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Belking  +   1212d ago
The game looks a lot like Heavy rain to me. I'm look forward to this game. I just hope that he doesn't over do it with the QTE this time around.
StreetsofRage  +   1212d ago
He's talking about power with an interactive movie??? Please. Talk to me when the ps3 can run a complex game like skyrim.
IRetrouk  +   1212d ago
Infamous 1 and 2 say hello
StreetsofRage  +   1212d ago
Lmao. You seriously believe that trash is comparabel to skyrim???? Thanks for proving my point. Haha!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1212d ago
I think Skyrim is an overpraised bag of garbage!
IRetrouk  +   1212d ago
You honestly think skyrim is all that? You said a complex game like skyrim. I gave you two. Have you seen how much goes on in infamous 2? It makes skyrims magic look like something cole would fart out.
BigStef71  +   1212d ago
Well those two "trash" games are a hell of allot better than that overrated piece of shit known as Skyrim
Shinuz  +   1212d ago
Seriously the ps3 may be powerful but most of the games only run at 1280x720 and 30fps (and some lower than that).

It isn't really fun playing like that on a 52" hdtv especially when I play pc games at 1920x1080 and 60+ fps on that same screen.
megamanX2  +   1212d ago
"David Cage: PS3 still "very powerful""

yawn... very nice very nice
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Holeran  +   1212d ago
It amazes me the amount of haters an article like this can drag out of thier caves.
smashcrashbash  +   1212d ago
It always does. Predictability is another bad habit of modern gamers along with ignorance, stubbornness, premature negativity and denial. As soon as anyone mentions anything positive about the PS3 you can bet all the trolls and losers will come running.
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xtreampro  +   1212d ago
I can't believe we've come this far into the gen and crap like this is STILL going on and brain dead fans who know absolutely nothing about hardware are still blabbering on about this so call "untapped" super powers the all mighty Cell seems to possess.

HR didn't look that good and neither does Beyond so of course someone who hasn't really done much with the PS3's hardware would say this. There's a reason why you don't hear Naughty Dog saying crap like this, because they've actually done something with it!

ND have technically achieved a lot with the PS3's hardware and just by looking at TLOU you can clearly see that the limits have been reached, but it doesn't matter because they've optimised the hell out of their and have made major accomplishments.

Having realistic skin textures and then hall-assing everything else in a game cough*heavyrain*cough isn't called making the most out of the PS3's hardware.

So I guess David has the right to say something like this since his done nothing but paste shinier PS2 quality textures all over his games.
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P_Bomb  +   1212d ago
On the contrary Heavy Rain looked and sounded great. I still show people the Origami Killer DLC and the dance club level as eye candy.

Nowhere in the article did David Cage put down the 360 or discredit other developers. He's not boasting about graphics, merely stating he's using the console as a tool for what he's trying to accomplish creatively. Nothing to flame him about. Certainly not on the level of Cliffy B who recently via GT, told Amy Hennig how she should have done her job on Uncharted 3, and then quits the industry instead of making said game himself. *shrugs*
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SkullBlade169  +   1212d ago
This is just silly, the PS3 uses 7 year old hardware.

Sure they could make games look better by using clever tricks or by lowering the frame rate, but compared to PCs (Even mobile devices are catching up...) I wouldn't call the PS3 "powerful".

It's still my favorite current gen console though, we need a new console generation...
givemeshelter  +   1212d ago
You have the PS3 Fans stating power...
Xbox360 fans stating games matter yada yada yada...
The roles were reversed during the PS2 and Xbox era... And this can happen again whenthe new consoles launch .
kingduqc  +   1212d ago
this make me laugh, they can barely make 30 fps at 720p "Still plenty of power"
P_Bomb  +   1212d ago
Read the article. Every other post now is taking it out of context.
BigStef71  +   1212d ago
Honestly who knows how much power is left in these consoles. It seems like when we think a console has been tapped dry another game comes out to prove us wrong. Its really impressive what these developers have been able to do this gen by finding even more ways to make the games look better and better as the years have gone by. I''m still excited what else we'll see till next gen. If what was shown of MGSGZ really was a PC with ps3 specs then there really must be untapped power left
TBONEJF  +   1212d ago
This guy is right. but for most developers they don't want to take their time making a GREAT GAME using the CELL PROCESSOR all they care bout is SALES instead of graphics. as long they can sell over a million units on how many units they sell for any sequel they make they won't use the POWER OF THE PS3.
Soldierone  +   1212d ago
It's always like this. New exclusive coming out "we found more horespower in the system." Game is nearly out, looks great, even better thanks to comment about more horsepower, developer says "we used up everything it had to offer"

