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Pillsbury1  +   1220d ago
I think the majority of the service will be to stream classic ps1 and ps2 games on tablets and mobiles. For now Sony will start small with streaming it's hit classics on major platforms like android and maybe vita. I can see when the ps4 comes out this will play a much larger role on the system.
ElementX  +   1220d ago
Everybody is so excited about this but nobody has any clue how good it will be. Just look at OnLive, once worth over $1B and sold for less than $5m. So you want to take your gaming mobile on a tablet? Most coffee shops have crappy internet speeds. 4G? Sure, if you want to shell out a lot of money for a decent data package every month. Home internet services may go ahead and create bandwidth caps. I really don't see why everybody says this is megaton.
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knifefight  +   1220d ago
Hold onto your butts... o_o
EliteDave93  +   1220d ago
People will still need to have one hell of a internet in order to use it. And i know for a fact that not alot of people have that good internet ( including myself )
Braid  +   1220d ago
I called it: backwards compatibility. It looks like we'll be able to play PS3 games on our next generation Sony consoles through the cloud-based streaming service. This way there won't be any compatibility chip included in the PS4's hardware, which is a relief in terms of production cost, and they'll most liklely sell subscriptions to those who'd like to use the service, from which they'll make profit. Yep, seems just like that from the looks of it.
Plagasx  +   1220d ago
Onlive isn't doing so well....
Bowzabub  +   1220d ago
My 20meg pipe is ready and willing. Thanks Sony.
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whoyouwit04  +   1220d ago
you sony fans are just like Mitt Romney, you will say anything to make it look like sony is making a wining descision. you all stayed dogging xbox for having games on pc but praise sony when they do the same can say hypocrite.

Never mind the fact that true sony makes a profit, But the bottom lins is if you have a pc you have absolute no reason to own a ps3 period, twist it all you want. Then you report me for trolling for sateing what is fact, I tell ya you sony fans are something else.
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ATi_Elite  +   1220d ago
Your comment is kinda right and YES the Sony fanboys will Rage Rape you of Bubbles just for being kinda sorta right!

P.S. so can I now flash two middle fingers (Stone Cold Steve Austin style) to all those who said i would NEVER EVER be able to play Killzone 2/3 on my PC!

cause besides the Russian PS3 Emulator it looks like Gaikai will also allow KZ2/3 to be played on my PC as well.
shenpo_shin  +   1218d ago
you WILL pay sony tho either u like it or not

not microsoft no nothing....just sony so i think u can take back that middle fingers of yours and put it right back to your @ss kkthxbb
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1220d ago
Most people (including myself) want to own the physical copy of something... BUT in this day and age with Apple products being such a phenomenon (not with me though), it's obvious downloading music/videos to Ipods/Ipads/Iphones is not a problem to a big population!

There is a market for it, and although Im bummed about it... it's obviously got a market for DL only stuff and there's plenty of appealing products that are enticing the public to indulge in DLing!
izumo_lee  +   1220d ago
Love them or hate them i do not care, but gamers should at least appreciate the direction that Sony is trying to take the game industry at present & possibly the future.

They are the only ones taking risks to improve the industry by offering numerous possibilities that may or may not succeed, even in the financial difficulties they are currently in.

Cloud gaming may not be standard now but imagine 5 years from now or maybe even less if thing go according to plan. Every new tech takes time to become mainstream & Sony's purchase of Gaikai is them looking toward the future & growing there brand to as many devices as possible.

I can not wait to see what Sony & Gaikai are planning but i believe it will be glorious for us gamers.
ElementX  +   1220d ago
Sony isn't trying to take the industry any direction. OnLine already tried and failed and Sony is just copying the idea
izumo_lee  +   1220d ago
I think the problem with Onlive is they tried to be more than what they are. Onlive tried to be a platform for games rather than what they should have been and that is a service. That is why i think Onlive failed.

Sony on the other hand is using Gaikai as a service for their platforms & other Playstation mobile devices. They are using the tech that Gaikai has to expand their brand to more than just Playstation fans.
WiiLovePS360  +   1220d ago
If Sony are to stream their entire PS1/2/3 catalogue of games to PC then what reason is there to buy a Playstation console? I can't see it happening for that fact alone.

