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omarzy  +   1193d ago
Can't believe the basic bundle is even an option for anyone. This, more space(still need to buy another HD), and Nintendo Land for 50 bucks more.
chanmasta  +   1193d ago
And the stand.
Nevers0ft  +   1193d ago
This suddenly makes downloading "full" games tempting and I didn't think I was ready to make that transition. I don't mind slapping down a few £s for Wiiware type stuff but was really reluctant to do the same for full retail games...

... Now I'm not so sure. I'm a whore, I like free stuff. Damn you Nintendo!

I wonder if they'll allow us to convert old Nintendo Club points or whatever they're called? I've got a load of them because I never fancied squandering them on some collectable tat - but if I can get games with em, bring it onnnnn :)
jjdoyle  +   1193d ago
this makes me one steps closer to trying to gets one. i hopes they do the club nintendo thing good
lilbroRx  +   1193d ago
Most people who buys consoles don't buy stuff online for them. The basic is for those people.

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