New game is coming out, "guess what we found more horespower!" game looks great, even better thanks to comment, "we maxed it out"

Look at MGS4, every Uncharted, and so on. Developers go through the cycle almost every game.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1212d ago
There's no denying that certain gameplay techniques, visual effects, crisp cinematics, etc.. this gen would be possible on anything but a PS3!

There's just a straight crispness/sharpness in PS3 exclusives that I just don't see in the exclusives that I own for my 360!

Gears series/Alan Wake are amongst my favorite 360 games that I own... but they still have an element of grainyness to them that makes them look a bit flatter...
Yangus  +   1212d ago
One problem.
Heavy Rain&Beyond not 100% games.This interactive movie,and many gamers not interesting this styles(Look Heavy Rain sales)Not blockbuster.

Sony number one biggest blockbuster Gran Turismo series.
And dont forget,WiiU coming 2012 and 90% next-box coming 2013.

Beyond: Two Souls 100% sure very good graphics,but dont change gaming world one old console.
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Enigma_2099  +   1212d ago
David Cage: PS3 still "very powerful"
That's what I'm saying! The PS3 isn't at the end of its life cycle! Hell, I'm willing to bet you haven't even seen all the 360 can do!!!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1212d ago
360 Exclusives on a TECH level just haven't progressed like PS3 Exclusives!

Halo 4 is the best looking of the entire franchise on 360 this gen, but I see it more because of an art style change than actually harnessing more power out of the console!
Gambuzin0  +   1212d ago
But it's a very big game compared to PS3 exclusives.
baodeus  +   1211d ago
Then can u say the same about ps3 exclusive? When we talk about tech, we talk about improving lighting, AA, frame rate, polygon, scale, but u dont see ps3 exclusive breaking those barrier yet (most run at sub HD, 720p, 30 fps, baked shadow/lighting, 2MSAA/none/MLAA/FXAA, etc). What happen to KZ3 or UC3 when they try to do 3d or splitscreen coop? Lower resolution, frame rate, polygon, etc..., so u have to start thinking, does it really have untap power hardware wise, or just refinement of the coding and mostly added more artistic flair to the game?
cedaridge  +   1212d ago
WELL On 1 hand ps3 is still a Beast on the other it's becoming clear that ps4 & xbox 720 is indeed around the corner.
braydox21  +   1212d ago
the ps3 is pulling off great games why is microsoft doing this surely the 360 isn't finished, i see kinect and the new connection glass thingy and halo 4 but thats about it where is the future of the 360 i suppose it would make sense if the xbox next came out next year seeing how they are offering very little in comparioson to their competitors such as sony's 1st party line up and nintendo's wii u, so if they make 360 non-interesting it would mean more people would be excited for change or breath of fresh air in otherwords a new xbox console that is well better than the 360 with full on 1st party support i can see people buying this.
Jazz4108  +   1212d ago
Wow what an obvious Sony circle jerk. Praise sony and hate on anyone whos not a sony fanboy. Wow this sits gets more biased everyday. I guess its vented up frustration of everyother non sony site saying how bad a shape sony is in. Btw. Bragging about graphics on qte games and linear cartoon games like uncharted does not prove the power of a system that cant play skyrim even with sonys help, no cross game chat due to restrictions and a mandatory partial game install that averages at least 20min to keep games on par with 360 and games using twice the space of A 360 game just to play on par. Does this sound like a almighty console that all the comments above brag about. When does psns new metro store launch btw?
neoMAXMLC  +   1212d ago
Right. These linear games don't push a system apparently. So why is it that the 360 can't pump out linear games that look just as good? Gears 3? Doesn't even feature any AA. metro 2033? Probably the most closed in corridor of a game game this gen. Yet still not as good looking as the best Ps3 exclusives out there. Then let's talk multiplatform where many games have needed to come out on multiple discs on the 360 just to keep up. Sometimes to the point where it requires an installation just so the PS3 doesn't stomp all over it such as BF3 and Rage. Or how steamworks can't even be implemented thanks to that trainwreck called Xbox Live, as Valve put it at least. :)
A few social features (that a handheld can do for free might I add) and a few incompetent developers won't disprove the fact that the PS3 has the best looking games on any console. And they just keep on getting better.
Drainage   1212d ago | Trolling | show
josephayal  +   1212d ago
High End Console
keithsquall  +   1212d ago
They can say that to their game because it's not an open world game, I bet if their game is open world it will not be like that graphics, with beyond, they can blabber to their hearts content with how beautiful graphics in Beyond because it's not open world...nuff said...
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TABSF  +   1212d ago
The issue I have with these statements is why isn't every PS3 game 1080p, why has every game on PC since 2007 looked better, why is there still instances where Xbox 360 looks better.

