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akaFullMetal  +   1199d ago
Looks really fun, ill have to pick this up.
sdozzo  +   1199d ago
Hope this sells well. Vita needs games like this.
TheTwelve  +   1199d ago
SolidDuck  +   1199d ago
Might sound dumb to some, but I'm buying a vita just for this, we'll and soul sacrifice, but that's not till next year. I'm sure ill play more games on it, but co op action RPGs are my favorite.
profgerbik  +   1199d ago
About to run out and buy this. I want AC3: Liberations also but I am picking this up first for sure.

Happy Hunting!
bryam1982  +   1199d ago
No voice chat? Are we still in 2005? And dont come whit that use skype crap ok
profgerbik  +   1194d ago
Never played MMO's before? Are we still living under a rock?

Ragnarok Odyssey works just the same as any MMO and using the text function is not any different.

You can still use chat, you just need to use Party Chat and set up the party before entering the game otherwise you text while in game.

Hell even I'll admit I have gotten used to texting fast even though I suck with the keyboard still.
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