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SandWitch  +   1002d ago

EDIT: funny thing is that I wanted to delete my comment, but I couldn't, so I just edited it and wrote three dots.

And I got an agree. For three ***king dots
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mike1up  +   1002d ago's October, not Christmas Eve.
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Godmars290  +   1002d ago
This is why I feel its sold out so quickly: profiteering.
WiiUalpha  +   1002d ago
Yeah if a Nintendo item sales it must be for some other reason than people want the item...I see you making comments all the time about how their sales are fake.. Why does it bother you so much? If it isnt ebayers its Nintendo themselves who are creating fake demand. It's really pathetic that you are so threatened by Wii U, that you have to go to every article to make excuses for their sales.
sikbeta  +   1002d ago
Not agree with godmars290, but you can't deny that Always happen that a new system is released and some douches buy 'em in dozens to resell at twice or more than the original price, heck even more is demand is high enough.
givemeshelter  +   1002d ago
When the PS3 launched and it sold out initially, were people on this site claiming it was because of "profiteering"?
You know the answer to that ;-)
Surprise surprise...People actually LIKE Nintendo systems...N4G.COM does not make up the rest of the planet of gaming,...
zgoldenlionz  +   1002d ago
Of course lots of those sales were for profit and it's the same for Nintendo. I preordered my ps3 and every other person in line at GameStop were talking about all the money they were going to make. Go look at cheapassgamer threads about preordering wiiu and see how many people are planning to resell.
Godmars290  +   1002d ago
With homeless guys buying them in Japan for the Yakuza, did anyone need to?

Nevermind that the same happened with the 360.
Knight_Crawler  +   1002d ago
As much as I do not want to pay that price for a Wii U I think I will not have a choice as I promised my 2 kids and wife that this will be under our xmas tree : (

I tried everywhere and preorders are sold out.
josephayal  +   1002d ago
Rich Kids
of course rich people will be buying it for that much
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dazzrazz  +   1002d ago
Nintendo creating artificial demand ! Oh look its limited edition, now sold out !
gamingGod123  +   1002d ago
Dont say tht blasphemy here lol now Wiiualpha and Metroid aka drone are gonna get you.
dark-hollow  +   1002d ago
Creating fake demand! That's it! You got the whole industry figured out!

that's why 3ds and Wii sold like hot cakes. Sony and Microsoft should try this groundbreaking technique for guaranteed success!
Perjoss  +   1002d ago
Ah, sarcasm!
corrus  +   1002d ago
They are not such liars like Nintendo
Instigator  +   1002d ago
I see people keep saying that, but how is creating an artifical demand better than actually selling your product? People are clearly interested in it and I'm sure Nintendo has a better business sense than keeping a highly sought-after item unavailable, especially considering they expect to sell 5 million by the end of March next year.

You know, it isn't cool calling someone out in an article totally unrelated to whatever "debate" you may have had with them in another article.
DivineAssault  +   1002d ago
ill have one up there if any of u want it..$700 for the elite model.. save u $300
jacen100  +   1002d ago
Damn rogue shop keepers take them off the shelf and put them on ebay, it happened with the wii none in stores but yet the internet sellers had quantities of them selling for 500+
Day one for me mine is preordered and cannot wait

@gaminggod, u need to change your name if u are not buying a wiiU Next Gen Machine day one your not much of a gaminggod, and forget the PS4/720 day one, the money they cost combined you should put into a decent pc
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Dlacy13g  +   1002d ago
There is always a few suckers out there and buying a WiiU for $1000 is just foolish. nuff said....
SilentNegotiator  +   1002d ago
Thanks, Kotaku. I didn't know that I could get something hard to find with a lot of money.

Always bringing us ground-breaking content, that Kotaku.
Neonridr  +   1002d ago
Think about it this way. Nintendo can only produce so many units a month. It's not hard to see that they aren't creating a fake demand when they had to close off preorders in the US and various places around the world. Every console experiences shortages, the 360, PS3 and Wii all had them, why shouldn't the Wii U have them too?
kornbeaner  +   1002d ago
My two cents is this. If you spend over retail price for a WiiU (or any console for that matter) you are an idiot. Don't care what the excuse is. "But it's for my kid" Tell your kid to wait until after the holidays. I have a kid and if he didn't understand that he has to wait, then guess what, you have two options for Christmas. 1. Wait til their back in stock and we can buy one or 2. You won't get a WiiU at all and you won't get S**T for christmas for acting like a spoiled brat. It's not like the initial shipment are the only ones being made,there will be more.

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