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Emilio_Estevez  +   1193d ago
That's actually good news. This game could be really cool, but right now it's just not....Needs work for sure.
camel_toad  +   1193d ago
I wish I could "Agree ()" more with you because I think the extra time in beta could really pay off.

I'm glad they're not being rushed.
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DaReapa  +   1193d ago
Totally agree. I got back in the beta this past weekend after a brief hiatus thinking there would be major improvements from my last playing session. These expectations were further intensified when I was greeted with a mandatory version update that was relatively about the same size as the game itself. But I was later dismayed by the fact that aside from an interface change and a few other minor updates, the performance issues remained untouched. As it stands, this game is sooo ripe with potential its sickening to see it perform so poorly. Here's to hoping the extended beta time brings out that potential in full.
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Soldierone  +   1193d ago
I did the exact same thing. Went "well maybe it plays better now" nope.

I don't know if its what they meant to do or what? I've posted on the forums many times about its gameplay, and so have many others, and its still not being worked on.
SolidDuck  +   1193d ago
I wonder if its going to stay in beta closed and eventually open, and then try to launch when the ps4 launches. I say this mostly cause I'm in the closed beta, and I see all there very grand ideas in the game. But it really does seem to much for current gen.
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DaReapa  +   1193d ago
"The game's free-to-play business model may make it an attractive game to try, but Reid admits most players will never pay for in-game items.

'We expect the vast majority of our players not to spend a penny. But those people who pay nothing are still making the game better. Every one is another node, another player for others to interact with.' "


"We expect the vast majority of our players not to spend a penny. So for all those cheap bastards who chose not to support our efforts, we will personally see to it that the paying customers make their life a living hell."
Emilio_Estevez  +   1193d ago
Sadly it's true. Instead of being F2P, it's more like Pay2Win. That has to be something they will work on. That creates a totally unbalanced experience.

I played a game against a group of guys with tons of top level equipment (presumably by paying for it) and my team was crushed. Wasn't fun.
Ducky  +   1193d ago
The equipment itself isn't really that much of a difference maker, since the pay-only equipment just allows for more options.

What is a concern is that paying members can get access to permanent (BPO) equipment. This means that they can die however many times they want, but won't get a monetary penalty because their equipment has unlimited uses (unlike regular equipment which is lost per death)

What ends up happening then is that paying members end up saving a lot of in-game currency, which gives them more liberty to purchase other things like vehicles... which leads to lack of balance for non-paying members.
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aquamala  +   1193d ago
Game is painful to look a right now, the final game needs to look way way wa better than this to keep me interested
doogiebear  +   1193d ago
looks like an HD ps1 game
BX81  +   1193d ago
Now I really have nothing to buy on the PS3 till next year. Oh well hopefully it'll be a good game, looks cool.
MysticStrummer  +   1193d ago
Dust 514 is free, so you weren't gonna be buying it either.
BX81  +   1193d ago
Really? Wow, win for gamers then.
kingPoS  +   1192d ago
I'll have to revsit this. I just hope the update isn't DCUO sized.

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