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konohashin  +   777d ago
IT simply cannot be dethroned because we will never ever go back to the fair reviews of the past. Even if a game today would get 10.0 /100 metascore/whatever. The reality will be its a 8.0.

Todays scores are a joke.

I like Mario Galaxy and its awesome but OOT was the first "perfect" game ever. SO every other perfect game will just be "another one".
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Jon_Fu_  +   777d ago
OoT Has been number 1 for so long! At this point its basically in a league of its own.
SegaKnuckles86  +   777d ago
mochachino  +   777d ago
Games aren't really comprable across generations.
jjb1981  +   777d ago
If I played this game again 13 years later, it would epic all over again! Hmmmmmmmm....
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arbitor365  +   777d ago
articles like this always bring out the best comment sections

just title your article

"(insert 90s game here) is overrated. here's why"

and boom. instant flame war
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DivineAssault  +   777d ago
There is no greatest game of all time.. Theres too many that at the time of release were monuments of perfection..
ninjahunter  +   777d ago
Zelda was good for its time, but kinda gets slaughtered by 99% of big budget games these days.
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Jasminehmel  +   773d ago
Only one thing to say: Amazing!
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