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Lucretia  +   1063d ago
Fantastic Game
Kohven  +   1063d ago
You in denial.
Lucretia  +   1063d ago
? Nope, Me and fiance absolutely loved re5, beat it 4 times straight.

We love the tiny bit we played and can't wait to get back to it after she finishes her anatomy test.

lol nothing wrong with me enjoying it. if you don't like it, its cool, borderlands 2 just came out so go enjoy that great game.

Some people Like drugs, some people Like getting punched in the balls, Some people like cliff diving, Some enjoy smoking, and some enjoy Resident evil,..........

Not that playing re6 feels like any of that stuff lol

who are any of you to tell me what i enjoy? :)
Carl_Shocker  +   1063d ago
Lucretia...have you actually played on any of the old RE games because I'm thinking back to your past comments and you seem like you've never played them before...

If thats the case then how can you defend the new RE games when you havent played the old ones. I mean how can you see why people are upset, think RE6 is crap, why it got low reviews or compare the games when you've only played the action, co-op ones.
Dread  +   1063d ago
you do know that there are also lots of positive reviews for this game.

It seems that the reviewers are divide. So perhaps you are the one in denial.
Cosmit  +   1063d ago
@Carl Shocker Grow up man.

"who are any of you to tell me what i enjoy? :)"

Please read that sentence and try to process what that means.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1063d ago
"and some enjoy Resident evil,.......... "

Except this game might as well be called Gears of Evil [CoD version]. It's nothing like the Resident Evil games, and is (to put it best) a disgrace to the name. The fact that Capcom sold out, admitted that they did, yet tried to defend it as a survival horror game, even though it clearly was a generic/poorly-paced/laughably -not scary/uninspired/dudebro/QTE -mashing mess with an identity crisis. Trying to emulate the best in action, but not even being able to come anywhere close is failure absolute.

It's reputation? a shell of its former self. People are entitled to call you out for supporting broken mass market trash.

That first trailer they showed, had me... it really had me. Looked down as a great return to form... to survival horror. And then they started showing off the gameplay. Damn Capcom.. Damn!
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BX81  +   1063d ago
@Hot Carl. I've played many past Res games and I would get tired as hell if it was the same old crap. If you like the old Res games then play those over and over. Gamers complain when you don't change anything and complain when you change the game. It's impossible to win. lol. Seriously I've been playing Res 6 and I really can't see what anyone is complaining about unless they want to play the same ol Res games.
GamerElite  +   1063d ago
Taking into account that you "Loved" RE 5, I wouldn't rely on your opinion about RE 6. You're obviously delusional for thinking it's a good game.

And I don't know any normal person who takes pleasure of getting punched in the balls
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Yodagamer  +   1063d ago
Give the guy a break guys, he likes the game re6, was a game that was almost designed to have a split opinion. Some people are gonna like it and some people won't.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1063d ago
You must be that girl gamer that gave RE6 a 10/10.
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josephayal  +   1063d ago
one of the best RE games eva
Knight_Crawler  +   1063d ago
Did you nose grow 12 inches when you said that :)

Just kidding dude... Different strokes for different folks but can I guess you age, your probably about 14 and never played RE 1,2 or 3.
MxRBrobaFett  +   1063d ago
Lol good god!
Rhezin  +   1063d ago
ugh young gamers.....
mcstorm  +   1063d ago
I have tried the demo of this game and i could not get into it at all feels too much like 5. I got revelations for the 3ds and loved it and i thought that 6 would carry this on but think ill give this game a miss too.

Im sure people will love this game but for me its too action packed rather than a creepy game. For me Alan Alan wake has been the best type of creepy game this gen. That ive played anyway.
kB0  +   1063d ago
K let's keep these comments clean ppl...Fantastic and Greatest are highly restricted words in the comment section of this article...You will be ejected from N4G and put on a rocket ship to the sun if this continues.

The game lacks the magic that the series always managed to spark.

The 5th to me was the spark of new, with the nostalgia of old (wicked 3rd person view but with the no moving during aiming). This game just seems like a new twist on the new twists of Resident evil games...even the Healing Plants seem to be disappearing:P

I'm definitely going to buy this no matter what ( I even bought RC City...)

Now I'm scared to see what DLC will launch for this one...@ 9.99$ a piece (if we're lucky!).
wenaldy  +   1063d ago
Bargain bin purchase.
Knight_Crawler   1063d ago | Bad language | show

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