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WeskerChildReborned  +   1193d ago
I'd rather see Killzone 4 on the PS4 so it can have more power to make it an awesome game.
LOGICWINS  +   1193d ago
I'd rather see Killzone 4 on the PS3 so GG can work with a system that they already have plenty of experience with.

We had three Uncharted games and three Resistance games this gen. No reason why we can't have a third Killzone game for the PS3.

GG's new IP will likely be on the PS4 though.
JoGam  +   1193d ago
Naw dude. PS4. We don't need KZ4 on ps3. PS3 can stand without it. Beside imagine the possibilities kz4 can have on ps4. If they can pull off that CG video type of game but better and in-game that will sell ps4 day one.
Abash  +   1193d ago
Killzone 2, the first Killzone on PS3, was released in 2009 while Uncharted 1 and Resistance 1 are from 2006/2007 which is the first full year of the PS3. Thats a big difference

With Guerrilla Games also making Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita there is no need for another Killzone on PS3. Killzone 4 should be developed and prepped to be *the* shooter to play when you buy a PS4 with it launching early in the PS4's life cycle
gaffyh  +   1193d ago
I'd prefer they work on PS4 and make it a launch title. With the amount studios Sony has got that haven't released a game for a while, they could have an immense amount of launch exclusives for PS4. I really hope that is the case.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1193d ago
maybe more map packs, i don't know about a whole new game when all they ship is 10 maps per game.
GuyThatPlaysGames   1193d ago | Trolling | show
BattleAxe  +   1193d ago

I agree, that's been my biggest issue with Killzone. Its a great game, but they never release enough content for it, and they drop support 3-6 months after the game releases. If it weren't for those things, I think that the Killzone series would be a bigger hit.
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ChronoJoe  +   1193d ago
If you read the article it's about Killzone 4 on PS4 not PS3, not sure what you guys are arguing about. I imagine most of Sony's studio's would be working on PS4 games now, so anything big from Guerilla games would obviously be for next generations hardware.
krisq  +   1193d ago
KZ4 won't be on PS3. It'll be a launch title. E3 reveal along with PS4 is most probable.
HappyGaming  +   1193d ago
There is a reason...
Killzone 2 was released in 2009
followed by
Killzone 3 in 2011

Uncharted 1 was released way earlier in 2007
2 in 2009
and 3 in 20011

So even if we had a Killzone 4 the real question
would be why dont we also have another Uncharted since they both take 2 years to produce.
Mozef  +   1192d ago
Agree with @Abash
Sizzon  +   1193d ago
I agree, KZ4 on the PS4 would be better.
LOGICWINS  +   1193d ago
Guess I should start saving up then :/
colonel179  +   1193d ago
It will definitely be on PS4. Sony knows it needs to have a great launch lineup, and the first and second waves of games have to be great. They will probably announce the console with heavy hitters like Uncharted 4 and Killzone 4 for launch window. Maybe inFamous 3 and another known franchise.
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Jazz4108  +   1193d ago
Lets take the time to talk about a imaginary game in a imaginary console. Movez on.
pain777pas  +   1193d ago
KZ4 needs to be a PS4 launch title. THe consistent #s on this series makes it the premier 1st party FPS on the system. Resistance sold more over all but the numbers dropped with each iteration whereas there is still interest in this series right now more than Resistance. KZ still has potential. Resistance can rebound but they need to stick with one main character or sort out the story for the game ALONG with the game design like the first game. I know R3 is probably good but R2 disappointed in the story whereas KZ series is a visual tour de force that I like to play and just needs a strong story midst very good enenmy designs, AI, weapons and such. protagonists need to be refined but we love to hate Rico and I don't mind him but use UC as a template and Dragon age origins in having convos during traversal which was done sporatically in KZ2 but not enough to make you have those these characters are cool or make me care about the characters.
JsonHenry  +   1193d ago
Investors rarely allow a big budget AAA with such a high profile as KZ to a launch title. They want the install base to be large enough that it sells a crazy high number the first week to be able to say "OMG GUYS!! LOOK HOW MANY UNITS WE SOLD!! TIME FOR OUR STOCK PRICES TO GO UP AGAIN!!"
AfricanGamer9ja  +   1193d ago
It is not just about seeing killzone4 it is also about hoping we dont see a repeat off killzone3. Im sure im not the only killzone gamer who tought killzone3 was a let down compared to killzone2. Killzone3 was like arcade gaming compared to killonze2. I dont even get me started about the downgrades in multiplayer options compared to killzone2.
stage88  +   1193d ago
I thought KZ3 was great. Definitely preferred the single player a lot more but multiplayer was better on KZ2.
bobtheimpaler  +   1193d ago
I agree. Kz3 was bitch made. Completely dumbed down and without an identity of its own. Gunplay is so limp in kz3 and the game lacks those random moments that can happen by accident that makes kz2 such a thrill to play through. They needs to dump the cod and Michael bay influences and make it gritty and grounded again and bring back the depth of gameplay that's missing in kz3. Fro. A gameplay stand point at least kz2 is a much more superior game. All the on rails and scripted bits felt forced in part 3 and were very uninspired.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1192d ago
I agree with everyone above me. KZ3 was good, but KZ2 was better.
Any true diehard KZ fan would agree. The only ones who would disagree are the converted COD players.
KZ2 took skill & teamwork to win in MP. KZ3 lacked both.
momthemeatloaf  +   1193d ago
Yeah because power decides how good a game is. Killzone just sucks, it always has. It's a franchise that never lived up to its hype that why people still get excited for it, they're expecting it to finally live up to it, but it never will.
stage88  +   1193d ago
Congratulations, you've earned a disagree and bubble down from everyone.

