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dbjj12088  +   1122d ago
Excited to stab Benedict Arnold!
knifefight  +   1122d ago
Who isn't!?
decimalator  +   1122d ago
sooo much awesome
DivineAssault  +   1122d ago
thats a lot of sh*t.. my wallet is dry tho.. I got 3 games today so im done until persona gets here
AnnaWilliams22   1122d ago | Spam
Hazmat13  +   1122d ago
2 things i like in this world
1. PS2 classics
2. Making a list of 3
RufustheSage  +   1122d ago
Man, I swear Digital Devil Saga was suppose to be released almost 3 months ago. What happened I wonder?
Studio-YaMi  +   1122d ago
Playing "Ragnarok Odyssey" as I'm typing this right now

If you're an RPG fan and a fan of action RPG in particular,DO NOT miss on this great game !

*Back to playing* xD
hadouken007  +   1121d ago
All's I know capcom busting heads on dem price's.

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