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Cam977  +   1195d ago
Alone, they're easy however; when fought together, they make up for the other's weakness which I believe gives them the #1 spot.
Canary  +   1195d ago
...Do you know what the word "cunning" means? Or the word "villain?" Because Ornstein and Smough are neither.

As for the list here, it's a good one. Well, aside from The Illusive Man. He... couldn't be described as cunning at all, and only barely passed muster as a villain.

I'd replace him with Marcello from Dragon Quest VIII, though he was a bit less of a villain and a bit more of an anti-hero.
Cam977  +   1195d ago
I know they push the boundaries a bit too far but I really can't think of anyone who is "cunning". In films, yes, but games, no.
Lord_Sloth  +   1194d ago
I'd say Liquid Ocelot is quite cunning.
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vork77  +   1194d ago
what no ganon?
hazelamy  +   1194d ago
no mention of Frank Fontaine?

i can't really say what he did, because, well, spoilers.
but damn,that bastard's sneaky.

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