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jd666  +   1147d ago
Why is this news? Who approves this kaka?
SaffronCurse  +   1147d ago
Idiots..that's who.
Cam977  +   1147d ago
You said it!
lastdual  +   1147d ago
I hope we get another story an hour from now:

"Still no news from Bethesda"
solidjun5  +   1147d ago
lol @ kaka.
Cam977  +   1147d ago
Well, my poor sister bought a £16 code which until this is released, is absolutely useless. Terrible customer-service!
Nodoze  +   1147d ago
F Bethesda and their bug ridden software. You would think with the money they are making they could hire some real coders, and a real QA team.
Eldyraen  +   1147d ago
Most articles of actual worth mention its likely a ram issue and if so its not exactly an easy fix. Coding can't solve every hardware related issue. But guess its another way Xbox gets new exclusive content...

I've turned more PC centric again though so doesn't affect me but I can understand the frustration. It just shows that consoles are beginning to hit a wall regarding certain genres and scope. Love it or hate it--Bethesda does have a ton of content and physics enabled assets that are not bug hunting friendly.
Hicken  +   1146d ago
Oh please. Why is no one else having this problem? Literally HUNDREDS of games out there that haven't had issues that Bethesda has with... ALL of their games. DLC has been available this entire generation, and this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone simply not being able to get it to work. Yet, somehow, that's the hardware's fault?


Let's stop with the BS. Bethesda has been having issues with high numbers of bugs for a while, so it's not that consoles have "hit a wall" or anything like that. Even on PC, the mod community gets to work immediately to improve Bethesda's releases and eliminate bugs.

They make ambitious games with a lot of content. But they fail in execution. In order to enjoy their titles, you have to look past quite a few flaws, and/or be lucky enough to have it on a particular console.

People really need to stop making excuses for Bethesda.
BlitzAK  +   1146d ago
It is a shame that they can easily get away with this. It also wont stop them from making another buggy game.
WilliamH  +   1147d ago
Everybody just forget about it, AC3 is out in 4 weeks, look forward to that instead.
Redrum059  +   1147d ago
That's what I'm saying
Dead_by_Dawn  +   1147d ago
I don't really care about dawnguard or hearthfire dlc on ps3 anymore. I've moved on and am enjoying dark souls and re6. I will say tho, bethesda will never get my money again. Until they learn to properly program for ps3, instead of just getting nothing but shitty ports
nrvalleytime  +   1147d ago
"Moved on to Dark Souls."

Great decision. Still the best game I've played in the past two years.
Chug  +   1147d ago
Dark Souls. Best game I've played since Demon's Souls.
nihonlight  +   1147d ago
Here's exactly whats going to happen.
They don't want backlash and hurt dishonored sales.
After dishonored ships they will say "we tried, we can't"
Then ps3 support for this title will stop. No more patches no more well...anything.

I can't believe a company would knowingly sell a broken product.
Here's the kicker. Microsoft PAID for one month exclusively.
Beth stole Thier money too. Because they didnt need "a month"

By the way Bethesda, the back of my box says"ad on content" and patches that break the game and nerf the draw distance don't count..
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shammgod  +   1147d ago
Good point about Microsoft paying for pointless exclusive "get it before PS3" rights. Microsoft should get a refund on that.
nihonlight  +   1147d ago
Strange times live in...
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Xenial  +   1146d ago
" After dishonored ships they will say "we tried, we can't" "

I can honestly see that happening.
nihonlight  +   1146d ago
Unfortunately Bethesdas track record totally backs this up.
The fallout new Vegas forums look exactly like the skyrim ps3 forums.
FarCryLover182  +   1147d ago
Oh well.....this sucks.

Either Micro$oft paid them more $$$

Or, M$ paid for timed-exclusive DLC for no reason...
Dynasty  +   1147d ago
...or they're actually having troubles with the PS3 version?
FarCryLover182  +   1147d ago
You don't understand my comment.

The third sentence, "Or, M$ paid for timed-exclusive DLC for no reason..." implies that they are having troubles with the PS3 version. Since they are having troubles, this means that Microsoft didn't have to pay for timed-DLC since it wouldn't have been ready anyway...since they are having problems.
Dynasty  +   1146d ago
Ah, gotcha.
ceballos77mx  +   1147d ago
If I had known of this I wouldn't have bought it day 1, but still the DLC is not needed to enjoy the game.

If they're not releasing the full DLC could we at least get the dragon weapons and crossbow, free of course.
XeNoStRatoS  +   1146d ago
Just something on topic... If it is for you like for me and you gotta work and have lots of other stuff to do than gaming, you should not be bothered to receive a complete and great, probably even overworked edition of some GotY kind for Skyrim. Still didn't get it due to lack of time, still wait for it. It will be solved and we will have a better version in the end. Mark my words.
Blues Cowboy  +   1146d ago
PS3 Skyrim players: if it makes you feel any better, you're not missing out. I ended up buying Dawnguard and HF on 360 and wish I hadn't.

Dawnguard is just a little extra content with unambitious missions and forgettable storyline. Becoming a vampire lord is actually much more trouble than it's worth, and you'll soon stop doing it. Hearth Fire is totally and completely pointless (just read the reviews).

If Bethesda releases a Shivering Isles-style expansion and doesn't bring it to the PS3, then I'd be pissed. But IMHO you shouldn't be annoyed that you can't waste money on these two mediocre packs (when there's stuff like Tokyo Jungle that's much cheaper and better!).
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