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enkeixpress  +   1061d ago
lol.. it's just an internet browser.. you can go on whatever you want tbh.. just like on PS3. xD

However, I really do think it's a bad idea for the X360 & Xbox Live to have flash access due to there being so many kids & little minors on there tbh.
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xPhearR3dx  +   1060d ago
Funny thing is, the browser doesn't support flash. So that means YouPorn specificly redesigned their website somehow for IE on 360 to support it. Hence the advertising.
Mocat  +   1060d ago
It does support flash i can go to youtube and watch youtube.
I really don't know where people got that idea of no flash on ie on xbox
TABSF  +   1060d ago
If it isn't Flash its HTML5 which means that YP did not remake their site for IE on 360

HTML5 works on all browsers

@ Mocat YouTube can be viewed without Flash, again HTML5
Mocat  +   1060d ago
I wasn't talking about the YT app you know that right?
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Intentions  +   1060d ago
Wooooot that means that the XBL subscription is a lot more worth.

v0rt3x  +   1061d ago
aww why YouPorn? they dont have good stuff trollololol :P
CandyCaptain  +   1060d ago
Well they are a sister site to many others....maybe all of them(as in the other sister sites) will support it too eventually. lol
zgoldenlionz  +   1060d ago
Can any Xbox owner use the browser or is it some gold member service?
Grenade  +   1060d ago
This is M$ we're talking about here.
ChunkyLover53  +   1060d ago
Ya, its Microsoft. I almost forgot that this is N4G, where its the cool thing to write the money sign $ instead of an S. Such hipsters!
Grenade  +   1060d ago
@ ChunkyLover53
You're damn right it'$ cool!
MikeMyers  +   1060d ago
Finally! All those Live fees are being put to good use because now I can dust off my Kinect and get naked.
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Laxman  +   1060d ago
TheLyonKing  +   1060d ago
The ps3 has been able to do this for how long now?
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1060d ago
Your're not serious?
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JohnApocalypse  +   1060d ago
VonBraunschweigg  +   1060d ago
Make it interactive, now with Kinect and all. Can we upload?
ShadowKingx  +   1060d ago
Xbox 360 has a parental feature for them to block this content. So its now up to the parent to block so they can’t visit these kind of sites. The only problem is how many parents know about the IE coming to xbox 360.

i guess its going to be one to those walk in things

Billy- open IE app go to YP
Parent Walk in - what are you doing billy?
Billy Responds - Using my kinect to get best achievement for relieving stress when i get pissed on COD.

Lvl_up_gamer  +   1060d ago

I was looking for someone to say it before I had to write it.

The 360 has a parental control feature which can be used to block out content from the 360. The parental control has a password feature. So the parent would have to input the password, see that there is a new update and when the 360 launches, I am sure they will see an EI app or be notified of the new content.

It saddens me the amount of comments made before yours that didn't even know this or chose simply over look this.

+bubs to you.
Dlacy13g  +   1060d ago
LOL...I love the choice words from Kataku "They even hacked up the above image to show what it could be like if YouPorn had its very own Xbox app." .... Really?

Last time I checked you don't hack images but rather you use photoshop.

Anyway, I am just happy to see MS didn't put any kind of blocks on the browser and left that to parent controls.
Hicken  +   1060d ago
Hack doesn't only refer to computer-style hacking. In this case, it would reference cutting (chopping, hacking) their image so that it looks like an app.

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