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Master of Unlocking  +   1046d ago
All those Ill-advised consumers angry at the PS3 crowd for waiting until the superior system was released, should return to their beloved xbox360 and kinect thingy and cut us some slack.

You people are just plain jealous that the PS3 is actually a gamers' dream machine, offering plenty of high quality exclusives that can't be found anywhere else, even on the most powerful rigs.

Because in the end, PCs, as powerful as some may be, are pirates' dream machine, so nobody will ever fork out millions to develop games like GOW3,GT5, TLOU, U3 and so on for it. You know it.
"yes but butz iff.."?
There's no "if", it's just the way it is. With "ifs" you could fit Paris inside a bottle.

The PS3 was always going to be the longer-lasting console: it has the exclusives from the 1st party studios, the power, and the specific design of its architecture which appeared to be a fault at the start of this gen, but is now proving to be an advantage, as the Cell still hasn't said its last word. Ni no kuni, The last of us, The last guardian, or Beyond TS are all here to prove it.

That's also why I have a PS3: I want it to last and don't want a PS4 before 2015 or 2016. Certainly not in 2013 in any case.

(Still so many PS3 games to play, dammit, what should I get next? A bit more back-tracking perhaps? Infamous 2? Twisted Metal? Yakuza 4? Starhawk? Resistance 3?...)
segamon  +   1046d ago
only a handful of developers can demonstrate and prove it. Naughty Dog and Quantic Dreams being two of them.
profgerbik  +   1046d ago
I Love Sony because they are smart as shit. People can make their doom and gloom articles all they wan't Sony is not hurting.

This is more proof of that just the untouched potential in the PS3 people completely forgot about.

You don't throw $380 million at Gaikai because your company is hurting.

If Sony can seriously implement all their games into Gaikai's streaming service they can seriously dominate every single competitor in gaming period..

No one has a service like Gaikai and they won't get one because Gaikai is by far the best video game streaming technology out. On Live sucks compared to Gaikai.

I mean just imagine, playing PS4 games on your phone, tablet, PC or whatever else has an internet connection and a screen. Not something I would do but it is one smart move by Sony.

They also already aim at the mobile market with Playstation mobile, I just seriously don't understand why people gather their little sales sheets and assume Sony is dying.

Gotta spend money, to make money. Sony is shooting for the future.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1046d ago
It's funny to me that any time a pc gamer brings up graphics, the are a snobby elitist. What does that qualify all the ps3 kids beating off all over each other faces in this article?

This dude is ON THE SONY PAYROLL!!! What do you expect him to say?
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EditorAtGNG  +   1046d ago
Christ, I wish they stop stroking the "heavy rain" syndrome already. It just goes to show how badly some game developers want to be involved in the movie industry, but can't for some reason or other.
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mayberry  +   1046d ago
PS3 is a beast! Wanting a new box now is like eating a jelly doughnut and throwing it in the trash just as you get to the jelly! Now back to Killzone 3 in 'true' 7.1 digital surround sound and in 3D!
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