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Carl_Shocker  +   1224d ago | Well said
"According to the company, people were slowly, but surely growing tired of the classic Resident Evil formula. Slowly walking through zombie-infested houses, awkward aiming, forced camera-angles had to go and with Resident Evil 6 they wanted the series to become a more modern and fluent experience

Who was getting tierd of that, seriously it was the main thing about RE which added to it's scary/horror elements.

You know just because people want to go back to it's roots dosen't mean we automaticaly want the fixed camera angles back. The new over the shoulder gameplay in RE4 was fine, they just needed to add a little bit more horror which they could of easily done, look at the Lost in Nightmares RE5 DLC when your walking around the mansion in the beginging I felt like I was playing a RE remake but with RE4s gameplay.

"while of course still maintaining core-elements."

...seriously....where was the core elements of RE in RE6, they were non exsistent.

"Leon’s campaigns is more classic survival-horror"

"Jake does a lot of sneaking and stealth"

...just no

Chris and Jakes play a like and Leons sections are basicaly what RE5 would be like in a darker enviroment.

"Overall the message was that they strongly believed that the company produced a quality product that innovated the series " ignorant

Were was the innovation in RE6 it was a generic third person over the top action game and a very badly done one to be honest. Everything we saw in the game had been done before.

"and they hoped that people would accept it for what it is"

Accept a very badly done RE game which is average at best...yeah I'm not a sucker who is going to let you off again Capcom, you need to learn from your mistakes.
dark-hollow  +   1224d ago | Well said
Seriously how many developers must utterly fail to ride on cod's coattail to realize that cod players won't give a shit about games that tries to imitate and appeal to these crowd?

nobody said "you know what, I wish resident evil was more like modern shooters" NOBODY ASKED FOR THAT!
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Carl_Shocker  +   1224d ago
They forget aswell that when COD comes out those types of "fans" will drop any game there currently on (in this case RE6), forget about it and move onto the real thing, AKA COD, for the next 3-4 months while there "COD clone" is left gathering dust.

It's like online modes which used to be great but then COD gets to the developers and they make the online COD like

Killzone did it with Killzone 3
Uncharted did it with Uncharted 3
Resistance 3 did it
Battlefield is getting similar now
Medal of Honour
Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and even Brink had COD like elements

I could go on...developers need to stop trying to be like another game because all they are doing is ruining the game in the process and ticking off their fanbase

I mean look what greed has done to something like's now a bland, generic, third person co-op game called FUSE


Oh by the way loving the disagrees above...some people can't handle the truth

Want to know something...if you put up with Capcoms crap then you'll get crap.
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zeeshan  +   1223d ago
Hey Crapcom. If you wanted to modernize it then I have two words that make a huge hint for you buttheads. Dead Space!!! Nuff said.
Shepherd 214  +   1223d ago
My problem with RE5 was that it tried to be more action oriented but still had the old tank like controls. Should have went with one or the other. Apparently they did with RE6 and it was the wrong one. It's unfortunate really.
HebrewHammer  +   1224d ago
I bet Treyarch and Infinity Ward are tired of making the same game each year - but they manage! lol
GrahamGolden  +   1223d ago
leons campaign was fine and beat the whole res 5 crap jsut a bit too long stop hating
he have the best campaign from all and yes brought back some classic moments.
ab5olut10n  +   1223d ago
Me like cookie

Is the good
Stop hate
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1223d ago
Uh what? Grammar?
Heavenly King  +   1223d ago
I love this game. The Leon campaign is a mix of old RE and RE4. There is not much emphasis on puzzles, but still, there is some room for exploration. And also the game is way harder than RE4-5; so you end up without ammo herbs and ammo lol XD.

People should at least rent it, and if they like it they should buy it :). The final game is a lot better than the 2 demos.

