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spike  +   1196d ago
Killzone 3 sucked. Part 2 was good though.
TalesFromTheBud  +   1196d ago
HAH! i used to work for Sony. Keep wishing. KZ is a good series and i personally like it a lot but it's never going to define the fps genre. lmao
Drainage  +   1196d ago
no one asked it to
TalesFromTheBud  +   1195d ago
actually they did in earlier comments which is why i said it. try reading.
Drainage  +   1196d ago
id rather have KZ4 on PS3 because i dont want to spend 400 bucks like some of you just for some pretty sprinkled graphics. we all know GG arent exactly gonna put more content with that power
Beastradamus  +   1196d ago
I'd rather see it on PS4. We've sen what they can do with the current engine. It's time for them to bust it out on some amazing new hardware. Imagine KZ4 looking better than Crysis 2
cedaridge  +   1196d ago
KZ4 on PS4 will be EPIC.
kwiksilver99  +   1196d ago
personally i prefer kz2 over kz3.....kz2 delivered a purer experience in my opinion.
the things i did approve of in kz3 was the brutal melee,option for move controls,location variety.
i enjoyed the kz2 mp much more than i ever did the kz3 mp.
hope killzone 4 shoots it out of the park.
Y_5150  +   1196d ago
I really think Sony is preparing for the best launch line up in gaming's history! Think about it: What is Naughty Dogs "Uncharted team", Sucker Punch and Guerilla games are doing right now? Well a good guess would be is that those devs are working for possible launch titles for the next Playstation! I have made the theory that the "PS4" would emerge at the year 2013, because of these clue; A second God of War game is releasing, PSP came out a year before PS3, and it's been 7(+) years since the release of their current console. So this tells me that Sony is very traditional. Have anyone notice how the way Naughty Dog marketed Uncharted 3 was super similar to how they marketed Uncharted 2 also? love the speculation! :)
ufo8mycat  +   1196d ago
Killzone 4 even if its on PS4 with better graphics, won't change 1 important thing - Gameplay

Killzone 2/3 are so unbelievably overrated - the gameplay is BORING.
Freak of Nature  +   1196d ago
I can see 1 true blue AAA title making the "DAY 1" launch, with another 3 to 4 making it within the "launch window" of the PS4...

The Last guardian, the "Uncharted team" with whatever they are working on, Killzone 4, GT6, and of course Media Molecule's new IP would be beyond fantastic for me to name a few... And I am always looking for that new big IP, which I am sure is being made as I type...
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jayman1  +   1196d ago
No way Killzone 4, Uncharted 4, hopefully Resistance 4 on the PS4 ! PS3 has alot of great games but we need a new faster, smoother interface and speed processor's on the next console. I am very happy with my killzone 2 and 3 on my PS3 for now. PS4 will be awesome but it needs a good first party line up. I am willing to wait for next killzone on a better system. Love my ps3 though.
jayman1  +   1196d ago
Ya sony will never put out a trailor now for ps4 (orbis). That would be foolish. They have plenty of games coming out for ps3 in the future. A ps4 commercial would kill sales of ps3. Let them perfect PS4 and take there time we have Ps3.I am alot more confident in sony than microsoft about sony's next console. I heard that microsoft is having a chip problem with the nextbox. Word is that Nov is the dead line for making the nextbox. If microsoft can not get companies who make and dev the chips to have a higher yield rate against failure than they are in trouble. They will haft to push back nextbox release to 2014-2015. This is a major concern because if I was an xbox owner I would be skeptical about quality IE the red rings of death BS ! Thank god sony has a great quality control dept. I would definately not want to buy a new xbox from what I read about the high chip failure's microsoft is having for there new console !
zero_cool  +   1196d ago
id rather they bring a new series to the next gen playstation console then drag over killzone 4 to the next gen playstation console becuase it seems more piratical imo.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!
The_KELRaTH  +   1196d ago
I'd be happy with some more map packs based on the space station, cruisers n fighters as seen in the last part of the SP.

KZ4 = PS4 for me!
BlackSharinganX  +   1195d ago
what killzone 4 needs are more guns and customization it would be more awesome
sdplisken  +   1195d ago
Killzone 2 is a masterpiece

go back to what made that game so good guerilla
GearSkiN  +   1195d ago
killzone 4 need to come out since Halo 4 is out. then we can compare which one is the better game. since back in the day KZ is suppose to be a "HALO KILLER" see who can deliver the whole package, not just graphics.
mayberry  +   1195d ago
Killzone was never supposed to be a "Halo killer", the media started that campaign, not Guerilla Games or Sony.
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b_one  +   1195d ago
as always lots of talkin and when it comes to sales they are a bit poor
Chapulin  +   1195d ago
Killzone is my favorite FPS franchise and as much as I want it now, I rather wait til PS4. I hope I will be satisfied with Killzone Mercenary.
USMC_POLICE  +   1195d ago
Well as a killzone joke I have the action figures, limited editions imported from other regions, a flask original print magazines featuring killzone, numerous shirts and books. yes i have everything but killzone socks and life size statue. I say wait until PS4, im sure they will announce it at E3 2013. Why do we need another one now? when the PS4 will have better graphics and need a strong title to launch. Lets not turn killzone into call of crap or gaylo!
mayberry  +   1195d ago
Were'd you get Killzone shirts from? I've been looking everywhere!
USMC_POLICE  +   1193d ago
gamestop and european websites, ebay
givemeshelter  +   1195d ago
Save this IP for the PS4 as a launch title.
I think most members on this site are in agreement with that
Vickistheman  +   1195d ago
KZ4 should be on PS4.

I have no doubt the graphics will be amazing. I'd like to see them improve the characters a bit more, give them more depth. Same with the story.

The Helgast VS. ISA universe is pretty cool, there's so much they could do with it.

I wanna see more mechs, spaceship/airplane type sequences. Maybe make them not on rails with open areas. Give the players a chance to explore different locations.
MizTv  +   1195d ago
bring back spawn nads please!!! and it must be more like 2 with 32 players again and alot less like 3!!!!
OooHJohnny  +   1195d ago
I want dedicated servers back.
Tzuno  +   1195d ago
I want to see you right now. :)
hardcorehippiez  +   1195d ago
killzone 123 would probably be my favourite sci-fi shooter franchise. while i think it would be more beneficial on the ps3 selling to a bigger install base a part of me is secretly hoping that it will be a ps4 title because i want to see what a next generation leap in this game will look like.
Kashouri  +   1195d ago
megamanX2  +   1195d ago
"I Want to See Killzone 4 Right Now"

i dont
All_news  +   1195d ago
Definitely would love to see Killzone 4 , huge killzone fanatic
LiquifiedArt  +   1195d ago
Id rather see GG make a brand new ip. Killzone doesn't have a good name. We need something new and fresh to compete with halo as a ps3 exclusive.
TheUndertaker85  +   1195d ago
While part of me would love to have a new Killzone for PS3 I don't see it till PS4. The one plus is if rumors are true and Sony does want 1080p plus 3D standard for PS4 KZ4 could highlight those things very well.

KZ3 had some amazing 3D but I think the power of PS4 will help 3D more. The only thing I hope to see before then is a better camera. A 720p or 1080p PS branded camera could help clarity and detail compared to the PS Eye and I think help the PS Move more with that. If Sony could translate that to PS4 also we could have some even better Move experiences with its power plus a better camera for it at launch.

That in turn could benefit KZ4. KZ3 has some AMAZING Move experience too but more power could definitely help. If Sony could boast that too we'd have an amazing PS4 launch title and compelling reason right off to move on.

One can hope...
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