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Snookies12  +   1215d ago
Well I'm sticking to my guns on this one lol, lame joke. It's not Devil May Cry without the old Dante (not my only issue, but that's the prominent thing mentioned here). However it CAN still be a decent game. I just won't be giving Capcom any of my money is all.
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fei-hung  +   1213d ago
Granted they aren't the only ones to make absurd statements, but considering the amount of crap surrounding this DMC title, how can the assure anyone anything?!

Assurance isn't good enough, I rather have a guarantee that I will be satisfied with the new DMC not just as a great game equal to or better than DMC 1 and 3, but be a great game in context of being a DMC game. Crazy puzzles, crazy story and dialogue, OTT action, lots of swords and weapons, timed combos and precision combos, crazy Japanese humor and the awesome universe created by Hideki Kamiya, the story of the Dark Knight Sparda, his human wife and his half human and half demon sons.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1215d ago
Old Dante or new Dante I played the demo and enjoyed it.
ritsuka666  +   1215d ago
You won't be disappointed' with DmC Devil May Cry, assures Capcom

Crapcom already say this shit in Resident evil 6 and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED,maybe worst game 2012 '-'
HammadTheBeast  +   1215d ago
I already am disappointed.
shivvy24  +   1215d ago
Ive never played DMC but trust me , i assure you that this game is in good hands by great devs ( played heavenly sword and enslaved ) ! BUT 1 thing they never should have done is change the character itself ! thats like making Ezio an assasin without the assasin clothing ! never should happen !
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1215d ago
I agree, there was no reason to change Dante's character but that was Capcom's fault not Ninja Theory's.
Apparently the first few concepts of Dante he looked very familiar to the original until Capcom told them to change him.
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shivvy24  +   1214d ago
yea i didnt write that properly , CAPCOMs to blame but ninja theory are great devs
RivetCityGhoul  +   1215d ago
Ninja Theory are far from great devs.
Lyssk  +   1215d ago
But enslaved and heavenly sword where horrible.
I mean truly some of the worse of the genre.
Sevir  +   1215d ago
lmao... please have a seat, I completed Enslaved
And it was amazing, great story great acting and pretty good usage of the UE3 and it controlled well. Heavenly Sword's short coming was that it was short! To this Day Heavenly Sword still looks impressive and has some incredible production value!
Lyssk  +   1213d ago
First off, I've played both games.
Enslaved and Heavenly Sword had amazing stories, but, neither of the writer of enslaved or heavenly sword, worked with DmC, Ninja Theory themselves are writing it it.

DMC's genre doesn't focus on the story, it focuses on the gameplay, DMC was not successful because of it's cheesy one liners or it's backstory, but because of it's amazing gameplay, and that game play is completely gone from DmC.

And a game looking good is not how you should judge it, because I can't think of any horrible looking games this generation. And grafics don't matter with this type of game, people still like DMC 1, many people will never like DmC.

And I think that the fans of the series are entitled to their opinion and hatred of this new game. Seeing how Ninja Theory doesn't respect it's creator, fanbase or gameplay. They juts got hired by Capcom to make a game, they don't care about DMC.

I also forgot about the delay in controls in Heavenly Sword and the bad and simple gameplay from enslaved. You can say whatever you want but Ninja Theory are not known for being good developers.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   1215d ago
You should play DMC 3. THAT is a true Devil May Cry game not this 30fps crap the arrogant people at Ninja Theory are putting out.
Cam977  +   1215d ago
Well maybe not, but there is always the HD collection on PS3 for those that don't like the new direction the series has taken.
abzdine  +   1215d ago
well i am already !!
And capcom saying i will not be disappointed ? try harder next time.
And i'm not buying this because i dont like the design of the game and fans have been expressing the same feeling and Capcom didn't care about us.
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zerocrossing  +   1215d ago
When will this nonsense stop? face facts people they can't and won't please everyone, here's why.

The reboot is completely different in style and execution when compared to the original, many (myself included) just prefer the old version and nothing anyone can say or do is going to change something as objective as preference.

I'm not stupid enough to hate the game as a "game" but I do hate what NT and Capcom have done to the DMC franchise.

And that's my opinion, just as valid as anyone else's.
Lyssk  +   1215d ago
It's a bit embarrassing seeing Capcom resort to damage control, I hope they learn from their mistake.
Baka-akaB  +   1215d ago
I wont be disappointed , i didnt expect a good DmC title to begin with .
Ashriel  +   1215d ago
I don't trust a company to predict people's reactions to their game. Regardless of its quality
ChunkyLover53  +   1215d ago
I've heard that before!
BuffMordecai  +   1215d ago
This pretty much sums up the whole game.
killerhog  +   1215d ago
Oh my god, that Dante is sh*t, its like if I was to watch the twilight movie. I couldn't bear to watch more of that video. He was just so unbelievable and bad. This is from someone who is neutral in this debate of the new/old Dante. Now i see why dmc fans (including my real life friend) hates it. It was just bad. He's like those male twilight actors that aren't good actors, look bland, and stupid but sell because of their "looks" to teen girls.