TIP: Change the camera speed from 5 to 1.
Imalwaysright  +   1222d ago
What? I saw nothing on Leon's campaign that resembled original RE. No atmosphere (better sound design please), no lack of ammo (playing on professional), just 1 or 2 puzzles... nothing.
Psycho_Mantis  +   1223d ago
I agree. Sure the concept of older RE's seems dated now but who in the fuck cares? And it was the fucking point!! To be scary back then! Something that RE today really lacks. All flash, all action and no great reaction... it became a mere shell of its former self thanks to the dickheads moving RE into this "New direction" they keep speaking of. But it isnt going anywhere. For example: "Oh look, a dead zombie on the floor! I sure hope that he doesnt come up out of his sleep to kill meeeeee!!!" And then BAM! Zombie later wakes up off the floor and tries to kill you.... and thats their idea of "scary" for Leons story when it comes to being scary? >_>
007Bond  +   1223d ago
Exactly it bugs that they don't just say "we want more sales!"
j-blaze  +   1223d ago
carl, keep living in denial....

"while of course still maintaining core-elements."

like dark atmosphere, jumpy moments, survival horror "Leon and Jake's campaigns" puzzle solving, characters....yeah all there

"Leon’s campaigns is more classic survival-horror"

if classic means RE4 then definitely yes.

"Jake does a lot of sneaking and stealth"

yup it has the survival and tension elements.

that said, RE6 borrowed a heavy influence from west in terms of gameplay (i think it's because alot of ppl complained about the controls, stiff gameplay and not being able to shoot while moving) but it's still a great game.... Capcom and Japanese devs in general need to stop cater to the west

hey Carl_Shocker, aka Whitelightning aka MikeCosgrove "the guy who called out cgoodno!" need to stfu, you're repeating and copy pasting your shit on every Capcom or RE related article.....haters like you will be the reason for Capcom to give the franchise to the west like they did with DMC, ppl complained about Lost Planet 2 Capcom hired a western dev, ppl complained about DMC4, again, Capcom hired a western dev, i don't want RE franchise to suffer the same fate!
Carl_Shocker  +   1223d ago
LOL....I'm the the one living in denial

Your the one who defended the crap out of this game before release and Capcom, you even said at one point it would get amazing scores....and look whats happened.

To keep defending something which has done terrible and a corrupt money grabbing company...well your the one living in denial.

See the thing is j-blaze your in the MINORITY here, RE6 was a crap game and you have to accept that because people like you is the reason why Capcom treats us like crap.

"hey Carl_Shocker, aka Whitelightning aka MikeCosgrove "the guy who called out cgoodno!"

LOL....oh good one, try to call me a bunch of past users because you want to try and get me banned. Are you serious...if I was a duplicate account I would of been banned day 1...I've been on here over a month, especialy if I called out a bloody mod.

"you need to stfu, you're repeating and copy pasting your shit on every Capcom or RE related article"

You know what I find hilarious about do the same except you praise it. So are you trying to say that anything negative about your precious game isn't allowed, sorry but I'm not the only one doing it, take a look around

Honestly some people...totaly delusional, it's like your living in your own world sometimes.
adorie  +   1223d ago
I agree with everything but fixed camera angles. the way those camera angles were set up, they added more tension and sometimes hide monsters from your view.
cleft5  +   1223d ago
RE5 sold better than the fame RE4, despite RE4 being constantly released on multiple consoles over the years. It looks like RE6 is set to be the best selling RE game. Sells matter not the opinions of a few hardcore old fans that are being left behind. RE6 is a good Action game with a lot of content. There is barely any survival horror elements in the game and since RE6 will undoubtedly sell well that is the correct path for them to take. You don't have to like it or appreciate it. Just don't buy the game, the same way you probably don't buy the latest CoD games.
Kratoscar2008  +   1223d ago
So we have to let fans ignore a 10 years series and let it die just because they want to cater to another audience?

Whats the point of creating a series then? Whats the point of setting a fanbase? You may love this new RE formula but what will happen if lets say in 10 years sports game are the boon and we se RE 9 turned into a shameless racing game with a cannonical continuity.

I dont give a crap about CoD because im not a fan of the series but we RE cant ignore a 10 year awesome series geting pissed on.
Kratoscar2008  +   1223d ago
WELL SAID damm i have to give you a Bubble.

RE6 failed because its not a RE game.

Core elements my ass, the horror, ammunition saving, fixed healths, zombies is what made the RE series awesome.