Seems to me Sony is desperately trying to stretch PS3 beyond the grave because lets face it this Gen should be dead by now or at least by the end of 2013.
Godchild1020  +   1212d ago
A console is as dead as the person that owns it wants it to be. There are still games I haven't played yet. And I'm sure its the same for others.

I had an Xbox, Gamecube & PS2 long into this generations cycle and I'm sure I will have my PS3 & 360 long into the next one. There are to many games that I haven't played yet, but hear great things about.
Adolph Fitler  +   1212d ago
Nobody is gonna be surprised, or astonished by anything PS3 or 360 has to offer at this stage of the gen.
It's PS4 & 720 that will hopefully do that.

And for people that say graphics are not important.....that is BS. Just like a good looking girl catches your eye straight away, so does a hot looking is the 1st thing we see, when we look at a game, or fire it up, so we are measuring it up straight away & making assesments in our heads about how impressed we are with visuals, and/or can't be denied.
The difference is that we can ALL buy a pretty game, but we won't all end up with a pretty fact most of us will end up with the tuna john west rejected & whilst pumping our fat scrags, we will imagine they are the pretty girl we are trying to impregenate the face of.

But before I get wood, I will get back on topic & say, that we may be impressed by the Halo 4's, Beyond 2 Souls, GOW:Ascentions & so forth, but we will not be surprised or taken back by the new found hidden power of PS3, or the such.
We will simply get some of the most technically impressive, visually prowess, technically stable games that we have seen this gen, as is the case at the end of every successful consoles lifecycle (well, except original Xbox as the plug was pulled on that machine by MS, so suddenly & abrubtly, that developers weren't given the chance & had to either just concentrate on PS2, or move on to 360/PS3).

This is where we see some of the gens best games, that would have astounded, had they been launch games. But the downside is, like with Okami, SOTC & the like, the gamers that would normally buy these masterpieces have in large part already moved onto the next gen & don't buy games for older hardware.
Hopefully with the pirating epidemic that plagued PS1 & PS2, it will allow more sales of late gen games, as I believe easy access to console modchips & copied games, is a secondary reason these games fail to sell at retail.
Deeke  +   1212d ago
I think its funny that the comment rants and fights are what make this article popular, lol.
Bathyj  +   1212d ago
Theres nothing like praising the PS3 to bring morons out of the woodwork is there?

Look at them all here to downplay the PS3 as if they are going to be harmed someway if someone is actually happy with the console.
sdplisken  +   1212d ago
i expect either the last of us or gow: ascension to have the best graphics on consoles this gen
beyond will be beautiful as well

sony is only competing with themselves these days
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1212d ago
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