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stragomccloud  +   1022d ago
By everyone's(haters) logic, the PS2 shouldn't have been classified as current gen during its' reign either. Gamecube and Xbox were both several times more powerful than the PS2(that's right several times, and I severely doubt 720/PS4 will be several times more powerful than the Wii U, those big jumps aren't so common anymore), but no one ever called the PS2 "not next gen."

Double standards people. Just calling it like I see it.
wiiulee  +   1021d ago
nintendo may be the only system able to be classified as next gen because of the innovation and pluses that wiiu brings to the table....i bet when sony and microsoft finish copying the wiiu gamepad they will be known as next gen.....what silly fanboys dont understand next generation graphics will not really be different from one another all will run at 1080p...thats why you see so many third parties jumping to support the wiiu, that and because nintendo is doing everything hate on the wiiu but you're missing out on what looks like a great next gen experience
lastofgen  +   1021d ago
In terms of power, no. But, input-wise, maybe.
yavorsv  +   1021d ago
There is no "in terms of power" category ! It's about time frame. Learn it already !? :)
millzy102  +   1021d ago
obviously the Wii u is next gen in both sense of the word. its more powerfull than this gen (no mater how much by) and its in a New time frame. people are going really disappointed when the new Xbox and ps come out because the graphics aren't going to be much better than this gen. Sony said there aiming for 4k res so yes the system will be more powerfull because of the amount of power needed to get res that high but what average gamer has £23000 for a 4k tv. not me so to most people it will be wasted power.

the problem is that they made too much of a big step from ps2 AND XBOX TO PS3 and they thought game advancment will be a lot better in 10 years but there not. games on pc that use next gen engines do look better than console but it nowhere near the leap of the previous gen. people's expectations are getting too high and if they forced developers to make uber realistic graphics it would cost too much and you'll prob have to spend £100 or more on a game for devs to make money and who would spend that on a game, not me. and don't start bashing me as a fanboy I'm not I'm a gamer I have ps3, wii, 3ds, ps vita, still play ps2 and GameCube games and had an Xbox 360 (in fact I had 5 and they all red lighted so Microsoft ain't getting no more money out of me). my point is games look great now with games like last of us coming out can games realy look much better than this. if you want an uber realistic call of duty, join the army its real life. why would you want to play something that realistic when you can go out and live your life. art direction and innovation is what the game industry needs at the moment not better today are awesome.
CaptainN  +   1021d ago
A generation is defined by time and time only. This notion of specs defining a generation is completely idiotic to say the least.

That's like one parent who has a highly intelligent 8 year old, telling another parent who has a very slow learning 8 year old, that their kid is from a different generation because one learns and performs faster than the other!

Now do you see how ignorant that sounds !!!
millzy102  +   1021d ago
the Wii u is next gen in both sense of the word. it is more powerful (no mater how much by) and its in a new time frame.

people are going to be really disappointed when next Xbox and ps4 come out because the graphics won't look too much more impresive then they do now. pc games that are made on next gen engines do look better than console games but its not as big a leap as ps2 to ps3. the problem is that Sony and microsoft made such a big leap from last gen to this and they said console would last 10 years. they thought gaming tools would advance a lot in that time but the fact is they havnt.

there no doubt New Xbox and ps4 will be more powerful but Sony said there aiming for 4k res so a lot of the power will be used to put that res out. what gamer has £23000 for a tv, not me so to most of us it will be wasted power.

with games like last of us coming out its hard to imagine games looking better. games look awesome now. it would be too expensive for ms and Sony to push uber realistic graphic on third part devs they would prob have to charge £100 a game to make money on them and who would pay that baring in mind gaming is a hobby.

if you want a life like call of duty join the army, games can't beat real life in terms of look. ai, art direction and game innovation is where next gens at not graphics. oh and im not a fanboy I'm a gaming fan ive played and owned every console on the market since NES and been playing games 21 years a lot longer than most and the inly I don't play now is xbox 360 because I've uad 5 red light on me so Microsoft isn't getting no more of my hard earned Money.
millzy102  +   1021d ago
my bad didn't mean to post twice thought phone spazzed out and dropped connection. aparently not.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1021d ago
The Wii U is a next generation console. You can't change what words mean by believing really hard. Or maybe I'm wrong.

OK! Everyone that hates Nintendo! All together!
"I do believe Wii U isn't next gen! I do believe Wii U isn't next gen! I do believe Wii U isn't next gen!"
Hooray! We did it! And all it took was to believe as innocently as a child.
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