The killzone series are a great set of games that have bought me many hours of fun.
MuhammadJA  +   1193d ago
YOU think it sucks.
Kennytaur  +   1193d ago
KZ2 multiplayer was one of the best FPS MPs I've played.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1193d ago
why even comment?
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1192d ago
Killzone 2 was a wonderful game. It had its own unique feeling to it, and that's what made it stand out and become a favorite among many people.

Killzone 3 is where it got "CODified".
Shikoro  +   1193d ago
You know, I think that's what the author was trying to say: to show us a trailer which will be representative of the quality of Killzone 4 running on the PS4. Could be mistaken, but...
Kennytaur  +   1193d ago
Nope, you're right.
Bathyj  +   1193d ago

KZ4 needs to be a launch title on PS4 and it needs to wow people.
I first time I saw Halo I said I NEED to have an Xbox, and I went right out and got one. Thats what Killzone needs to do.

And bring back secondary fire please. I can only assume it unbalanced the multiplayer or something and they ditched it, but I dont give a rats about that. Some of KZ1's weapons were the best ever.
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Eyeco  +   1192d ago
The biggest problem i've always had with Killzone games is that they've never ever been as good as they could have been , they always scrape the bare minimum of what makes a great shooter.

Bathyj if Killzone 4 wants to "wow" people this is all they have to do, go back to what made Killzone 2 great and just add and refine everything

*Longer campaign, just because every FPS scrapes a shameful 4 hour campaign doesnt, mean the premium PS3 shooter should, at least 8 hours please.

*Better campaign, really they've had 3 games yet we know almost nothing about this universe, who are the real Helghan's ,what were the Helghan's doing before the war, sitting down jerking off, staring at the clouds fantasising over there great leader ?

wheres the women and children, families ? schools, farmers, intellects, doctors, workers, how do they live, what music do they listen to, movies, musicians , whats there religion ? an entire universe 4 games and all we've seen are soldiers and generals, explore the morality of war, better characters, come one GG you have a unique concept make use of it.

*More online maps

*Better online community support

*I honestly feel that Killzone should play more like Battlefield

*Vehicles , i'm tiered of ground wars, its just boring

*Forge mode/ level editor or even level creator

*better customisation

*online co-op

*fire fight/ survival mode thats highly customisable

*spec ops/ challenge modes

*better variety/ balanced guns.. almost everyone uses the ISA rifle and theres a reason for that

*Better user interface KZ3 had a horrible interface


* Better class balancing

All GG has to do is add all the above to Killzone 2's solid gameplay and blueprints and you've got what could very well be a classic FPS.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1193d ago
As much as I enjoyed KZ2 and 3, I can definitely wait for another. I've had it with shooters.
geth1gh  +   1193d ago
I don't think you read past the title...

