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jay2  +   1221d ago
Of f off, people that do this sort of things aren't in the real world if they can't define a video games/movies actions to what you can do in real life with no consequences, they're just not right in the head, don't blame movies and game for crime, blame real peoples mental state, I'm not even reading this article.
Qrphe  +   1221d ago
That's scary, at ANY MOMENT any of us could snap and kill someone in the most cruel way because of something we might've seen in a videogame or TV show.

Moving with the Amish this weekend.
MasterD919  +   1221d ago
I don't see how this murder was based on RE6...

As for the victim, that is horrendous and a horrific way to go. I feel for him and his family.

These people shouldn't even be in jail. Bury them alive.
Drainage  +   1221d ago
who approves this shit
Adolph Fitler  +   1221d ago
Morons are always looking for a scape goat, blame for the Worlds problems, instead of just the facts.

Plain & simply there are just evil people in the world, just as there are good people & everything in between.
Murderers that do this kind of thing are sociopathic, psychopaths. Which in order for the lamen to understand, just means that there are people out there that crave killing someone like a "normal" person craves sex or icecream, or drugs/alcohol, & because they have detached feelings, they feel no remorse or sympathy for anyone but themselves (especially when caught).
They use any & every excuse they can to shift blame & try to soften the blow to themselves.

People are TOO scared to face facts, thats why many people find god before dying, because they don't want to believe scientific fact, that when we die, we die....theres no living on in fricken heaven or any of that other balony written in that fairy tale book they call the Bible. And there are people out there that have computational faults in there brain that means they are pre-dispositioned to acts of varying horrors, attrocities & crimes against humanity, from serial killers to serial rapists, from pedophiles to beastiality to necrophilia...........there are varying degrees of whackjobs out there, but there are just people like that, that no matter what are gonna root a pig, rape a kid or cut multiple peoples heads off....thats just the way it is.

My question is always the same to these wannabe intellectuals & bleeding hearts that are always campaigning to ban rock, heavy metal, rap, violent movies, violents games,.......I always ask the same question, "then what did Jack The Ripper listen to, watch or play?".

This guy would have blamed Marilyn Manson if Resident Evil didn't exist, or if not Marilyn, Rambo, or Freddy Krueger..........the trend in modern society is for lawyer scum to find scapegoats for there clients, to help soften there sentence & appeal to jurors that this person was once just a normal little boy/girl, who happend to put a form of entertainment media in there player of choice that totally corrupted there formally beautiful, innocent mind & turned them into a killer, baby rapist, dogrooter, or whatever.

Bullshit, people are just f%$ked up, in varying degrees of severity. And for me, like a rabid dog that bites someone that is put down, bring the death penalty back WORLDWIDE. Killers that kill for no reason & are guilty without a shadow of doubt, fry em', same with child molestorers, rapists & such....kill em' all & let your fake god sort em' out.
BongSmack  +   1221d ago
"My question is always the same......"
Totally agree with that paragraph.

"This guy would have blamed Marilyn Manson if Resident Evil didn't exist. "
I'm not so sure about that. The article doesn't mention any music movies or games being blamed.
yeahokchief  +   1221d ago
Yep a game as horrible as this can drive people to do some stupid stuff.

All of the quicktime events cloud their minds and limit their ablity to do things like think for themselves.

All of the frustration and rage of having to play through a lousy piece of garbage like this must weigh heavily on the mind.

Ban this game everywhere. It caters to and in effect creates the Lowest Common Denominator.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1221d ago
He just had to say the words "Resident Evil" There goes the integrity of Video games again.

As far as what happened, this is just plain sick you have to be mentally unstable to partake in such acts. 18 years isn't long enough for those individuals.
Saturne3  +   1221d ago
Those fukin people arent "mentaly ill" put those fukers in a hungry lion´s cage.
dcortz2027  +   1221d ago
Nah, people like that are sick f*cks that are just messed up in the head.
Kran  +   1221d ago
"The comparison to the Resident Evil games came from one of the killers as he compared the alcohol driven attack to the graphic video-games."

In other words, he wanted to have the last laugh at the games industry before he went down. Dick. Murdering then blaming games. >:l
AngelaGriffins22   1220d ago | Spam
esemce  +   1220d ago
FFS! the BBC are calling them the resident evil killers:
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