I honestly believe ninja theory is purposely going for the twilight look/feel to bag on that franchise success. Well, I can say, that it won't work. They are pushing away the dmc core and hoping a new audience (*cough* teen girls *cough*) will buy it.
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fabiani  +   1215d ago
lol he seems pritty awsome.
Flatbattery  +   1215d ago
zerocrossing  +   1215d ago
OMG! It's so much worse than I thought O.o who the hell are they marketing this game towards?

I seriously think Capcom and NT are purposefully trying to run this franchise into the ground... I mean how else to you explain that?

F*ck You Capcom!
F*ck you Ninja Theory!
And F*ck you! Anyone who actually likes this kind of crap!

Hellz yeah! It must make me awesome cursing like that! I bet teh cool kids will like me now ;D /s
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aiBreeze  +   1215d ago
I know I won't be disappointed, I'm £40 richer :D
YourFlyness  +   1215d ago
Does the new Dante still looks exactly like NT lead developer?
Ezz2013  +   1215d ago
oh rely ?!
just like RE6 didn't disappoint too roght ?!
FarCryLover182  +   1215d ago
Ha ha ha ha hahahaha, one simply cannot equate disappointment without Capcom. They have been a colossal failure this generation, and it is sad since they were so good in the past.

R.I.P. Capcom's Past :(
Ezz2013  +   1215d ago
for me they were the top dogs in ps1/ps2 gen
now i only get sad and more sad every day with every thing they have made this gen so far
Ganzi  +   1215d ago
Well, the comment could mean that, since some of you are not only expecting the game to be bad, but are actually hoping it turns out that way, there is no way for you to be disappointed by it when it comes out.

Maybe it could also mean that you won't be disappointed because it will be bad and those that are hoping its bad will have their wish granted lol. In any case, I don't understand why you would even wish for any game to be bad, i mean if its good then there would be nothing to complain about because it would be fun. If its bad, congratulations you were right, if its good, hey now there is a good game for me to play. This may just be me, but Ill take a good game over being right any day.

anyway that is why I am hoping it is fun, I also think it looks pretty good from what ive seen. Just my opinion.
Gohadouken  +   1215d ago
That's not what happening exactly here . For starters , people arent hoping it will be bad ... They already feel it's bad for various choices and reasons , or some feel it will be a good game , just not a proper and good dmc title .

The most positive feedbacks are from folks that can't attest of the game retaining the trademark deep combat system , or in a very shallow and superficial way . it's simply not there .

besides , even if a few were indeed wishing the game to be embarassingly bad , nothing wrong with that . They probably want the franchise back in either the old direction , or taking a proper new one , or even dying , over sticking with the upcoming DmC .

It's not about people fighting to be right over the net , it's about passionate people on both side of the positive and negative Spectrum , commenting on something they care about . There are obvious trolls , but do they even give a sh*t about dmc old or new to begin with ?
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CrimsonDragon90  +   1215d ago
I wonder what would happen if capcom made dmc5 but it was only for the wii u? My prediction fanboys will try to boycott the game just like they try to do when dmc4 was also going to the xbox 360.yea the boycott work they still bought it lol
Gamer-Z  +   1215d ago
I already am, and its not even because you cant be old Dante its because the new guy looks like such a douche.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1215d ago
I'm renting or buying used.
i3eyond the Circle  +   1215d ago
The 60 FPS fast paced DMC by Ninja Theory is for next gen.

It's all part of a some cases with my company projects are being put on hold until next generation.

With Capcom if there are similar business heads which I'm sure there is...

RE6 an DMC are stepping stones to the image that's yet to come....

This generation is ending and the companies know it teams are put together to handle transitions from one gen to another... steps in the story and gameplay are altered so that the next gen impact is more...impacting.

Take my word for it guys and don't hate the developers to generation hardware for systems will be very much similar so we'll be seeing more structured games and less ports.
Kratoscar2008  +   1215d ago
Im sure i wont be dissapointed, this DMC has NT working on it and i loved Heavenly sword, nuff said?

I dont like Dante so im okay with this new one.
timeon11111111111  +   1215d ago
Heavenly sword "COMBOS":

Everytime combos are made it's as if the avatar is chained and can't move away from attacks...

Capcom should have gone to THQ:

Darksiders 2 combo exhibition

Darksiders 2 promo combos:

NOTE: Ninja theory managed to emulate the DMC gameplay with chaining of combos with LOADS of help from Capcom developers (who worked with DMC).

Darksiders 2 developers managed to create the same feel of chaining combos - BY THEMSELF.

Seriously Capcom choose wrong company for the job. THQ could have made great gameplay with Capcom.

THQ have ideas
Capcom have experience
Ideas +Experience = innovation.

Ninja theory = have mostly artistic and graphical skills, and story presentation (not story creation).
and poor gameplay skills.
Videogame = Gameplay
Video game without a GOOD gameplay concept = a movie.

Will be buying Darksiders 2 when it becomes cheaper.
DmC = i wouldn't poke that shit with a stick.
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