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Relientk77  +   1130d ago
Fantastic score for the trilogy
TrendyGamers  +   1130d ago
3 fun games for $40, can't go wrong.
Abash  +   1130d ago
The Killzone Trilogy has one of the greatest war stories in gaming if you play from the first to Killzone 3, and Im glad it looks like the story is nowhere near done judging by the KZ3 ending
BringingTheThunder  +   1130d ago
its money well spent
mayberry  +   1130d ago
Played all three on my bc 60G ps3 and absolutely love them all! Ill get Killzone 1 as a download to re-play with a more stable frame rate.
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josephayal  +   1130d ago
Over 50 hours of full 1080p+... Tomorrow!
cannon8800  +   1130d ago
@ josephayal

Starting* tomorrow, unless you're living in another dimension/planet where days last over fifty hours lol.
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EeJLP-  +   1130d ago
They're 720p native.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1130d ago
I love revisiting the original Killzone again which felt like a breath of fresh air to alot of modern day shooters due to the length and memorable characters. However, I was upset that they made the game play more smoothly but they haven't gone the full 9 yards with it.

I'm not saying they should remake it with the Killzone II engine (which I would love...) but alot of the problems of the old reared their ugly heads such as limited draw distances, wet noodle physics, using the exact cutscenes from the Playstaton 2 which now looks blurry as hell and the muzzle flashes for most of the Helghan guns looked 2d.

I honestly think they should have given this game more time before release to fully iron out the kinks so they could have made the trilogy version trump the original in every possible way.......
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ASTAROTH  +   1130d ago
My question is??

Did the collection comes with a voucher to download KZ HD or it comes on the disc??

If so... Im going to download it separately as I have KZ 2 and 3... great stuff here!!

Trendy Gamers:

Thankx bro... I may end buying it on DLC though... I still needs to download the game from the disc... so no difference.

Thanks again
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cpayne93  +   1130d ago
My main problem with Rico was with the way he acted in Killzone 3.


He got a friend killed because he was impulsive, his best friend Templar gets killed, and he killed off the Visari because he's an emotional child.

After ALL THAT, he acts like he's having a blast after what was one of the most brutal depictions of war seen in Killzone 2. He acts like he's having a bunch of fun killing people when he should be mentally beating the shit out of himself for what he's lost and what he did. Makes me hate em even more.
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cannon8800  +   1130d ago
Steven Ter Heide (producer and senior producer of the killzone games) mentioned in an interview that the developers decided to make Rico an a$$shole on purpose, because it's a technique that makes people care about the game and characters. Plus it gives the characters more life, because not everyone is nice in real life.
cpayne93  +   1130d ago
I can understand him being an asshole but being completely unaffected by all the trauma he went through makes no sense. Plus in Killzone 3 both he and Sev laughed or swore the whole way and there was no character development one way or another.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1130d ago

I agree, Killzone really needs to work on its character development.I still remember how disappointed I felt after the trailer of the third installment when I saw Sev wear the Helghast mask. It made me excited because I thought the game would have not only had the Helghan capture the small band of ISA at Visari's palace but would have showed the Helghan breaking the will of Sevchenko to make him one of their own.

If I directed the game, Killzone 3 would have been have two scenarios with two player co-op in each.

A. Sev and Rico fighting their last stand until Rico was killed then the role could have been switched to the Helghan officer assigned to break the spirit of the surviving members while slowly killing them off.

Sev would end up being the most worthy after the torture and he nows plays as a squad member of the above who helps in driving out the ISA while realizing the terrible war from their perspective and the acts the ISA did that drove the Helghast into what they are now.

B. You play as Jammer who is now a Shadow Marshall with a history with Sevchenko. Her mission is have to rescue the ISA hostages not knowing what have transpired. Here, you will meet with Hackah once again who will help you get to them advises that she may not like the end result.

Seeing that I love sad endings I may have Sev kill Jammer and have the Helghan prepare for the final push towards Earth in the last installment:

Killzone 4: The Prodigal Son comes Home.....
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cpayne93  +   1130d ago
That would definitely be more interesting than the way it went down. There could have been a lot of controversy over the justifications of the war they were having, if they would just pull more story from the history of killzone. The main characters should be struggling over the morality of their actions instead of having a blast like they think they are the A team. Would of made it a lot more interesting. Killzone 2 did a much better job on the storyline imo. Still love Killzone 3 tho.
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TheDivine  +   1130d ago
Il get KZ for sure. Loved that to death when it was brand spankin new. Gritty, dark, moody, and fun as hell. I am dissapointed Sony always seems to make the quick buck though. This REALLY deserved a real reamster like Halo got. Sony just rereleases everything 50 times, far worse than Nintendo these days.

They shouldve remade KZ for vita. That wouldve been amazing. At least make it play on vita and il be happy. All remasters should play on vita and not just remote play crap, fully downloadable and playable on vita.

***Disclaimer*** TheDivine doesnt actually think Remote Play is crap. It was a figure of speach implying that while RP is good, it isnt a decent alternative to actually playing said games on the Vita. No fanboys were harmed in the typing of this comment.
shodan74  +   1130d ago
Sounds great to me.

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