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Yi-Long  +   1209d ago
I was thinking about Halo....
... the Library level, where we encounter The Flood.

I HATED that level so much, I never played beyond that.
stragomccloud  +   1209d ago
I hated that too. I rage quit countless times, with at least month between playthroughs.
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Eyeco  +   1209d ago
Horrible list, allot of these weren't even infuriating MGS3- The End is one of if not the greatest boss battle of all time.

Also learning to fly in GTA SA was incredibly easy, does anyone remember the Zero missions they almost drove me to suicide.
The Water Temple in OoT was a nightmare it should have been on the list instead of PH, and speaking of water levels, does anyone remember MGS2 when you have to rescue Emma apparently someone that works in the middle of the ocean can't swim , on top of that the swimming controls were awkward and you have to watch her oxygen meter as well as yours.
guitarded77  +   1209d ago
@ Eyeco

Well, I know you can read since you managed to read the list... but you failed to notice it's NOT MY LIST!!!! It's the list contained in the article! You're welcome for saving you 11 clicks and ads :P
SilentNegotiator  +   1209d ago
....people had THAT much trouble with the library level?
RBlaze  +   1209d ago
One infuriating concept that derailed a good idea for an article...
... Having to click 'next' to see each game in the list!

EDIT: Props, bubbles, and my appreciation to the guys who have eased the pain by posting the list in their comments!

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ChickeyCantor  +   1209d ago
You can simply run in that game...that's how I finished the game lol.
knowyourstuff  +   1208d ago
Horrible list - I agree, MGS3 has the greatest boss battles, so magnificently designed. Anyone who calls the sniper shootout with The End "boring" has their head up their a$$ and doesn't know how to play the game proper. You need to use your brain and hunt him down while he hunts you, it was invigorating from start to finish, however if you're a shlub and you just sit there waiting I can see what that would be boring - because you're stupid and not proactive.

But does anyone remember the Hell level from God of War 1? Or the Scimitar wielding half goat half men from God of War 3 that bounce of the walls? Or the annoying guys who scrounge underground and fling at you with blades in the God of War series? Those were the only things that were wholly frustrating with that series.
IAmLee  +   1208d ago
why have it on 10 pages? FUCCCKKKKKK!
bubblebeam  +   1209d ago
The Library was a true test of skill. Try beating it on legendary. Very difficult.

While I do think the level design was simple, I think people are forgetting one important thing; IT IS A LIBRARY. It is supposed to be repetitive. Although that is convenient considering it was very repetitive, I still enjoyed it.

It was basically same room different floor, but it is MUCH easier in Anniversary, as there are more lights showing the right direction and the overall lighting is improved so you can see much better.

Maybe people were expecting a wide open space, which is funny as "The Library" is what I think most people would guess as a linear, indoor level.

In closing,The Library was an excellent stage for the memories and the play-style it demanded of you (at least on heroic or legendary), although it was rubbish level design (intentionally so). Still one of the best games ever made, despite the hate that level gets (understandably so).

Also, kudos to the author for mentioning Victory Road. I was thinking that before I read the article. It's like arriving at an Ice Cream shop on a 50 degree celsius day and all the ice-cream is locked up. AAAARRRGHHH.
FarCryLover182  +   1209d ago
The library sucked at first, but now on replays I know what to expect.

The level "Cortana" in Halo 3 really sucked. I didn't know where to go as everything looked the same and all those flood types, wow that was a hard one.
dragonrage00  +   1208d ago
I LOL at victory road. Even as a kid, that as very easy. And I LMAO when he said hes going to have the best team ever. He sounded like a little kid that thinks that 6 legends at lv 100 is the best team ever and it makes you invencible.
ILive  +   1209d ago
Agreed. That level was infuriating and very boring. It almost made me hate Halo 3. Actually, I did hate Halo 3. Then ending was one of the worse endings I have ever seen in a game.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1209d ago
You're not supposed to say anything bad about Halo.
ILive  +   1209d ago
Sorry! I promise i didn't know!
CraigandDayDay  +   1209d ago
Man. That level in the pic is from Final Fantasy 8. The D District prison escape. Was extremely annoying if you didn't have Encounter-None or Half turned on.

