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Straightupbeastly  +   955d ago
That should be the XMB as well
HeavenlySnipes  +   955d ago
It does kinda look like the 360 one tbh.

Still, can't wait for the update. Kudos for Sony taking this initiative
dragonyght  +   955d ago
it make me wish the unify the xmb and the store it would a lot better and do them a lot of good
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SaffronCurse  +   955d ago
Yay we can still add items to our cart! Maybe they could add in paypal in there too? =)

It looks really nice and clean.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   955d ago
Does it actually matter what it looks like? I just hope it runs smooth, easy to navigate, and i'll be happy.
The_Infected  +   955d ago
I really like it. Sony is blowing up with all the news lately! First Gaikai now new PSN.

Hope it runs smooth and has good navigation. I like the new smart search.
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shenpo_shin  +   955d ago
ye kaz really doing something,glad the guy is in charge now
The_Infected  +   955d ago
Yea I completely agree.
mochachino  +   955d ago
Glad to see Sony stepping up their game, next up should be the OS.
RevXM  +   955d ago
Agreed, looks slick.
Cant wait to test out the new store and see the new features. Hopefully it will be much easier and faster to navigate and load too.
Refined and some new features are always nice... cant wait to see what they have done.

About a potential OS uppgrade I just hope it would have all the old features with some new. Slightly redesigned XMB that still can use the old themes, at least the background and sounds. Ingame menu needs to loose some serious weight throwing away the unusable stuff and it doesnt need to look very sharp as long as it is fast and easy.


Something like this. only with some other icons ofcourse but you get the idea. when going to say music you can browse folders and files on the left and you get controls on the right.Photos can be browsed to under its icon. Pictures can be selected to be used in a game or send it to a friend through the message system or deleted and looked at as a low res preview. Then there is web browsing wich is already possible in a few games (to a certain extent) so Id keep that, and there is game stuff and social stuff, settings, saves, friends and messages, trophies etc wich could be under the game and social icons.

The simpler and lighter it is the better as long as it doesnt take away usable features from the old ingame XMB... perhaps Sony could manage to squeese in XGC... but Id settle with faster and simpler until Ps4 comes around.
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Cam977  +   955d ago
Looks good!
Orionsangel  +   955d ago
They could have just not have a store like XBL? Where's the Xbox Live store? There is no store. Buying things is just kinda there. Integrated within XBL. Actually it can be confusing when you wanna find something.
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Clogmaster  +   955d ago
Would it be cool if Sony allowed us to download custom skins for the PSN Store?

Then we can choose what layouts we like, and we could get people to upload custom designs.
shenpo_shin  +   955d ago
awesome lol ..way better looking than live
well done
lodossrage  +   955d ago
To anyone thinking this is Sony copying Microsoft
I take it that none of you have had any of Sony's smart TV's before.

Because you see, this design is actually more in tune with the smart TV set up that had for almost 2 years now, not xbox live's dashboard.

But then again, most (not all) of the people here live in their own little world so...
WiiLovePS360  +   955d ago
Are you talking about their 2012 range of Smart TVs? These ones? http://www.televisioninfo.c...

They are even closer to the 360/Windows 7/8 UI than this new PS Store is:

Sony Smart TV UI:

Windows Phone 7 Metro UI:

Now I'm not criticizing Sony, I'm a big believer of taking "inspiration" from other designs that are good and that people like. All I'm saying is that you can't deny that there is a huge resemblance.
Haha123  +   955d ago
Love the metro look!
Monoforce  +   955d ago
If only they would add the feature to organize your downloaded content in the XMB menu.
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ajax17  +   955d ago
It's about time! Looks pretty nice, too.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   955d ago
Its "Metro styled" meaning it resembles XBL's store but I'm sure the navigation is different. Quicker, easier, more convenient with 0 motion control influence so that's good.

Grats on store UI update.
banjadude  +   955d ago
It does looks quite sleek.

Offtopic: Does anyone else find it "ironic" that people are accusing this site of being Pro-Sony... yet every time something even remotely positive about Sony appears, all these inactive/duplicate accounts appear out of nowhere to attack it?
Godz Kastro  +   955d ago
"Metro? BS. That isn't metro. Look at the ACTUAL navigation and not just the picture put into the upper-right for hits.

But I don't expect 360 trolls to be versed in PSN. They've only had tiles alongside the main menu for FREAKING YEARS".

Making fanboy comments to attack fanboys... kind of hypocritical...If you dont think that they are taking a page out of MS book you are clearly blind or havent much exp with 360...just saying... I like it and give it props and a small thing like that might push me to buy a ps3. Too bad they are late to the party...Ive seen calculators with better UI's than what they sported this entire gen...
Wintersun616  +   955d ago
Lolwut, first apple owns rectangles and now MS owns tiles. Guess they should've used triangles or circles to keep the copycat blamers silent.
Mkai28  +   955d ago
Sony always have done this so this is nothing new.They looked at the Xbox achievements, and made it trophies. Xbox has an invite system to invite friends to a game, Sony has that but doesn't work as well as it's competitor. Netflix on Xbox , well the list goes on and on. This is why companies come up with patients. It is what it is, like it or not. It's what makes rival companies better. To be honest the dark look looks good, has that Zune marketplace look.
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isarai  +   955d ago
Don't know why everyone seems to think Microsoft and the 360 invented this layout style for a market. Sites and services have been using this kind of layout for years, so it comes from streamlining websites, not microsoft.

Also this is pretty much the exact same layout as the current store, just without tiles and more streamlined.
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WiCK3D  +   955d ago
Looks pretty sweeeet !
Captain Tuttle  +   955d ago
Well that looks familiar
DivineAssault  +   955d ago
looks sweet.. i like what sony is doing finally to get PS3 into the shape it needed to be in... Great games, great service, great games, great service.. Cant wait to explore n shop on my vita too
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bladesofagony  +   955d ago
i just want it to be fast, fluid and ziffy
bladesofagony  +   955d ago
double post, not again, well guys my bad
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Soldierone  +   955d ago
I don't really like this style. It was interesting at first, and now everyone is doing it. Don't get me wrong its better than the out dated style PSN currently has, but still.
ziggurcat  +   955d ago
coming soon to N4G:

"10 Reasons Why the New PlayStation Store will fail."
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