something a firmware update can chage just like that and th ps3 browser gets a lower benchmark than 3ds the wiiu browser is faster than anything out there did you know that.
WiiUalpha  +   1119d ago
Whats the point in being faster when u r cut off from80 percent of the internet? Its like bragging about owning the fastest car in the world but u cant drive it on any road. No flash no java no support for what most of the internet is made up of. its almost like the old Apple vs pc debate. Sure apples pc were better but they had such limited support it was pointless to own one...
Qrphe  +   1119d ago
WiiuAlpha is right. If it was all about speed, I'd be using Chrome all day every day.
Wolfbiker  +   1119d ago
I honestly don't see the use of uploading pictures and videos?

I'm sure the social apps like Facebook will allow it and I don't upload pictures anywhere else.
WiiUalpha  +   1119d ago
I actually wrote Nintendo on this one. I can watch pirated movies on this but not legit ones. They brag about social interaction then hinder it by not allowing YouTube. Sure it'll play it now but with no add on support it will b as useless as the Wii andps3 ones are with the next YouTube update. Why brag about a feature then limit it in every way?
Qrphe  +   1119d ago
When companies talk about "social interaction" they usually refer to Facebook and Twitter which is by far not even remotely close to what the t social interaction was, had been and has been before those sites even came into existance.
farhad2k8  +   1119d ago
Can someone please give me an honest reply here, I really want a new home console, after sticking to PC gaming for the last 12 years. My kids are starting to grow up a little, and it would be more practical to get something for the living room instead of just buying a new GPU for my PC for my own pleasure.

So my question is, WHAT is so special about the Wii-U?
What makes it different than the other so called 'current gen' consoles? Because I've been browsing the web, and I simply can't find ANYTHING good about it other than the screen on the controller, but honestly, I wouldn't even use that tablet style controller, I would use the pro controller 99% of the time.

So should I get the Wii-U? Or should I just wait for the PS4?
PirateThom  +   1118d ago
A fair question, I think it's going to need to wait until the PS4 comes out before you making a choice though.

If it's for you and the kids, Nintendo are always going to have more family orientated titles, but it's releasing before the PS4 so specs and other aspects may be an issue once the PS4 comes out.
rainslacker  +   1118d ago
I think instead of looking at the specific consoles first, you should look into what kind of games you like to play, and the kinds of games your kids like to play (or the kind you will allow them to play).

Thom is correct in that Nintendo has always had a good track record with family oriented titles, however MS is now starting to cater heavily to these kinds of titles as well. Sony has always had them too, however you won't see much mention of that on most gaming sites.

If your not in a hurry then I'd say wait. Since the PS4's specs are unknown it's hard to say if it will be worth the wait or not.

I hate to say this on a Nintendo thread, but the tablet controller is Nintendo's primary focus for their new system and it is a gimmick, albeit not a bad one. It may or may not add much to gameplay and will depend entirely on implementation from the developer. It's likely family oriented games will use it for more unique purposes just like the wii-mote, and I can definitely see some cool uses for it. Depending on the ages of your children, you may see they actually prefer the tablet instead.

The tablet also has the advantage of being able to play the game on it while someone is using the TV, so for a system being in the living room it may prevent some headaches from arguing children.

As to what makes it different, it's really just the tablet controller, and it's more powerful than current gen (developers stating 2-3x).

In the end I'd say look more at the games and the way you want to play them over the actual system. Perhaps if you gave those specifics you could get a better recommendation.
morkendo23  +   1118d ago
So should I get the Wii-U? Or should I just wait for the PS4?

want a HONEST answer hope this help.

if your kids under the age of 12 wii-U is the way to go more kid friendly games also the tablet be interesting an curious for them to try out.
ps4 is mainly for hardcore gamers military,zombie hack-an-slash type games. only non-violent games i know ratchet and clank,mario,zelda, jax and daxter,sly cooper you'll have a better chance with those games coming to wii-U than ps4.
out of those games only R&C will hit ps4 (maybe)
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