I think it will be used for demos along with replacing the "Cross Buy" initiative - you buy a PHYSICAL copy of a game and have it in your PS3 that is connected to the internet, and you can then stream that game to a Vita/PC. This way Sony get around any of the "Cross Buy" situations where someone buys a physical PS3 copy, gets a Vita copy for free, and sells it to someone else. You're only getting the 1 game, but playable on 2 consoles as long as it is physically in your PS3.

As for iOS/Android devices, I don't see any way that PS1/2/3/Vita games could work. Touch devices simply do not have the screen space nor the usability to play console games - how would you aim down the sights and shoot while ducking in Call of Duty for example on a touch screen that is 4" in size? that requires the use of 2 analogue sticks, 2 shoulder buttons, and another face button. How is that possible with just your 2 thumbs on a touch screen?

I'm eagerly anticipating their announcement as I love all things technology related, but I am not getting my hopes up like a lot on here seem to be. Control issues aside, internet speeds are not up to scratch in the majority of the world or even households where it is available to make streaming games usage widespread. I personally couldn't even use Gaikai in my country as it wasn't available, and even if it was my internet isnt capable of streaming HD video with the less than 150ms lag that is needed for input response times in games.

Looking forward to it, but not holding my breath on it being anything "groundbreaking".
DERKADER  +   1220d ago
Am I the only person that doesn't wan't their games compressed then streamed over the internet. It's cool for demo purposes and possibly mobile devises but this is not how I wan't to play my games at home.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1220d ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again...

PS3 is the PS4
taquito  +   1220d ago
LAG and LATENCY are not "next gen " by any means, sony is looking to go the cheap route, cloud gaming is, and will be for the next 3-5 years, TRASH! It is in its infancy, and is not even on par with pc gaming from 6 years ago, sure, it is able to delivery slightly better than console graphics, but at the cost of latency and lag.

....and if you think you are going to play ps3 games on ps4, if there ever is one, and they will be free, hmmmm .....I own some rental property on the moon I'd like to sell you :)
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BlaqMagiq24  +   1220d ago
I wonder how this wll turn out in the end. However you can't deny the effort Sony is putting out with this. I hope it goes well for them.
shivvy24  +   1220d ago
Bowzabub  +   1220d ago
A couple of points people are forgetting. 1: What is stopping Sony from including a digital copy(license) with physical media? It is the norm now Is it not? 2: Almost every cloud based service has an option to download. Have a nice day! Thank you Sony.
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fourthpersonview  +   1220d ago
... and this is when Sony exclusivity dies.
ninjahunter  +   1220d ago
So this means ile be able to play Sony games on my PC?
Xer0_SiN  +   1220d ago
sony just infected itself into the internets with this pipe bomb. sony = skynet

TheKayle  +   1220d ago
so no more exclusives? or just time exclusives or gaikai will be just on ps? coz on their new site if u read Q&A the last is now a uhm....

anyway here in italy we dont have any bandwith cap and i think still isnt the time for cloud gaming ..maybe in 5/8 years

this would be a win win situation for MS ....having ps games on windows 8 and still their exclusives for xbox hardware.....

I think this could be for sony the beginning of the end of the fight to the high end hardware war against microsoft with this news...and im not happy at all ......
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Karum  +   1220d ago
Definitely an exciting service and I can't wait to see where this type of Technology and service goes in the future, particularly what Playstation does with it.

In the here and now though it doesn't grab me too much simply because I worry about performance and by that I mean how dependent this is on an internet connection and that connection performing at top level throughout. My internet connection is absolutely superb about 99% of the time but there's just so many other factors between the user and the server streaming the game.

Not to mention people's connection speeds being an issue in certain places or people's data caps.

In future that stuff won't be a problem for most but in the here and now it very well is an issue. Though I suspect Sony sees these issues too (only a fool wouldn't) and very much sees this as a service that will evolve over time and the real benefits of it will only truly be seen in the years to come.
Tzuno  +   1219d ago
Welcome to digital distribution only where what you buy you don't physically own.
Mkai28  +   1219d ago
I can see it know, Sony's gaikai service down for matienance. So from time to time we would have to wait to play the games we purchased. Still, it's interesting!
rickyjb23  +   1215d ago
there is also a gt5 screen on there about page
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