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GribbleGrunger  +   1216d ago
These games are crying out to be HD-ified (it's in the dictionary, look it up). Perhaps the fact that this article has suddenly popped up from nowhere suggests an upgrade is in the offing? Or even a bona fide sequel!
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Adexus  +   1216d ago
I'd love a new Soul Reaver game, or even another Blood Omen!

Or at least a proper remake of them with a new engine like Halo CE Anniversary.
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MWH  +   1216d ago
thank God the Almighty it was part of the Legacy.

"..have some of the best writing ever seen in videogames"

so true.. so true.

i consider myself one of the most fortunate to have experienced the extraordinary world of Legacy of Kain and the unparalleled performances of the voice actors and story writer Amy henning not forgetting music composers and everyone else who made this unforgettable gem possible.
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jreeves82  +   1216d ago
I remember playing Soul Reaver on the PlayStation 1 and I never ended up finishing the game. Then a year later I got it for the Dreamcast and I love to the game so much better, the graphics were so much smoother and the frame rate ran at 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second like on the PlayStation.
jreeves82  +   1216d ago
I don't understand why I would get a disagree vote for speaking the truth.
Wintersun616  +   1216d ago
It's N4G, just ignore the agrees and disagrees.
NYC_Gamer  +   1216d ago
Legacy of Kain is one of the best franchises in gaming history
timeon11111111111  +   1216d ago
I am afraid of what happens with LoK and Kain if a reboot is announced. For once, those who are not fan of LoK will go all "I love the reboot!" (they are like pests).

While LoK and Kain fans will go "Wtf that's wrong!".
Then the developers will say "screw you fans!".

And it will create another crap reboot controversy similar to DmC and at same time destroy Legacy of Kain and Kain's character integrity.

Kain character is pretty developed. He is a very sensitive case. Because he's a very great character. Not to forget his great voice actor.

And the atmosphere of LoK games is also sensitive (it's very gothic and hopeless).

Nowdays games are however more focused on graphics. And even though LoK will look great with better graphics i am afraid in middle of that the developers may forget or ignore whate makes LoK and Kain so great.

The nightmare would be if new developers and voice actors work on the reboot. Then it will probably be crap.

I hope there will not be a reboot, but that LoK story writers looks at the storyline and expands it, instead of overwriting it with a reboot.
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MWH  +   1215d ago
well expressed. it depends on what path this reboot witll take and what qualitites it will have, i'm not completely against it if it must but with conditions. without knowing at moment makes automatically one of the die hard fans that abhors a reboot, otherwise, if it ever happened with disregaring us, we will then consider that the true LoK has ended with Defiance.

i'm imagining the "producers" shelving LoK until there are no veteran fans left, maybe then they will consider rebooting the franchise thinking it may then have a chance among younger gamers avoiding the risk of negative response of older ones.. because there will be no older ones left.

But, theories aside, Defiance's ending was ground breaking on every level and it deserves one more sequel to properly and maybe finaly conclude the events of that fateful moment.

i can't express enough how much i thirst for one more LoK game, but the bitter fact remains that it may never happen or it may not be the same without the original voice actors and especialy without Amy.

however; i still proudly appreciate the extraordinary experience with such a gripping and fascinating elements that quite simply, i never witnessed since.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1216d ago
love soul reaver
zerocrossing  +   1216d ago
Would love a new Soul Reaver or Blood Omen game, even a new spin off set in the Legacy of Kain universe would be great!
Skate-AK  +   1216d ago
Hopefully they make a HD version. With all the articles they have to be gauging interest.
timeon11111111111  +   1212d ago
I would like a spin off game of LoK even.
For example the new story could be about a new vampire.

But i expect a great story, better gameplay han Blood Omen 2, better graphics than Blood Omen 2 see Kain in that spin off.

The crap would be if Kain becomes what Alex Mercer is to Heller. If that happens i will say @FUCK YOU to those making the new character.
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