I just loved that game. FF8 was the best IMO.
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JellyJelly  +   1209d ago
Final Fantasy Tactics - One of the last bosses who controlled a bunch of animals and had some kind of laser gun. Now that was difficult. Loved that game though.
Myze  +   1209d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics was one of those games that was really difficult or really easy, depending on how much you level up and who you use (really, that's true of most FF, or really most JRPG games). Yes, Orlandu was vastly overpowered, but with the right build, Ramza was even stronger. If you didn't over-level and didn't use Orlandu, the game could actually be quite difficult. One of my favorite games.
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hkgamer  +   1208d ago
Definitely agree, well my first playthrough of 8 was ok. But on my other playthroughs it go annoying, especially when you can't remember if you were supposed to run up or down.

MGS3 and the end boss fight was a weird choice though, actually on normal settings I never even struggled with that fight at all, was pretty easy if I remember correctly.
dontbhatin  +   1209d ago
i remember playing split screen of that halo 1 level when i was like 11. lol that level was epic!! we went through it in our first go. i remember it being creepy and epic rather than a hard level.
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SnakeCQC  +   1209d ago
yh i hate the flood soooo much i really didnt think halo 1 was going to turn into a damn horror game lol
forestfrog  +   1208d ago
Seth should be on this list.
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showtimefolks  +   1208d ago
i don't remember GTA:VC mission the only one that was hard was in the mall you had to go rob or shoot stuff

but the plane mission in SA made me totally quit twice lol. i heard that in pc version they were removed i hope if we ever get a HD collection that those missions are removed

other than that nothing to complain about

also in GTA:SA you can enter the cheat to slow down the time to where those plane missions shouldn't be hard
M_Prime  +   1208d ago
The Driver mission was pretty hard but i think you are right, i had way more trouble with the mission where you had to go to the mall and smash all the windows. However both those missions made me put the game down for a few hours.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1209d ago
Not this website again.
I'm not going to click on ten different pages >_>
WeskerChildReborned  +   1209d ago
That's what i dislike about WhatCulture.
caseh  +   1209d ago
I was expecting to see the water temple from Ocarina of Time. :)
Heisenburger  +   1209d ago
Lol hell yeah. I remember way back in the day I was stuck at the water temple. I eventually decided to go get a strategy guide.

Well, when I got home I decided NOT to use it. I still actually have the book. I never did anything with it aside from *admiring the gorgeous illustrations.

When is the last time that you played through it? I played a few years ago and felt like a god when I plowed through aqua-hell. Lol :)
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ChronoJoe  +   1209d ago
It's funny. I remember when I got my first Zelda OOT cart, it was second hand. It had a save file on it and the guy was stuck in the water temple... lol!

Being a weird kid I beat it for him and completed the game from there, then completed back to that point after I'd beat Ganon to experience the full thing. :P
cpayne93  +   1209d ago
When I was playing Ocarina of Time on an emulator, I got lost so I looked up a walkthrough video on youtube, then the guy doing the walkthrough got lost. I don't think I've ever seen someone doing a walkthrough get lost anywhere other than the water temple.
banjadude  +   1209d ago
As tough as that was, I think the Water Temple in Majora's Mask was BRUTAL. In fact, I didn't beat that game, because I couldn't pass that part. So infuriating.
Eyeco  +   1209d ago
I currently suffer from Posttraumatic stress disorder after playing through that level.
SirBradders  +   1209d ago
I recall ff, crash and the pod racing. It's mad how although these where a long time ago for me that this has brought back that evil nostalgia lol. The pod racing I only played in arcades as a kid so could have been cranked up for people too spend more.
Old McGroin  +   1209d ago
Star Wars Episode I Pod Racing is a "great game" now?
Captain Qwark 9  +   1209d ago
sure is, one of my fav racing games of all time.

also id add in......

-the end of star ocean 4.

-the final level of super meat boy.

-the area of castlevania sotn where the medusa heads are

-most of demon souls lol ( although for soem reason i couldnt love that game any more )

-final boss level in armored core master of arena ( never beat it without cheating )

-almost any old school mega man game
Old McGroin  +   1209d ago
Ah. Never played it, just thought everything associated with Star Wars Episode I turned to runny monkey vomit. My bad.