Im tired of TPS so i take SH games any day.
RustedMan  +   1223d ago
I agree.
If a company gets tired of a franchise single most unique selling point (Read: survival horror) then do not make the game. Why the hell did the game have "Resident Evil" on the packaging if their intent was making something entirely new? I don't get it.
Whitefox789  +   1223d ago
You missed one Carl,

"The staff cautiously proceeded to explain, that they hope everybody will judge the game by its own merit and not that of previous installments."

I must say then if that's the case how about we call it something other than Resident Evil (Biohazard)? Since well you know were not suppose to think about the previous games....
csreynolds  +   1222d ago

I totally agree with you about Lost in Nightmares, too. It felt like a remake of the original RE; it was tense, interesting, enjoyable, and I was on edge from start to finish. I just wish it lasted a bit longer!

RE6 really disappointed me. Its ambition was admirable, but its execution was deeply unsatisfying. If I wanted an action game with 'mass-market appeal', I'd have bought one of the many existing TPS titles already available. I wanted a Resident Evil game. RE6 was not it.
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AngelGel  +   1222d ago
This video is for you.
majiebeast  +   1224d ago | Well said
Okay people im just gonna translate all the PR bullcrap into one little sentence.

We wanted the call of duty fanbase to buy our game the end.
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vortis  +   1224d ago
Thanks for that translation. It spared me having to read a lot of BS.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1224d ago
Yeah, publishers/devs need to stop catering to the Cod crowd. If they don't know how to play the game then that's just to damn bad. Either don't buy it or learn the game its simple.
ritsuka666  +   1223d ago
Crapcom made a game that is appealing to anyone who's never played a Resident Evil title.Sadly, that's not the fanbase Crapcom should be aiming for.
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sonicsidewinder  +   1224d ago
*Goes gets Popcorn*

edit: Article was barely worth reading.

Least i have popcorn though.
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dark-hollow  +   1224d ago
"they wanted the series to become a more modern and fluent experience"

this is all my problems with this generation summed up in one sentence.
Plagasx   1224d ago | Bad language | show
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1224d ago
Why can't Capcom modernize RE's basic formula instead of completely throwing it away? I want to be able to explore and go branching paths trying to find items/keys. You can modernize the camera and shooting but the game still needs to retain the survival feel where your characters feel more human than super heros. It needs to go back to it's roots and then evolve it from that formula. RE6 is just a disgrace
TongkatAli  +   1224d ago
Meanwhile at Capcom HQ
Griffin4871  +   1223d ago
I don't get it. How does a renowned developer with a renowned franchise fk up? Seriously, who the hell died? RE isn't the only Capcom baby that's being neglected. You have Megaman as well, with cancelled games and being reduced to a shitty iOS game.
ILive  +   1223d ago
What do you people want, seriously? Especially with stupid comments like a TPS game trying to be a FPS game. Aren't you all part of the people that continuously buy Call of Duty. Okay, the game is not a FPS like call of duty and it certainly does not play like Gears of War. I don't get it, when all games are derivative. It is a flawed game. but it is entertaining. Its like with movies; everything is been done before. What is left now is how the movie is executed and if it is good enough to procure the audiences attention throughout its run time. For me, despite its slightly flawed execution, Resident evil six entertains.
007Bond  +   1223d ago
Ok so ignore the comments and go play your mindless action games!
ILive  +   1223d ago
You are a complete tool.
CLOUD1983  +   1223d ago
RE is dead guys I don't like it but we must accept it I guess, we cant do nothing other than w8ing for Zwei now, this we can be sure that will be a true survival horror game as the original creator of RE 1-4 is behind it.
Hellsvacancy  +   1223d ago
Your late man, Resident Evil pretty much died for me after I played Res4

I blame the movies personally, there AWFUL, all of them, but, they keep making them, people out there are paying real money to see or buy these AWFUL films, there the audience Capcom are going for, "the easily pleased" market

Why bother using your imagination in making a decent, thought out game, for a lot of the consumers out there are not going to imagination of there own, just give them anything, theyll buy it

Res 6 will sell MILLIONS, despite the negative reviews, I doubt ill ever even rent it
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abzdine  +   1223d ago
"According to the company, people were slowly, but surely growing tired of the classic Resident Evil formula."

