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dubt72  +   1024d ago
Hahaha, Sony trying to get money any way they can!!!
younglj01  +   1024d ago
I read nothing too this personally only thing would have been better if Bridgestone would had an 360 instead of an Wii.I think Sony,Nintendo,& Bridgestone knew what they was doing when this was being talked about.I think people are overacting atm...

Edit:Lol how did I lose an bubble?I love how my opinion have been reduced too bubbles who thought of this ideal seriously?Maybe this comment will get me one bubble which would awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Long live MAG.........
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ElementX  +   1024d ago
Sony is the new Apple
Kisama  +   1024d ago
Apparently he didn't read the part of his contracts that reads, "You belong to SONY"
StreetsofRage  +   1024d ago
Sony is that desperate? What a sad company.
imbrawler  +   1024d ago
this is why we can't have nice things
urwifeminder  +   1024d ago
This calls for a full rubber boycott .
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1024d ago
What difference does it make? Sony makes the most ambitious console core games but their marketing is sh!t..

I say let kevin market another mario spin off and buy a marketing company instead of spending time in court.. I would have fired the sony marketing team 3 years ago.

This is just a waste of time & money an a distraction from re vamping the playstation brand.

the commercial was crap anyway imo..

I'm not against nintendo though just sayin.
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DwightOwen  +   1024d ago
It's not like the "Kevin Butler" commercial campaign was working anyway.

I swear, Sony has the WORST marketing department when it comes to to gaming. Stop with this "spokesperson" bullshit (i.e. Kevin Butler, ghetto-ass Marcus) and JUST SHOW THE DAMN GAMES! HOW HARD IS THAT TO GRASP?!
TemplarDante  +   1024d ago
Some idiot on the 1st page said Sony executives have been cutting jobs on all fronts, yet are still paying themselves huge bonuses..
You do realise thats BS.
On Bloomberg, it was stated Kaz Hirai and other execs worldwide have decided to NOT receive any bonuses until they dig the company out of its slump.
How many corporate execs say that?
Did the CEOs of GM say that? They got the bailout and then paid themselves millions.
Now, with Kevin Butler, If Sony says attire, persona etc are the intellectual propety of Sony, they have grounds for suing.The ad hasnt aired in my country, so I havnt seen it yet. But If his character in the new commercial insinuates he is the same guy as Kevin Butler, there are grounds for them to be sued.
Bladesfist  +   1024d ago
Ok, well that is dumb.
BX81  +   1024d ago
Sony is lame for this, just let the man live.
Platinum_k  +   1024d ago
You guys are complete retards if you say you know exactly what Sony should do or not do.
TVippy  +   1024d ago
"Kevin" doesn't fucking give a shit! And that's hilarious.
tiffac008  +   1024d ago
This is a lesson to everyone, before signing a contract make sure you read it thoroughly and more than once because you may never know, you may be selling your soul already. lol!

But on a serious note, this is just sad. No more KB in the future. Ain't the constant copyright suing in the tech industry bad enough that even commercials are now getting sued?
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Deadpool616  +   1024d ago
It is rather sad. All the lawsuits limits innovation when it comes to creating new tech and inventions. But that's a entirely different rant...

The Kevin Butler character saved Sony's promotional ads and helped the public know what the PS3 was all about. That was Sony's saving grace during their toughest times and now they're axing KB over one tire commercial with the Wii in it? This a really sad and petty move by Sony.

It would be wise if Sony just dropped the lawsuit and moved on. They're not gaining anything out of this.
PirateThom  +   1024d ago
Kevin Butler isn't a real person. He's a character. I don't think the problem here is Jerry Lambert appearing in the commercial, the problem is he's appearing in a commercial with the same persona as the PlayStation ads advertising a rival product.

I don't know if it's grounds for a lawsuit, but if people can make claims over the shape of tablets, then anything is possible.
claud3  +   1024d ago
Give me a freaking break here. A guy did an advert for Nintendo and this is news why... and when was it against the law to earn a living..

So stupid, people getting all teary eyed of a pointless news
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chukamachine  +   1024d ago
In the end there will only be chaos.

He is an actor, payed to do a certain job.

I very much doubt he is in breach. That bird has flown.

Sony should leave well alone.
Silly gameAr  +   1024d ago
Well, that bad ol' Sony. Just evil I tells ya.
BranWheatKillah  +   1024d ago
He likely violated his non-compete clause. He referenced and used a Wii, a competing product.

It's pretty clear cut. He shouldn't have done the commercial.
claud3  +   1024d ago
Come on, a guy and money go hand in hand... so whats the big deal
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TalesFromTheBud  +   1024d ago
they're suing kevin butler... theres another story about it waiting to be approved.
ado908  +   1024d ago
etowntwo  +   1024d ago

This is just sweet irony. Remebering Sony fans that used to praise KB back in the day, to now see their fav PS promoter/icon just sheet on all their faces.

Good move Sony with KB. Really paid off in the long run. Lmao
trouble_bubble  +   1024d ago
Precedent has been set for this type of thing, remember when Naked cowboy was allowed by the judge to sue M&M's for their blue M&M naked cowboy ripoff? And they settled outside of court? Bang. Sony is within their rights. precedent was set here

Bridgestone could've used Jerry Lambert in any role in that commercial, the fact they deliberately used him as the guy with the Wii, rides the coattails of the Kevin Butler videogame persona. They knew what they were doing, ala Sony's marketing campaign they put Lambert in a very Kevin Butler-esque position and aesthetic that could confuse some consumers into seeing the Wii as "PS3 VP of everything" endorsed. Too many similarities. They knew they were wrong, and if they weren't in the wrong, THEY WOULDN'T HAVE PULLED THE CHARACHTER! But they did, which is basically an admission of guilt.

Common sense people. Bridgestone stuck a Wii in his hands and lo and behold, it got them attention on here for example with "Kevin Butler advertises the Wii" headlines and lulz at Sony.

some links to read in between 'sony is evil' fud:

Parties often settle outside of court, like M&Ms, which is what will happen here 99%. Sony is not the first or last to do this. Boycott Mattel and McDonalds while you're at it. Don't waste a bubble on "evil Sony" before talking to Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Prince/symbol/artist formerly know as, Paris Hilton, WWF/WWE, Rosa Parks/OutkasT, or MICROSOFT -gasp- who sued a high school student for the domain name MikeRoweSoft lmao, and settled outside of court
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Silly gameAr  +   1024d ago
They'll be coming out in droves to yuck it up today.
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yewles1  +   1024d ago
People are missing the big picture here, how this all started. Look at these articles...

HUNDREDS of these headlines, and almost not one stating Jerry Lambert's actual name. Even when he was removed from the commercial...


Even THIS headline neglects his name. If it wasn't for the media having a poke at Sony with these articles, Jerry Lambert would've never had an issue due to Sony not noticing how serious these outlets were apparently taking a character identified with the actor's likeness.

In the end, EVERYONE hurts from all this... except of course for those that knew what they were doing and are currently laughing at all of us for it, that is.
Drainage  +   1024d ago
this pretty much means SONY can never use another actor to market themselves because we would all know its a sham
t3rrorc3ll  +   1024d ago
Come on people if apple can sue for rectangles with round edges and swipe to unlock then Sony can sue for stupid shit too. Remember this world of suing was started by the good people of a little known country called the USA, where people sue for spilling hot coffee on themselves
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