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faraany33k  +   1220d ago
I loved Dragon Age 1 , but hated the Dragon Age 2.

Is this because I hate the developers.....NO
Is this because I have a grudge with them....NO
Is this because I hate the franchise...NO

It is just because when I go for a series, I expect certain level of familiarity which made me buy the game in first place. If developers destro an essence of the series, do you expect fanboys to stay calm. NO.
Saleem101  +   1220d ago
Resident evil 6 is a good game... Chris and jakes levels feels like a shooter but Leons levels are straight resident evil.... The game is not bad at all but I understand why reviewers are taken this stand... I do prefer the old style resident evil...
air1  +   1220d ago
It might be.. My bro has the game and loves it, however i havnt even played the demo yet... I did dl it the other day and about to play it now.

Had to dl it on my ps3 cause my pos 360s cant read my damn games fvcking thing is just o er a year old! I told that damn ms rep off when he said they can fix it for 120..fvck ms and their shotty hardware!
WetN00dle69  +   1220d ago
lol, you can always find alternate ways to fix the system rather than putting it down and calling it a POS while dangling from the PS3's sack. By the way dude the system is not shotty. Its all about how well you take care of your things. It doesnt take a seeing man to notice that you are a Sony fanboy. When you DL and play a game you play it straight off the HDD not the disk reader. IF you are having problems with your HDD, get a new one IF in case the game you are trying to play has been installed and the game comes up with disk read errors try uninstalling a few things from the HDD most often than not that fixes most disk read problems.
TheRealSpy  +   1220d ago
are games journalists too desperate to be relevant? click the link to find out...
WetN00dle69  +   1220d ago
YES they are. And whats worse some of them complain about the stupidest crap know to man kind! For example, "The item menu is too hard to access." are you fcking serious??? I can access that shit while running. Or my favorite, "The Graphics suck." Are you kidding me?!?! The graphics although not perfect they still look fcking amazing! Some of you people just b**** and moan about everything. Developers now a days cant keep you whiny little B******* happy. WHY?? cause you people B**** about every single little thing.
Donnywho  +   1220d ago
blakstarz  +   1219d ago
No...if it SUCKS! No need to sugar coat it. I wish it didn't turn into an action shooter that it is and stuck with the haunted mansion style formula, but I understand you gotta change with the times..but damn, not a complete about face, after Code: Veronica I pretty much lost interest.
HonestDragon  +   1219d ago
I just got through Leon's campaign myself. Still working through it. At this point (that is, before I beat the whole game and get a full impression), I think people are being too hard on it.

The controls are tight, the graphics look good, and it is entertaining...when you're not getting killed cheaply, but entertaining nonetheless. Not to say that there aren't bad things (seriously, the shotgun should have more power behind it). I think, so far, it's at best a 6 or 7. It's certainly not the worst game of the year, but it's playable. When I do finish it, I'll see if my opinion changes.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1219d ago
The NEW SCHOOLERS to the franchise really just can't fathom the fact that RE is now garbage!
Ricdog  +   1219d ago
Played a little of it, have RE5, i didn't like it much. As an RE fan I can say that this game is indeed another blow to us fans of the horror genre, its clear that the RE series is dead to us.

Now as to whether or not RE6 sucks, that is determined by your previous views. Some people here actually enjoyed that POS RE5 and Racoon City game, so its clear that these people will claim that they enjoy this game and is great. I can't say anything bad about them since after all this is all personal opinion. That being said if you are like me and was disappointed with RE5 then avoid 6 since its pretty much just more of it (worse in some aspects, even graphics).

The problem with RE6 is that it tries to be a jack of all trades and master of none, but instead it simply just ends up sucking at a lot of things. As a horror game RE6 sucks, as an action game it is "decent". However there are TONS of other action games out there far superior to RE6, so logically there is no real reason to buy this game unless your a RE fan who just has to have it.

RE4 was a great game, FOR ITS TIME. You'd be hard pressed to find a lot of games that played like RE4 back in 04. However I was skeptical of Capcom's new approach since I worried they wouldn't know how to deal with it afterward, and my suspecion came correct with RE5. RE5 failed to hardly live up to RE4 and worse to the series as a whole.

But all of that is now irrelevent since as long as capcom keeps making bank, they will forever produce these titles that are a big F$ck U to the fans. I am officially declaring Capcom the next Rare, a company that once had great games but is now a worthless, fat, disgusting, pile of pig $h!t. And the RE series is now simply COD, a series that is overrated that needs to die for the better of gaming.

On a side note I wish to give props to Hitman: Absolution. A game that is trying new things yet is still remaining loyal to the fans. IO has done a great job of responding to the fans and assuring us that the Hitman series will still remain its iconic stealth action approach. Now that is a developer to look up to.
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