The author agrees with you, he is just stating that he wants to see the gampelay now.
Kennytaur  +   1193d ago
How about actually reading the article or at least skimming through it before commenting?
Jason143  +   1192d ago
Your not going to see much of a change next gen. Direct x 11 will be a staple and more titles will use 1080p internally. That is about all one can expect. were not going to see such a big jump as we did from ps2-ps3 or xbox-360 etc. If you want to play next gen now hop on origin and play the aplha for the crytek 3 engine fps.
TAURUS-555  +   1192d ago
i also want KZ4 for the PS4 its time to move on ¡¡¡ we wanna enjoy true massive battles.
showtimefolks  +   1192d ago
More than agame killzone is a franchise Sony uses to show ts new tech. I believe it's in development and will launch on ps4 along with uncharted 4. Now if Sony can actually pony up killzone 4 and uncharted 4 at launch and right around the GT6 oh well that's great for us lol.

But IMO killzone 4 will launch on ps3 and ps4 just like a lot of other games. Expect oth ps3 and xbox360 to get support for a while even after next gen launch
Abash  +   1193d ago
I know exactly what the article writer means. Killzone thrives upon being immersive, from every animation you see to the feel of the shooting and brutal melee. Coupled with the topnotch visuals and universe of Killzone, it just pulls you in. I cant wait to see what Killzone 4 running on the next PlayStatio's hardware achieves with how amazing the entries on PS3 are
PinkFunk  +   1193d ago
Yes yes. The melee was done so well in KZ3, but I do hope they go back a bit to the KZ2 roots on some aspects. In terms of a shooter, I was so incredibly impressed by the system GG built. Some of my fondest FPS memories are in KZ2. I did also really dig the online missions things (what are they called again?) operative something... anyway.

And by God, I hope the story / acting / dialogue goes through a massive overhaul. I find it to be so incredibly weak in comparison to the rest of the top notch production. I found myself actually wanting to skip the cutscenes despite how cool some of them were from a visual standpoint. The acting and dialogue did absolutely nothing to bring me into the "world".

I have high hopes for KZ4 thought, and I do believe it should be developed for the PS4 as a launch title. It would be incredible.
Parasyte  +   1193d ago
Yeah, the acting and writing we probably my biggest turn-offs for the Killzone series. Nothing like poorly delivered dialogue to ruin the experience for you.

I do think they went a step in the right direction by using Malcolm McDowell and Simon Templeman in KZ3.
PinkFunk  +   1192d ago
There were some moments, namely when Malcolm McDowell was doing his thing, where it actually seemed all right. But there was a noticeable disconnect with the acting and writing. I just felt there was absolutely no substance. At times there were interesting philosophical things going on, but it was almost as though each actor were speaking separate from each other.
hennessey86  +   1193d ago
I can't even
Imagine how good killzone 4 would look on the PS4
Irishguy95   1193d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
GearSkiN  +   1193d ago
i love how ppl troll each other. anyways its all about art style, halo is more about bright and colorful sci fi while killzone has that super dark sci fi look to it. i think KZs graphics looks amazing, but thats about it. the universe i dont think its as interesting as Halo. (opinion people so chill)
MYSTERIO360  +   1193d ago
killzone 4 would look awesome if it does 4k visuals on ps4. GG can take all the time they need in order to make kz4 a masterpiece.
mttrackmaster38  +   1193d ago
"4k visuals on ps4"

Don't hold your breath. Sony's not going to make another $600+ console.
MYSTERIO360  +   1193d ago
Hows to say they won't Sony have been know to use the PS brand to push next gen hardware, 4k could be the next leap.
jp_footy2  +   1193d ago
The reason PS3 cost so much was because of the built-in blu-ray drive. If you consider that, they could probably launch with these specs for $400-$500:

(Don't forget, that's still 12 months away, if they launched now, it would probably be around $700, in one year it's feasible they could launch for $400-$500)
koston3647  +   1192d ago
agreed. the blu-ray drive was one of the most expensive components when making the ps3 in 2006/2007.

now blu-ray drives are a fraction of the cost.
Knight_Crawler  +   1193d ago
Who the hell can pay 20 gran for 4K tv?
Wh15ky  +   1193d ago
If Killzone 4 is going to be a PS4 game then they better have it ready as a launch title. It was ridiculous how long we had to wait for KZ2, although it was worth it in the end.
yaz288  +   1193d ago
No sir .. I say they should take their time (4 years max) we don't want another kz3
chukamachine  +   1193d ago
I hope killzone 4 isn't anything to do with helghast.