Having looked it up it actually got pretty good review scores!
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1209d ago
haha no, it was one of the few things to come out of that trilogy. course were wonderfully designed and complete with multiple routes, game was blazing fast, upgrading your racer was fun and the difficulty was near perfect until the end lol

the sequel on ps2 wasnt very good though. came out in like 2002 or something, done by rainbow studios. having loved the first so much, it was a major let down
MattyG  +   1209d ago
-.- are you kidding? The End boss fight is AMAZING. I like it a lot, as you can tell from my avatar.
TooTall19  +   1209d ago
That's my favorite boss fight in the series.
MattyG  +   1209d ago
I don't see how it's frustrating at all. I guess since you aren't constantly shooting people in the face this guy didn't like it.
GameSpawn  +   1209d ago
The End was stupidly easy. Far from frustrating. Hell, if you utilized the Konami Code the entire thing becomes a joke.

1) Konami Code
2) 70%+ Camo
3) Move Slowly
4) Stay Downwind
5) Profit!
mistajeff  +   1209d ago
The d-mic helps too, you can find the bird and hear him snoring when he falls asleep lol. If you're patient it's not that hard to hold him up and get his photosynthesizing camo.
Tzuno  +   1209d ago
Ghouls and ghosts anyone? How about Heart of Reich on waw on veteran :).
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beerkeg  +   1209d ago
I never did complete Ghouls and Ghosts. I loved it, but it was damn hard.
Wigriff  +   1209d ago
TMNT on NES? I thought this article was "10 Infuriating Levels That Almost Derailed Great Games,"implying that other than the level in question, the game was otherwise good. TMNT wasn't; it was awful. It was a glitch-filled, infuriating mess of a game.

Listen: I won't harp on how abysmal Final Fantasy VIII is in general. Lord knows that has been done enough at this point. That game aside, every other game on this list has redeemable qualities – except TMNT for NES. Saying that the underwater level from TMNT almost derailed the game, is like saying "that shit sandwich was alright until I bit into some corn."
insomnium2  +   1208d ago
TMNT on nes rocks! I almost completed it a few weeks ago. Man that was a blast from the past. It's quite enjoyable to play all the great nes-games with my kids after all these years. Yesterday we played SMB 3. last week we played Metroid. A few months back I completed Section Z and almost completed Gun smoke.
Wigriff  +   1208d ago
We are obviously thinking of two entirely different games. Are you talking about TMNT II: The Arcade Game? Or TMNT III: The Manhattan Project? Those were good games. The original TMNT from 1989 though? Awful. There is no other way to describe it.

I could sit here and describe all of the reasons why it isn't a good game, but there isn't anything I could say that James Rolfe (AVGN) hasn't said already:
insomnium2  +   1208d ago
LOL it seems the guy in your link really hates TMNT. It is indeed the game I was referring to. I guess it has a sweet spot in my heart cause I played it so much as a child.

The key player was indeed Donatello. You had to make sure to keep him alive always. It is easy to switch turtles when you need his reach.

The game is too hard I give him that. For a child to complete it it takes months of work if you manage to play it an hour a day or so atleast.

The Technodrome is the only place that is truly HARD. Other places have certain things you can do to make things easier. The entire last level is hard as hell and once you reach technodrome it gets even harder at the end there. I tried to complete the game with my kid but I died JUST outside the room where you have the last battle with Shredder. Gotta try again sometime.
Cam977  +   1209d ago
Two words:

beerkeg  +   1209d ago
I kind of agree with you, but if you take them on with a summon it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

Now trying to solo them is a different story. It's hard to try and split them up. I have great respect for people who can do it, because it is a challenge and a half.
Cam977  +   1209d ago
Yes, I tried it solo and got destroyed but summoned and did it first try as one guy attacked fatty whereas me and the other guy got skinny.
greatcrusader44  +   1208d ago
Ugh I literally spent a week at that mist gate cuz I was too afraid to fight them alone and each time a summon popped up someone else would grab it. And not only did I want to beat them but wanted to kill smough first so I could get Ornstein armor, and leaving Ornstein to become a giant was a pain. Eventually I just put on Havel Armor and dragon tooth and somehow kicked Ornsteins ass.
belac09  +   1209d ago
without help, yes, but i actually breezed right through with a partner.
Philoctetes  +   1209d ago
No. The opposite of this in fact. Ornstein and Smough is my favorite boss fight of all time. Epic.
soundslike  +   1209d ago
The End and both GTA missions are out of place in my opinion. That sounds more like the OP just doesn't have any patience.
Cam977  +   1209d ago
Wintersun616  +   1209d ago
MGS4, following the Resistance member in act 3. I liked it the first time I played the game, but why can't I just run to the destination on my 15th playthrough?! That part is not even challenging even on the hardest difficulty, it's just plain boring after the first few times.
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RustInPeace  +   1208d ago
I just platinumed MGS4 about a week ago and DEAR GOD, YES! The trailing the resistance member slows everything down so much I wanted to smash my head in... And I played thru 9 times!! (1 for just the love of the game+ the flashbacks, 2 was the 35+ hr "Chicken" run, 3 was for the BBE, and the rest was cleanup.)
Master of Unlocking  +   1209d ago
When it comes to the GTA games, there was 1 mission in GTA San Andreas that I would consider to be the most infuriating ever: that one where you have to fly a model planed to a certain destination and come back, all in limited time. I thought I would break that disc in two. That made me realize just how great, and overrated at the same time, the GTA games could be. Well, certainly not perfect enough to warrant gathering all those 10/10 scores across the board.

