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Relientk77  +   812d ago
Amazing score, so glad this game is getting scores like this.
LOGICWINS  +   812d ago
Hopefully the game will live up to these positive reviews.
Eyeco  +   811d ago
Honestly this game has been way under the radar for me,I only just heard of it a few days ago, but its great that its getting high scores, I personally love games that come out of nowhere and surprise you with how good they are, i'm definately picking this up.
Locksus  +   811d ago
This is when I don't like being a European. This game is getting released on Friday but hopefully I'll get it a day or two early as I've got it preordered!
soundslike  +   811d ago
I'm disappointed in the lack of heat these articles are getting. WTF N4G. You disappoint yet again.
gamingGod123   811d ago | Spam

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