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Eternalb  +   1231d ago
Legend of Zelda had a great opening!
newsguy  +   1231d ago
Zelda is the best franchise!
claud3  +   1231d ago
Ocriana of time had an excellent opening intro. But all Zelda games openings were awsome
mike1up  +   1231d ago
The intro to Skyward Sword is my favorite. I also really liked The Wind Waker's intro.
claud3  +   1231d ago
Agree skyward sword and wind waker was awesome... I still think all of them stick in your head forever :)
Thepcz  +   1231d ago
ocarina of time was the best
but may i present to you-

3-4-5  +   1231d ago
nice track.
Benjamminkno  +   1231d ago
They didn't talk about any of the game start intros. Windwaker is the greatest intro to a Zelda game. The music is phenomenal as well.
stragomccloud  +   1231d ago
I think my favorite has got to be Windwaker.

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