Needs to be a completely different game.
Qrphe  +   1193d ago
I actually hope KZ4 has focuses Helghast's side of the story against the ISA.
bubblebeam  +   1193d ago
No Helghast would be disastrous.

I would love to play as the Helghast, but only if done right. They are so creepy and evil looking, and I wouldn't want to become so familiar with them that they lose some of the mystery around them.

Either way, more Killzone is always a good thing. They can't really improve graphically that much over KZ2/KZ3, as those games are the best looking games this gen (at least in top 5), so PS4 would be more ideal.

I'd like to have Killzone 4, 60 FPS, 1080P launch title. I could settle for 30FPS, as long as they keep the heavy feel of KZ2 (I loved the heavy feel, I know it got criticised for it though...)
FunAndGun  +   1193d ago
what the hell are you smokin'?

Helghast = Killzone!
sukas  +   1193d ago
i hope GG will make killzone 4 on ps4. the should take that opportunity and flesh out the universe. it's a scifi story, that brings allot of opportunity on the gameplay perspective aswell, to make the game stand out. bringing out a sequel with just better graphics and bigger set pieces wouldn't be engouh. Make something unique, make it more scifi like star wars.
Philoctetes  +   1193d ago
I just hope they make KZ4 more like KZ2. That was a great, unique shooter. KZ3 was influenced too heavily by COD.
newn4gguy  +   1193d ago
Killzone 2/3 are still two of the best looking games this generation, PC included. The art style helped quite a bit, as well. ;)

I love these games. I don't understand why everyone complained about KZ3's campaign. It actually made you LIKE Sev, for a change. It was epic. It was brutal. It was beautiful. KZ2 was good, but KZ3 was a masterpiece.
a_bro  +   1193d ago
KZ3 was not a Masterpiece. KZ2 was. KZ3 sucked story wise. and the multiplayer kinda sucked, way too influenced by COD. But I did love the Multiplayer Missions, those were awesome.

Visuals wise, KZ3 owned.

I think KZ4 will take the Cake. Hopefully we will be able to play co-op online and offline on the main story. that would be awesome.
LOGICWINS  +   1193d ago
"KZ3 was not a Masterpiece. KZ2 was. KZ3 sucked story wise."

So your saying KZ2 was good storywise? LOL

KZ3 had brutal melee, more gameplay and level variety than KZ2, less cussing from Rico, better pacing, better choreographed cutscenes etc. And the inclusion of Move/Sharpshooter added an extra level of immersion.

It was also good multiplayerwise, even though the controls were dumbed down a little
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bobtheimpaler  +   1193d ago

KZ2 was way better. Rico wasn't turned into a pansy. KZ3's story was pretty boring and didn't really develop anything. One of many examples: Rico kills visari and nothing happens with that. He doesn't even get a moment where he redeems himself with the ISA. Much prefered him in KZ1 and KZ2. He has strong reasons for his abrasive behaviour towards the Helghast, but we atleast see that he cares about his friends and at least with them, he's likeable(Because he's a bomb of fury you want on your side). In KZ3 he was just there. The character, Jamma, doesn't make any sense and just one glance at her and you can see she doesn't belong in the game at all she's so out of place. Yeah you had something interesting going on with the power struggle for Helghan but it was so poorly done. Much prefer the simple, compact story of KZ2. Kind of similar to Dredd 2012 - Compact and absolutely badass. Minimal scripting and no flabby on-rails sequences that add nothing but provide false variety. If anything KZ2 is a purer game for that. It's dynamic AI, art, animation and physics; the way they tie so well together to create one of the most intense shooters of this generation is a thing of beauty.

KZ3 had poor implementations of variety with a terrible stealth level- Hide in waist-high bushes and be completely linear and no freedom.

On rails turret sections, particularly the snow level where you can go through that whole bit on elite difficulty and not get killed if you don't touch the controls.

The only thing I've come to accept about KZ3 is it's controls. Art is terrible and goes against established logic of what the planet helghan is like and how it's ecology affects people.

Gameplay is so dumbed down in terms of gunplay - Less recoil and less ballistics variables. Environment textures and particle effects dumbed down due to 3D. More linear level design - Here's a sniping bit, take a sniper rifle.
-Dumbed down MP classes so people can just worry about KDR than actual team work.

