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josephayal  +   1216d ago
The 3DS is Selling Faster Than the DS
Anon1974  +   1216d ago
At least that's one piece of good news out of a depressing Sept in the US.
Benjamminkno  +   1216d ago
If only there was good news for everyone in the industry. Damn you iPhone!!
YoungPlex  +   1216d ago
"Nintendo 3DS Software Sales Increase Nintendo 3DS XL continued to impact the video game market in September as overall sales of Nintendo 3DS software increased by 89 percent from the same period a year ago."

That is an amazing accomplishment! Michael Pachter is probably telling himself that this is another phenomenon.

“Hardware sales are up, software sales are increasing exponentially and the attach rate is growing stronger every month."

This should shut some of the fan-boy's up! They claim that software doesn't sell on the 3DS, I beg to differ. "The attach rate is growing stronger every month", which is the most important part of this statement as well as owning a handheld or console. The Wii failed to have an a great attachment rate which led to poor sales and a casual experience. The 3DS is killing it and there is no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Great time to be a Nintendo 3DS owner. Hopefully the Wii U will sustain similar numbers and a great attachment rate, similar to the 3DS and its success...
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ronin4life  +   1216d ago
What annoys me is the 3ds to wii comparisons, especially when 3rd party support is concerned. Shouldn't we be comparing the 3ds to the... DS?

Of course not... because the ds had no 3rd party or attach rate problems to harp about...-_-;;
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Griffin4871  +   1216d ago
I have never planned or even thought of purchasing the 3DS. I personally do not invest in my own handheld systems. But after watching the support this bad boy is getting, I am proud to say I will be a 3DS owner VERY soon.

Here I come Kingdom Hearts 3D!
AWBrawler  +   1216d ago
See you there lol! assuming you run across me online
Griffin4871  +   1216d ago
I'm big on online games, so yea it's possible. lol

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