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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1140d ago
It's nice to see both the 360 and the 3DS doing do well.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1140d ago
These are BAD numbers, people. This is down from last year. All consoles are down, unfortunately. :/

The PS3 is closing that gap pretty quickly though...
chukamachine  +   1140d ago


Does it matter now.

New machines are around the corner.

I'm wondering what new i.p's MS is going to offer for next gen, and what sony are going to do with psn and xmb for PS4.
PS3ROCKS   1140d ago | Trolling | show
BlackTar187  +   1140d ago
Nice congrats.

All thsi trolling and nonsense is sad. hats off to MS and hopefully they keep selling consoles because unlike EA boss i don't want to be a Niche market
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