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masa2009  +   1221d ago
They look close at first glance, but I'm fairly confident that 360 is going to win in the more comprehensive Digital Foundry test.
The game has large environments, and it's an Unreal title.
I'm expecting a better framerate on 360.
We shall see.

I own both a 360 and PS3, and multiplats are still better on 360 most of the time.
It's not as blatant as in the early days of the PS3 when major publishers regularly butchered PS3 games, but it's still there.
I remember New Vegas looking a bit sharper on PS3 than on 360 but that's a rare exception.
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Athonline  +   1221d ago
They are pretty much the same, the DoF in the 360 edition is a little bit better, while the PS3 version has better AA effect in my opinion... But since it is a Bethesda published game, better to go with the 360 edition, if not just pass (4 hours gameplay for a AAA title price? no thanks ;-) )
blakstarz  +   1221d ago
Both look the least Bethesda didn't screw the PS3 version up, so that's a good thing.
Kopite_2020  +   1221d ago
Kept having to make this decision, built a PC end of problem. Plus Dishonored was 20 quid for the PC :)
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imt558  +   1221d ago
PS3 version is a little bit sharper.
Gamerita  +   1221d ago
they look almost identical i just hope PS4 will be as fun to play games on as the xbox360.but i'm sure Sony won't make another nvidia & cell mistake again.
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