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hkgamer  +   1141d ago
So when someone says most PC's are not as powerful as a PS3, it actually means that no one has a PC that is more powerful than a ps3??????

read bits of the article and was kinda confused. not sure what the writer was getting at.

Lets presume most means atleast 70%+. I believe that over 80% of PC's out there are weaker than a PS3. However, I am not saying that PC gamers PC's are weaker than a PS3 though. Gonna pull statistics out of my arse and say that if you exclude MMO players than around 60% of PC gamers should have a stronger PC than a PS3.
josephayal  +   1141d ago
PS3 is the most Powerful gaming device in human History
Unlimax  +   1141d ago
I'm a diehard PS3 fanboy but NO .. Big Capital NOOO !
ninjahunter  +   1141d ago
X3, My laptop roflstomps a ps3 and its pretty bad by pc gaming standards.
ZBlacktt  +   1141d ago
The PS3 is $249 TOTAL people. Like out of the box.
carlocgc  +   1141d ago
Technically accurate MOST PCs in the world are NOT more powerful than PS3. can't fault that logic. Most PC gamers however do have a PC more powerful... go figure
BitbyDeath  +   1141d ago
Since when did anyone take Patcher seriously?
TheUndertaker85  +   1141d ago
Gonna go out on a limb and state the obvious here for those who haven't bothered to try:

Do most people commenting on these articles realize that PCs still can't emulate PS3 games to the fullest extent? The hacking "scenes" are even talking about it as a PS3 PC Emulator has been around for some time and just recently updated.

So to say that he's wrong in an old article even might not be completely correct. Sorry to burst peoples bubbles but RAM doesn't make the machine and the CELL has shown that it can handle more than the standard PC can, even as Michael Pachter stated then. The architecture of the system is what makes it work, something that most PCs just like he stated don't do in that way.
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Ulf  +   1141d ago
To the kid who said that a 2.4 GHz core 2 duo plus an 8800 GTX was more powerful than the PS3:

LoL. The 8800 GTX was a great GPU, sure -- probably near 2x the GPU that the RSX is. The trouble with your statement is that it implies that a 2.4 GHz core 2 duo was even 1/4 the CPU that the Cell is... its not.

You need both to make a great rig or console. Most of your 8800 example's muscle would be burned doing mesh skinning and probably physics and animation, to make up for the core 2 duo's inability to *feed* the nice GPU @ 30 Hz or better.
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Romudeth  +   1141d ago
I'm sorry but this writer is almost as clueless as Pachter.

First off, Pachter said that a PS3 is more powerful than most PCs. This is true. The vast majority of people do not own computers with gaming graphics cards. My PC is 3 years old, the PS3 is 6 and it can kick the crap out of my PC easily. I'm sure this is the case with most PCs. He wasn't talking about gaming rigs, those are OBVIOUSLY more powerful than a PS3. He meant normal, every day run of the mill PCs.

Secondly, Pachter never said that we'll stop getting good games because of ME3 haters. He said that we may not get the same quality of games from BIOWARE now that the doctors are gone. He didn't say that the quality of games throughout the entire industry would dip because people complained about the ending to ME3.

I'm not a fan of Pachter. I think that he's full of it. However, the writer of this article needed to pay attention to Mike's exact words before writing this article.
solidworm  +   1140d ago
Pachter was correct.
Blues Cowboy  +   1140d ago
Oh, Pachter. He's a clever guy, of that I have no doubt, and he's experienced too. Wedbush pays him for his opinions and forecasts, which are effectively educated guesses that come good more than 50% of the time. I can respect that.

But does anyone else wish that he'd keep them behind closed doors and stop trying to be a celebrity? He's a number cruncher, effectively an accountant, not a spokesman or public figure. Personally I wish he'd stay in the office with his calculator and clients, not on the end of a camera or microphone. Just my two cents.
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