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Nutsack  +   1136d ago
lol people still get it up as a question, really?

Since like what, 2005/2006 PES has just lost it, stand still, didn't improve, fill in whatever.

Fifa 13 just nails it again. Even though the improvements just might seem small adjustments on Fifa 12, it made a great game improving on itself in a lot of ways. Which is impressive.

I know many, many former PES fans, they hated Fifa years back. They all switched for the love of fusbol
MikeMyers  +   1136d ago
PES has made great strides this year but FIFA just has better polish all around and a better presentation along with great commentary. The gameplay itself (what actually matters most) is very good this year on PES.

The real winners are the gamers because Konami is able to compete and not have EA lock out other publishers like we see in the NFL.
segamon  +   1136d ago
Shao Khan:" I WIN"
JellyJelly  +   1136d ago
PES 2013 is very good but I like Fifa 2013 better.
hennessey86  +   1136d ago
I have been a PES fanboy since number 1 but this year I have gone with FIFA. It's simply a better football game than PES now.
gamernova  +   1136d ago
PES fan can only hit disagree but not actually defend their game. Fact is that Fifa has been killing PES in sales for a long time. I don't want to say it is because it is better in every way but I am definitely thinking it loudly haha
anticooper  +   1136d ago
come down relax its a matter of taste, ive been a fifafanboy for many years, but i like pes2013 gameplay way more than fifa this year, and thats not saying fifa is bad or anything i just like the way pes plays this year, and im not alone. I could try explain why i think its better, but whats the point? you and many others like fifa and me and many others like pes and thats it, so take you hahaha and sales number and hop a long;-) peace:-)
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Wh15ky  +   1136d ago
I used to play Pro Evo in the PS2 days but this gen have bought FIFA from 08 onwards, I've never been fully satisfied with FIFA though and haven't played any of them as much as I used to play Pro Evo.

This year, for the first time, I have bought both and I far prefer playing Pro Evo 2013, FIFAs presentation this year is fantastic, but the gameplay is no where near as fun and addictive as Pr Evo.

"Fact is that Fifa has been killing PES in sales for a long time"

Why does that matter to you?
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gamernova  +   1136d ago
Anti-cooper, I agree with the fact that everyone is going to like what they like, it is like saying that everyone is going to watch what they watch or drink what they drink; it serves to state something that exists in the form of common sense. However, whenever someone praises FIFA, there are all these dislikes. That comment was to address the fact that because one praises fifa is definitely upheld by the sales numbers. So many people like it that must mean there is something great about it that appeals to the masses. Hop along? Aren't you the one commenting on my comment? You hop along. I was doing just fine before you arrived haha Go play some PES or whatever it is you're playing :P

Whiskey, sales matter to me because it gives me a a data set in which I can base real world outcomes. If something sells significantly high, after some analysis it can be that the product is of high quality. That is not to say that something of low sales is not high quality. It is simply a statement of the risk of the purchase. If something sells a lot, the risk of it being a bad product is low. Is something sells low, the risk is greater. This is why review scores matter too. Fun and addictive ey? I feel the same about FIFA. Weird. Maybe it is just preference.
Wh15ky  +   1135d ago
That is an extraordinarilly weak argument to back up your statement.

The Pro Evo series has always sold very well the "Fact that Fifa has been killing PES in sales for a long time" has no bearing on the fact that Pro Evo still sells very well, so what if it doesn't sell as well as FIFA? Forza doesn't sell as well as GT, Uncharted doesn't sell aswell as Gears, Battlefield doesn't sell as well as Call of Duty - SFW?
Actually, here's a fact for you, just to help reinforce your "argument" - every year that FIFA and Pro Evo have gone head to head, FIFA has significantly outsold Pro Evo - but again I say... SFW?

I based my purchase of Pro Evo mainly on how much I enjoyed the demo. I downloaded both the FIFA 13 and Pro Evo 2013 demos and found myself playing and enjoying the Pro Evo one far more. Reviews probably played a small part in my decision but sales figures had absolutely nothing to do with it.

"Fun and addictive ey? I feel the same about FIFA. Weird. Maybe it is just preference."

You have to experience both of this years releases to know which one you prefer. I have, have you?

And I'm Whisky as I'm Scottish, Whiskey is Irish.
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muniinja  +   1135d ago
Pro evo this year did try upping its gameplay. i love thye way the ganing flows. on the other hand, fifa as always does nail it though not much improvement was done from last year's game.
kikizoo  +   1133d ago
It's funny to see the worst xfanboyz, most of the time playing sales not games, ignoring again the facts like they always do :

- scores for the 2 games are almost the same on metacritics.
- some reviewers are prefering pes
- gameplay is better, like...always.

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