Whaaaaaaat ??? first episodes got better metacritic scores than RE5 and RE6, especially remakes on GameCube i never get enough of them.

"When asked if people were judging it because it was not like the original from 1996, the staff cautiously proceeded to explain that they hope everybody will judge the game by its own merit and not that of previous installments."

WTF ??? If we compare it to the old episodes RE6 sucks and if we compare it to action games from this gen RE6 still sucks. What do they want me to compare it with ? Barbie game ? I think RE6 will still suck!

RE doesn't need to be reinvented it needs to go back to the roots like they did with RE Zero. fixed cameras, crazy very realistic atmosphere, not too much action, puzzles, keys, maps to find... I loved that idea and nobody does that these days.
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LiquidSword93  +   1223d ago
Jesus h Christ, capcom. What other delusions are you convincing yourselves of? How pathetic.
Tdmd  +   1223d ago
"they wanted the series to become a more modern and fluent experience, while of course still maintaining core-elements."

Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but they did not keept the core-elements there, and thats why it's getting hate. It's a well deserving hate, imo.
NeoTribe  +   1223d ago
Not sure why people bitch about this so much. There hasn't been a old school resident evil in forever yet people still bitch. It changed at re4. Re4-re6 are pretty much the same shit, yet it sells like hotcakes. My advice is that if you don't like it STFU and go play somethin else. There not gonna downgrade and make some oldschool nostalgic piece of crap like re2 again.
Barneyco  +   1223d ago
RE6 is the result when you try to make a game to appeal to everyone.
MariaMarinez22   1223d ago | Spam
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1223d ago
R.I.P Resident Evil, now we must await for the next best horror franchise from someone else,
Rachel_Alucard  +   1223d ago
Was anyone else bothered by the fact that they removed the shop and inventory management system and replaced it with generic class slot upgrades that do barely anything in terms of stats?

Also, why did they remove alt costumes from use in the campaign? This is the one of the first RE games to not have alt costumes in the main game. Mercenaries has it available, but it's still BS
Nitereaper1895  +   1223d ago
I love how most of you idiots complain if its the same or if its different. its 2012 do you people really expect them to use type writers, also they cant be in a mansion in every game its ridiculous. PEOPLE IF YOU THINK ITS A BAD GAME THEN DON'T BUY IT OR TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING BETTER.

p.s how can something be scary if this world has corrupted and disturbed our minds its nearly impossible unless things randomly pop up of no where besides that its hard to make horror games or films.
genius  +   1223d ago
those crapcom did not understand it at all . every time they talk they give us fail after fail . after shinji mikami leave there is no talent person left in this company .

guys just imagine you play dead space 1 and replace the Necromorphs creatures to zombie and imagine when you enter dark room and you hear liker steps and voice . how great atmosphere will be .

and if we want to talk about action and emotional things just look and hear the warning in this video

and look at this too

and this

and at the end look how good action mixed with emotional at this video

crapcom your talent is zero and we will not support you.

just leave this game alone this is shinji mikami game .

you killed and buried this game by your fools ideas .
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RyuX19  +   1223d ago
The talent in that company is so dry they have to get other people to make games for them. It's really sad lol.
MasterD919  +   1223d ago
Aiming and shooting simultaneously had to be done...It's over-due for the series. I couldn't stand RE5 just for that issue alone.

They had to change, but probably went in the wrong direction too fast for the old-school RE fans. They want new fans, and some new players wouldn't be akin to that old RE formula, so it's a catch-22 for them. Gotta do things differently, but then you alienate your loyal fans (who you most likely will never be able to fully please).

However, as I've said before, I'm enjoying this game enough to look passed any issue listed here. Nobody is forcing anyone to soak this game in and love it...but it's worth a try.
RyuX19  +   1223d ago
"When asked if people were judging it because it was not like the original from 1996, the staff cautiously proceeded to explain that they hope everybody will judge the game by its own merit and not that of previous installments."

It's called Resident Evil Capcom it's part of a franchise. When you have a game that's part of a franchise it's expected be better than the last game. If it's not then it's bad. It's like they have forgotten this and expect everyone to like whatever shit they spew.

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