That's why KZ3 sucks. Everything is dumbed down seemingly for the appearance of variety. It actually takes freedom away from the player in both the design of it's MP and SP. In KZ2, you actually had more freedom in how you play, like how you defend visari square for instance, you could climb up back and use the sniper rifle, go up front and use the turrets or you can get up close with your weapon of choice. That's what destroys KZ3- they took away choice and options for the mere APPEARANCE of variety and they dumbed down the mechanics too. Brutal melee gets boring quickly and in MP its even more poorly implemented. BF3 did that right by only allowing that from behind.

The only one's who like KZ3's MP are the casual players into arcadey fair like COD and people who sucked at KZ2 MP because they were too stupid to learn how to use the tools given to each class properly.

Don't get me started on KZ3's homo-erotic, Michael Baysian hollywood feel that's just gutless compared to gritty horrifyingly agonising yet awesome verhoeven-esque action and atmosphere of KZ2.

Don't even get me started on why they took out server lists. Honestly when I heard it, I lost faith in humanity.

I was playing KZ3 since the the closed beta and the game was just a mess and it sill is.

Yup...KZ3, from start to finish, was bitch made.

I hope KZ4 is more like KZ2 in terms of choice. No more scripted and on rails sequences and ultra linear stealth levels. It's been done to death already. GIVE PLAYERS REAL VARIETY THROUGH CHOICE. Keep things dynamic.
PinkFunk  +   1193d ago
the KZ2 & and KZ3 stories are awful. The KZ universe is interesting, and they've taken a lot of time to build these worlds from a visual perspective. There's a lot of potential there, but my God, the stories and the dialogue and acting are a b s o l u t e l y awful. The issue was the overly Americanized culture of the ISA, IMO. The characters' motivations were so damn shallow. And the dialogue has always been incredibly one dimensional. The gameplay itself is unbelievably brilliant at times, and I found myself blown away plenty of times in the campaign, only to then reach a cutscene and wonder why the hell i'm continuing through it.

I do think KZ3 did improve on KZ2 in a lot of ways, but I think there were some serious downgrades when it comes to the multiplayer side of things.

Right, i'm not bashing. The game is brilliant. I just hope they hire a proper writer for the damn story.
yaz288  +   1192d ago
@ bobtheimpaler  

Thank you ( can't believe people are disagreeing )

Kz3 just showed how kz2 was a masterpiece
abzdine  +   1193d ago
they'll maybe show something at VGAs this year
Mathew9R   1193d ago | Spam
HeavenlySnipes  +   1193d ago
Hopefully they have a Starhawk type months long beta where people that played the last 2 can give feedback and actually have that feedback result in changes.

KZ3 had a good enough story mode (seemed that they just tried to find excuses to go to different locations for the critics that bashed the city setting for nearly all of Kz2) but the MP was poorly balanced. Too many glaring flaws and missing elements for people to cosign the work that was done to create it.
sukas  +   1193d ago
More Space Flight Mission and Spaceship Level !

The last part of killzone 3 was the best of the game i loved the space level and flying that spaceship just Awesome, particularly the sound effects of that spaceship.
Braid  +   1193d ago
Your wanting it "right now" has nothing to do with Halo 4's upcoming release, right? Yeah, didn't think so. :)
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Braid  +   1193d ago
To disagreers:

I want to see it as a PS4 launch title with godly graphics, never seen before animations and ultra resolution textures, not as a dated looking late console title which is rushed out with no proper story to be told. Just because MS released Halo doesn't mean that Sony should immediately squeeze the b*lls of Guerilla to release another KZ game, let them experiment with dev-kits, run their tests, do whatever it's necessary to create a mind blowing PS4 title. It's not COD for God's sake, two KZ titles a generation is more than enough.
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aNDROiD17_  +   1193d ago
KZ4 and UC4 both launch titles for PS4 :D
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tiffac008  +   1193d ago
I just got the Trilogy. So I hope KZ4 will be for the PS4, so I can finish the 1st 3 before it comes out ^^
Neko_Mega  +   1193d ago
The 4's should only be on PS4, really thats how it should be.
bubblebeam  +   1193d ago
Hahaha didn't think of that lol.
I know this is a stretch, but imagine a PS4 launch with;
God Of War 4, Killzone 4, Uncharted 4, Resistance 4.
Now if only they can squeeze another Infamous this gen and I'll be set.
yaz288  +   1192d ago
Lol now it make sence
Silly gameAr  +   1193d ago
Honestly, I'm not ready for KZ4. I think a PS4 launch title would be best. That would give them time to flesh the next game out so it would be a beast of a game.
josephayal  +   1193d ago
KZ4 with PIXAR graphics
bubblebeam  +   1193d ago
No!!! I'd hate it if KZ4 looked like Toy Story /s
bobtheimpaler  +   1193d ago
i want it on ps4. but they need to bring back and expand upon the depth of KZ2's gameplay and mp. hopefully with the success of bf3 we wont get a watered down game like kz3 where the last level is a scripted on rails level requiring no skill at all. Not to mention all the other on rails levels and the poorly conceived stealth level.

