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hazardman  +   1215d ago
I just don't see the use for it. I understand some people think its gonna make a difference, but I just don't see it making that much of an impact in game play! Call me old school,but I just want a regular controller and a Great game to play!!
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Cam977  +   1215d ago
Well, this would be a very handy addition for my PS3 controller to have!
Tzuno  +   1215d ago
owww yeahh this should massively improves the games quality. Pfff, ohh!!! Sony are you hurt in the head? Do tell us please.
TalesFromTheBud  +   1215d ago
They just don't want to let the PiiMote die do they?
Thepcz  +   1215d ago
i dont think they can patent the idea of a controller changing temp.

the only thing they could patent is the method/technology that enables the controller to change temp.
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