Another one was the 1st mission in the underground parking lot in Driver 1. I made it back then, but can't do it anymore now.
...actually, coming to think of it, the 2 first Driver games on the PSOne pretty much only consisted of infuriating levels that made you regret buying those games.
MasterofMagnetism  +   1209d ago
challenge 6 in vanquish. i loved that game but absolutely hated that challenge. i doubt anyone beat that on their first try. if you did than you are a GOD.
admiralvic  +   1209d ago
But Challenge 6 is what made Vanquish such a great game. It was virtually impossible to beat unless you knew what to do, so you had to constantly readjust your plan to pull it off. Adds a real sense of accomplishment if you do finish it too.
TheLyonKing  +   1209d ago
D-district prison wasnt bad, it was longer than I would have likes but It was fun and good grinding.
smashcrashbash  +   1209d ago
Okay I would like to add the bike level in Battle Toads. And I still don't understand why people always complain about the Hoover Dam level on TMNT and the Water Temple in Zelda OOT. Those levels are nowhere as hard as people keep claiming they are. I didn't even have to use a walk-through guide or anything and didn't have to ask anyone anything to beat these levels and yet people constantly talk about how hard or crushingly hard they were. They really were not that hard.I am not kidding or boasting or anything. They were no problem for me at all.
Wigriff  +   1209d ago
The hoverbike level in Battle Toads? Yeah, good point; why isn't the impossible Battle Toads level mentioned? lol
BlaqMagiq24  +   1209d ago
I absolutely agree on battletoads. That game in general is hard as hell. That is the first game to ever make me rage-quit before the word even existed.
InTheLab  +   1209d ago
Demon's Souls Valley of Defilement...pretty much the entire world.

You're forced to run around some raggedy ass tree huts while numerous...things stabbed at you. And after all that, THEN you end up in 5-2 which is one of the worst (as in good but incredibly frustrating) worlds in gaming.

The entire level is acid soup that slows you AND poisons you, but all enemies remain unaffected, including the Meat Cleaver wielding black phantom that usually one shots you...
belac09  +   1209d ago
i loved working through that area, i died soooo many times.
clearelite  +   1209d ago
I found 5-1 incredibly easy, since by the time i got there most of the enemies could be felled with one or two blows. 5-2 I think was a different story. Had to use many lotuses and exercise patience only to have my character struck down by that giant red-glowing nub with the club (on the "island" right before the ascending wooden pathway with the flying bugs). That was hard until I devised a sound strategy. What an amazing game though :]
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PhoenixDevil  +   1208d ago
Loved both Deamons and Dark Souls and happily got the plat on them both solo running everything that didnt require summons etc.

However trying to get soul tendency to pure black was hell. In that swamp the women Selen Vinland not only charges at you when you engage but also has the weapon "Blind" which ignores armour completely. So fighting her meant you couldn't run and you couldn't block

As for Soul Sucking well that was seen as cheap by the developers evidently so if you were to sneak behind her and do that you soul tendency wouldn't change which essentially meant you had to get another playthrough to get Pure Black soul tendency

While on Demons Souls - anyone get Pure Bladestone remember that nightmare. 1 enemy drops it in a 1/200 chance in 4-2 pure black world tendency about 3/4s away through the level as a black phantom duel wielding skeleton with 2 other black phantom giant skeletons just before that guy. Yes I'm cheap and used the go to 4-3 back track and soul suck him trick
InTheLab  +   1208d ago
You know, I had a buddy that tried for months to get a pure Bladestone to drop and finally plat. Platting that game is a true test of will.