it should also focus on the horrors of war and not be a cliche'd hollywood movie where aload of scripted explosions is confused for intense gameplay. More Paul Verhoeven robocop or dredd 2012 in terms of atmosphere and not Michael Bay. Not bland like Linkin Park but more awesome like death metal. More like Martyrs and Inside and not like paranormal activity.

I dont want the lazy on rails and scripted sequences of kz3. it's uninspired and a poor attempt to vary gameplay when players should explore the splendours of what the game offers themselves. KZ3s dumbed down mp took away the skill and freedom that players had in KZ2 and they took out server lists because 'people can't read'. KZ2 sp was awesome because it took skill and it had an organic intensity about it as the game didn't give you weapons for special sequences where you needed it for what happens next. you had a fair amount of freedom with how to approach a level and the awesome dynamic A.I, the art and the game physics did the rest. it was purer in its gameplay and therefore more fun.

I hope kz4 builds upon the more refined concept of KZ1 and KZ2 and gives us 64 player and more freedom in sp and mp. let us play with vehicles in more open levels. Though kz2 mp is awesome, i hope they remain focused on single player. That's still the point of the franchise.
Father Murder X   1193d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
GrahamGolden  +   1193d ago
There is no need for a killzone 4,Let it rest
Let guerilla focus on their new IP game
Bring back Killzone maybe for next gen
Platinum_k  +   1193d ago
Killzone 4 on Playstation 4 COMING SOON!

...sounds so good to my ears ^_^
dragonyght  +   1193d ago
oh really here i was thinking its already here tho -_-

well maybe i was mistaken....but this is still awesome
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Platinum_k  +   1193d ago
I think that's just a fan film
mayberry  +   1192d ago
Awesome video ! I had never heard of it. Very well made.
iusiuwhbsj   1193d ago | Spam
younglj01  +   1193d ago
Personally I think KillZone 4 will be released on the PS3 with an revamp engine just like Quantum Dreams and Naughty Dog did with their new IPs.Personally next-gen for Sony and its customers are when Mircosoft release the next Xbox.Only Activision and EA have the money too really promote any new IPs that will sales while at launch.I rather Sony and their developers wait as long as possible and then release the PS4 with an ass of new IPs and sequels at launch.

Think about the PS4 releasing around E315 with 20 top-notch games within its first year.Now that would be an crazy way too Sony too really promote an console by having its surprise released an day after E3 start.
blink3020  +   1193d ago
Killzone is over-rated. Generic sci-fi shooter.
wishingW3L  +   1193d ago
overrated? Yes. Generic? No.
blink3020  +   1193d ago
Never buying a KZ game again.
wishingW3L  +   1193d ago
Why? They are not Halo but still a really good franchise worthy of its Triple A budgets.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1193d ago
good, 1 less person whining online.
wishingW3L  +   1193d ago
Killzone 4, Resistance 4 and Uncharted 4 for the PS4!
remanutd55  +   1193d ago
Motorstorm World Tour
Heavenly Sword 2: Nariko's Resurrection
either Resistance 4 or Killzone 4
Eight Days
The Getaway 3
The Last Guardian
that would be my ideal ps4 launch line up
r21  +   1193d ago
I'd rather have KZ4 on PS4. It just makes sense and it'd be a good launch title.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1193d ago
Killzone 4 as a launch title next to the Next Uncharted game or any other Playstation Exclusive franchise... would definatley move some consoles at launch thats for damn sure!
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