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Saturne3  +   1138d ago
The lack of Demon Souls disturbs me.
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Loki86  +   1138d ago
Alma on highest difficulty in Ninja Gaiden was the most infuriating boss ever!

Seriously though, no Demon Souls, Battletoads, Super Monkeyball, Grandia, or Ikaruga?
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segamon  +   1137d ago
Grandia? i'm interested in some details if you care.
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LUKENBACHER  +   1138d ago
Any website that breaks an article up into 10 pages to juice hits & ad revenue doesn't get read by me...
Monkeycan8  +   1137d ago
Kid Buu Budokai 2 (PS2) that is all.
moegooner88  +   1137d ago
The fade in Dragon Age Origins, really unneeded.
banjadude  +   1137d ago
I hated that part, too. It took away from the main quest line.

Speaking of DA:O, the Golems of Amaraak (sp) DLC... final boss = BS!
Norrison  +   1131d ago
I hated that part, on my second playthrough I skipped it, it's boring and annoying.
NoTheMama  +   1137d ago
certain boss battles in Kingdom Hearts games come to mind!
Magic_Spatula  +   1137d ago
Friggin' Sephiroth in KH 1 & 2 were super friggin' annoying, until I figured out how to beat them. Yea, I know that they were optional, but I was a completionist back then. Had to do/get everything in whatever game I played.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1137d ago
Wheres DMC 3?

Anyway playing Crash 1 as a kid, the second half of levels in that game infuriated me to no end. Still does. Btw the fight against The End wasnt hard just long but still one of the best boss battles ever.
castdreams  +   1137d ago
lol @ TMNT being a "great game".
FCOLitsjustagame  +   1137d ago
Wow all older games or games I haven’t played.
I was thinking Asteroids in Dead Space. Ok didn’t make me actually quit but it was annoying and unnecessary in that game.

The first picture in the article was of an aircraft which made me think of a stupid level in Crimson Skies (I think it was) where even a cheat code wouldn’t save you as it was some follow the leader or timed crap...don’t remember exactly now, put it out of my mind. I finally got through the level Zen style. I was watching a Kansas/Kansas State college football game and just cruisen through the level (muted as the guys talking annoyed the hell out of me) for the 500th time.

As someone mentioned Halo 1, the flood levels.

Ninja Giaden someone shooting me from off-screen made me quit and never finish that game.
segamon  +   1137d ago
"There’s something about the story, the character and the emphasis on character model realism that I just really dug"

i had enough.

200+ hours, i milked the game inside out to the last drop (chocobo world, card game, proof of omega etc.), story was bad, characters were bad, gameplay was broken then turned boring, 2 or 3 music tracks were ok the rest is forgetable.

most people who liked 8 is because it was their 1st, the few others are simply insane to favor such a piece of shit of a game over 1-7,9,10.
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RustInPeace  +   1137d ago
I do, lol! Nothing beats the setting and the music of Vice City... LONG LIVE VROCK!!
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Killman  +   1137d ago
Everyone should downvote this site......
Having a full page ad pop before loading the article, littering the pages with ads, and STILL making the article one example per page?

To hell with you, WhatCulture.
FITgamer  +   1137d ago
As far as TMNT goes, that game was infuriating in general. That game introduced me to temper tantrums when i 6 and i broke the the case that holds the game chip. Luckily I could still slide the chip in solo and still play.
smashcrashbash  +   1137d ago
@ Omnislash. If it is so bad and impossible then how did I beat it? You see while people complained about games I beat and finished them like a real gamer. I beat every boss, overcame every obstacle and finished every level including the underwater one. You couldn't beat it because like many gamers you didn't put any effort into it. you just tossed it aside as soon as it got hard. But I pushed forward and beat the whole thing flaws and all.Sorry but except for Battle Toads I have beaten every game I played no matter how much people complained that it was the design or difficulty plaguing them. No boast, just fact.You just didn't have the drive to finish it. Putting up people on youtube that were too lame to finish it doesn't prove anything but how lame they are. I thought it was especially funny that the guy couldn't do a simple short jump to reach the pizza. Lame.
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Gigglefist  +   1137d ago
I found the fight with "The End" in MGS3 to be really awesome. A boss battle spanning over several huge areas where you have to sneak and track your enemy?

Pretty swiggins if you ask me.
If you were really having that much trouble with him you could set your clock forward and make him die of old age.

Idunno, maybe I'm just extremely patient, but I found nothing wrong with the fight.
NeXXXuS  +   1137d ago
The dungeons in Eternal Sonata were VERY long. Sometimes I had to just save in the middle of them and return to it the next day.
Also, Final Fantasy XII - The Pharaoh's Dungeon... That was about 100 floors...
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0pie  +   1137d ago
i remember the gta level with the plane... i was so tired of this level that i said fuck off and never played san andreas again.
NeotheGamer  +   1137d ago
Final Fantasy VIII- D-Distric Prison...Diablo>Enc-Non> Easy
mamotte  +   1137d ago
Star Wars games from SNES in Jedi difficult. Even an innocent Ewok became a one hit dead kill machine.
overrated44  +   1137d ago
I can't believe that "Halo, any level with the Flood" is not on this list. Hate the Flood, always.
pandehz  +   1137d ago
Oh dam lol San Andreas flying level is defo the worst of the lot.

I hated it and havent finished San Andreas ever
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1137d ago
i really hate sites that break up lists page by page... -_____-x asshats.
iliimaster  +   1137d ago
damn that final fantasy video brought back memories makes me wanna throw it in and start playing leveling up those were the good ol days when they knew what they were doing
Magic_Spatula  +   1137d ago
I remember playing that level in TMNT for the first time. Took me 2 weeks to get past it, (back then I was more tolerant about difficulty). After I finally beat it, the friggin game got even more difficult as you went on. To this day that level still pisses me off and have never beaten the game. The only person I've ever witness beat the game was my cousin. He pretty much played that game everyday and perfected that underwater dam level.
Kos-Mos  +   1137d ago
This article chooses some random games to get hits. The only one worth being on a list like this is Turtles. The rest are kid games, too easy for us real gamers. Except FF8, but that level weren`t hard at all.
tweet75  +   1137d ago
i got this feeling when I first played contra in 1988.
Chris558  +   1137d ago
That driver mission was easy on pc he was driving really bad I acrually hated the mini helicopter bomb plant A mission never done it
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1137d ago
I remember one mission in GTA where you had to deliver a car without a scratch in a certain time limit. I thought that mission was pretty hard.
Sugreev2001  +   1137d ago
The Airplane training missions in GTA:San Andreas.To this day,I carry it's scars !
M_Prime  +   1137d ago
i think once you got the hang of it, it wasn't bad.

I don't remember having an issue with it
M_Prime  +   1137d ago
I have one that i don't think anyone mentioned and its GEARS OF WAR 3 if playing on INSANE.

I was playing split screen so i had 2 AI and my buddy, the level was the one where you have to find the Sub and you are in one of the last locks. It is the one where at the end there is 2 centipedes as well as all the guys that you didn't kill. I got lucky and had a full boomshot for that part which made it a little easier to kill the armored Kantos and we were playing on Arcade mode so we could respawn with grenades so we could also stick some of the tougher guys. I think it took probably close to 5 hours of trying over and over again before we finished.

Though most frustrating is the level where you are trying to hijack the barge and its dropping feron guards while shooting a cannon at you. That caused us to rage quit because on insane its an autokill from the cannon and there is nowhere to hide.
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