Forgot about Selen. I use to bring like 400 arrows and shoot the faint light glowing in the darkness. Got her down to maybe a 3rd health without her healing before hopping off a high ledge to finish her off. So she predictably hits me with the magic sealing both our magic so I pull the moon sword (rolled a faith build and can't remember the swords name..) and hit her once taking her to almost no health. She must have sensed how cocky I was and somehow killed me before I could even touch her

Was funny but kinda pissed me off...
kesvalk  +   1209d ago
where is turbo tunnel from battle toads and welcome to the machine from ecco?
azshorty2003  +   1209d ago
Where is just about EVERY level from Battletoads?
ajax17  +   1209d ago
I am the only person who gets annoyed when people call the PS1 "PSX"? So lame. BTW Road to nowhere was NOT hard! It was fun!!!
-Gespenst-  +   1209d ago
The Prison, Road to Nowhere and The End Boss Fight are all awesome.
RustInPeace  +   1208d ago
*Off topic* lol. Love your avatar Gespents!
Thanks, Cinco!.................(Great Job!)
Old McGroin  +   1209d ago
How 'bout every level in every Contra game?
mobiusoneac4  +   1209d ago
Paper Mario: TTYD

Chapter 2 was a fucking tedious nightmare. If I'd never heard about the Glitzpit, then I would've stopped and never finished.
Emperor_Obama  +   1209d ago
For me, The Fade in Dragon Age Origins. I absolutely hated that level in every way. That is the main reason I couldn't go back and replay the game. I was very happy when they only mention The Fade in Dragon Age 2.

-I'm Emperor Obama, and I approve this message.
aGameDeveloper  +   1209d ago
One I was expecting to see was the "Missile Command" level in Dead Space. Here you got through 3/4 of the game with a consistent set of game mechanics and difficulty level, and then they throw in a completely different type of gameplay that had a much higher level of difficulty. After many attempts, I gave up on the game. It was not until 1-2 years later that I loaded it back up, got some help from the interwebs, and then played through another 20 attempts before finally beating the level. Of course, by then I had to spend considerable effort relearning the rest of the game mechanics...
Redempteur  +   1209d ago
While i agree of FF8 i disgaree with star wars racers ..yep the game was difficult but not with final race where 1 error will cost you 35 seconds ..35 second lost for a racing game ... now that's evil ..

The game was great regardless of those 3 levels.
and while the dam in ninja tutles was indeed evil it don't see what the victory road in pokemon as anything to do with this list .. it's an easy level even

this author has a severe lack of patience
Hicken  +   1208d ago
D District prison was easy for me, even the first time through. I used it as a place to level up, and was about 4 levels higher by the time I escaped.

... then again, the issues people have with VIII just don't exist for me.
goldwyncq  +   1209d ago
That "Learning to Fly" mission in San andreas took 5 HOURS of my life I can never get back.
Omnislash  +   1209d ago
5. Fighting The End was awesome, but at first it was annoying because I didnt know how to play Metal Gear but it was a fun sniper battle.

The TMNT game for the NES was crap and poorly designed, no wonder i couldnt ever beat it as a kid....

In San Andreas the worst thing ever was that damn mission with the little red airplan it was s much BS!!
smashcrashbash  +   1208d ago
Easy enough to blame the game.I beat that game several times. Just because you couldn't beat it doesn't mean it was poorly designed. I could have easily said the same thing about every Mega man game before X was made.

@ BlaqMagiq24. You are telling me. You know I never beat that level at all when I borrowed it from a friend. I always only almost made it to the end then hit a wall. Maybe with my more advanced, evolved gaming skills I could probably beat it now though
Omnislash  +   1208d ago
This game? Look at this video and tell me thats not poor design!

That ocean level was so much BS!!
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banjadude  +   1209d ago
For me, it would be that stage where you have to throw the smoke grenades to cover the (3) bunkers' field of fire, in COD: World at War.

Actually, the entire game on Veteran is just BS, due to the unlimited grenades and infinite enemy respawns.
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kma2k  +   1209d ago
Wait wait wait WHO says Vice City was the best GTA?
kma2k  +   1209d ago
Stairs in Killzone 2 is way up there on my list!
BigStef71  +   1208d ago
You mean the part where they keep regenerating enemies when your storming the temple? That part of the game is so ridiculously cheap and unfair
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