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RivetCityGhoul  +   847d ago
i don't understand why people are complaining about RE6 getting bad reviews i mean if the is sooooo good like ya'll claim it to be, then stop whining and go play your game. for me i bought and the game sucks. worst RE out of the main series. speaking from as as a fan of the newer RE's 5 was so much better than this game.
Dark11  +   846d ago
yep and i don't know why people complaining about RE6 turning into action game ..
if someone don't like it just vote with your wallet and move on already.
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Knight_Crawler  +   846d ago
"yep and i don't know why people complaining about RE6 turning into action game "

So we the die hard RE gamers who were there from day 1 should get the middle finger and move on or we should just accept that a once horror survival franchise is now a shooter...what make you people who love action games more important than us who love horror games?

Capcom could have avoided pissing off true RE fans by making a game called Zombie Warfare for you guys and keep RE a horror game for us the true die hard fans.

Using the RE name just to sale more copies of this crappy game is just wrong.

Edit: Dark11 - I will vote with my wallet and will save my money for Dead Space 3 instead.

"just vote with your wallet and if most of fans didn't like it they will do the same."

Thats the problem this game will sale millions because of shooter crazed little kids who love explosions and shooting things...look at COD, its a copy and paste game year after year but yet it sales millions.

I am just a little frustrated because this was my favourite franchise and I had some good memories with the older games and now Capcom has gone action and I dont see that changing because like you said gamers vote with there wallet and this game will sell millions.

I hope the new fans that RE has that love action games continue to support RE as much as I did and dont leave the franchise as soon as the next fresh shooter comes out.
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Dark11  +   846d ago

Like i said bro .. just vote with your wallet and if most of fans didn't like it they should do the same.
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Carl_Shocker  +   846d ago
Very Well Said Knight Crawler

To be honest those types of fans are just selfish...why should we have to move on, we were here first. If RE was always an action game like RE6 then fair enough but it wasn't, we liked the franchise for what it was, not what it was forced to become.

Do people who never used to like RE but now do think that it's now cool that they can say they like a classic franchise like Resident that why new fans are desperate to throw old fans out and keep the series as something it's not.
aquamala  +   846d ago
RE4 was released in 2005! 7 years ago! Lots of people that play RE6 have never played (and have no interest in) these ancient games. RE6, like FF13 was made primarily for a new audience
amaguli  +   846d ago

So you are going to ignore Resident Evil 6 for being an action game, but buy Dead Space 3? You do know Dead Space 3 is looking a lot like a co-op action shooter, right?
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AsheXII  +   846d ago
That's right, leave the whining for people who don't play games.
GrahamGolden  +   846d ago
RE5 is way worse,just leon campaign in re6 put re5 to shame

agree for the other 2 tho
j-blaze  +   845d ago
but you said the game is pile of shit, you attacked the game and Capcom, you also said that you won't buy the game? but it seems you bought the game after all..... pathetic hypocrites ~
nofallouthero  +   847d ago
the people who are complaing about the bad scores have already bought it so why do they even care?
Chuk5  +   846d ago
There trying to justify their purchase.
dark-hollow  +   846d ago
You can all of you settle with good enough and "its not thaaaat bad".

all I want is a resident evil game on par with RE1-4, is that too much to ask?
AsheXII  +   846d ago
RE6 is an Evolution of RE4. Im an old school fan, i want a RE like 1 to 3 and code veronica.
Grap  +   845d ago
you mean devolution. i don't think u know the term of evolution.,,, even Black ops didn't give their zombie Ak-47 i am now have respect for activision.
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XXXL  +   846d ago
Just finished the Leon and Chris campaigns and I've enjoyed it. Sure it's not old school resident evil that magic is gone but for what it is-basically an action game with horror elements- I like it.
phantomexe  +   846d ago
Well look at the bright side...... zombies are back for the most part.
etowntwo  +   846d ago
Zombies with guns.... Lol.
Miguelitons  +   846d ago
Absolutely Lol
Unlimax  +   846d ago
If you compare RE6 zombies with the old RE zombies then you must be out of your mind !

They look stupid and not even scary on RE6 !

Related video
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Carl_Shocker  +   846d ago
You do realise they are just called Zombies to try and appeal to old fans and so people will defend them for apparently listening to old fans to bring Zombies back.

Even the ones in Leons sections are not Zombies, they are improved Las Plagas enemies who are called Zombies to trick people into thinking Capcom listen to it's fanbase.

They're basicaly "Las Zomb-glas"
majiebeast  +   846d ago
Its a bad game if it was a new IP it wouldve gotten even worse review scores. 500 people and none of em have a clue on how to make great gameplay or mix different gameplay elements together to make it enjoyable.

Gameplay designer at Capcom:How about we make a segment in the game where you climb a rope for 2 minutes with R1 and L1 button.

I played Heavy rain and brushing my teeth in that game was more fun then any quick time event in this game. I can open all the doors in godofwar, and not be as bored as i was with that rope climb segment in Leon's campaign.
dark-hollow  +   846d ago
As long as people are fine with crap, they will get crap.

look at FFXIII, like RE 6, some people defended and now what? FFXIII-2 and even a possible FFXIII-3 or lightning returns or some crap like that.

So yeah, let the series sink even lower till they wake up and realize how shitty RE games became.

Can't wait for killstreaks and perks to make an introduction in RE 7. that would be 1337!!!
Unlimax  +   846d ago
Your Comment just describe my pain in this gaming Generation ~
AdmiralSnake  +   846d ago
You're beyond ignorant.
Carl_Shocker  +   846d ago
@AdmiralSnake can talk


Please explain to me how Dark_Hollow is ignorant
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AdmiralSnake  +   846d ago
Oh Carl, please explain how exactly am I ignorant.

I'll be happy to read it when you can come up with the details and references.
Ginn  +   846d ago
@ AdmiralSnake

"N4G the land in which we give opinions but never willing to respect another persons opinion on games" (Your profile quote, by the way.)

And then...

"You're beyond ignorant."

Pretty self explanatory.
Chuk5  +   846d ago
I agree with something I heard on the bombcast this week. And that is RE6s qualitative failure is part of a grander narrative about capcom; most of their talent is gone. Kenji Inafune, gone. Shinji Mikami, gone. Disc-locked content, clumsy implementation of game systems. The company just seems lost.
Allowen  +   846d ago
I think the only real survival horror game of the year is Doom 3 BFG edition.
THAT game can be scareing as hell.

In terms of terror this newest Silent hill and RE6 are a joke.RE Revelations were 10x more horror and terror...
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   846d ago
The reason this game is getting horrible reviews is because the old school fans grew wise to the franchise!
StrawberryDiesel420  +   846d ago
Dead Space is the best survival horror game this gen.

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