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Smashbro29  +   1146d ago
This isn't worth it at 60 dollars anymore.

Not without the DLC.
Summons75  +   1146d ago
yeah 5 full games with more that 30 hours for each isn't worth the price of 1 you seriously hear yourself right now?
Smashbro29  +   1146d ago
Yes I do. Based on current prices and sales you could pick up the GOTY editions of these games for just a little more. Making it totally not worth it.
abzdine  +   1146d ago
subscribe to PS+ you will have La Noire RDR for free, plus maybe 10 other games
Summons75  +   1145d ago
Buying > playstation rental service, stop playing for ps+ you don't keep your "free" games
redcar121  +   1146d ago
just be happy were getting them games i am
psvitamanfan  +   1146d ago
EA Take note, this is how you treat customers.
KrimsonKody  +   1146d ago
Alot of people are saying that this is a bad deal.
I actually think it's slightly above just decent;
MC;LA is a fun street racer with alot of material & races (I like 3:DUB Edition better, but LA does improve from 3).
RDR is a great game, period.
LA Noire is meh, I actually enjoyed it, but I can see where the fun factor & enjoyment can be subjective to the gamer.
& the GTA DLC are good games also.

I honestly think that you can't lose much with this package, especially for the gamer who hasn'played them.t
But yeah, it is sad that they did'nt include the full & best versions of all the games.
Lulz_Boat  +   1146d ago
Edition 1??

This mean that there will be an Edition 2... San Andreas and Vice City HD???
Vip3r  +   1146d ago
Good idea. Rockstar games are really worthy of a rebirth. Many people missing out on them.
Voyevoda  +   1146d ago
I have never played any of those games in the collection yet. Neither GTAIV
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MasterD919  +   1146d ago
Killer deal no doubt, but yeah, I already own RDR & GTA + the expansions...which are the better games of the pack.

But for those who missed out, sure this is worth it.
DivineAssault  +   1146d ago
not interested but maybe when its like $30, ill consider it.. Is the wii u getting this?
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