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erivera1994  +   1231d ago
Can i put a 3D blu ray movie in my PS3 and watch it with this Playstation TV monitor?
dboyman  +   1231d ago
StreetsofRage  +   1231d ago
3D = Dark visuals. Nuff said.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1231d ago
You don't own a 3D TV, do you?
StreetsofRage  +   1231d ago
What? You're trying to say it doesn't make the screen darker? Save you energy and don't comment if you believe it doesn't.
Drainage  +   1231d ago
lol, this isnt a deal. Should be like 70 bucks max
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1231d ago
3D with glasses is totally old school!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1231d ago
I love 3D! I bought the Avengers earlier. :) I can't wait to watch it!
Fixlarz  +   1231d ago
WHAT?! This thing costs 500 euros in Finland! O_O This can't be right, am I missing something here? Is it really the PlayStation 3D display?
Father Murder X  +   1231d ago
I have had one of these bad boys for about 6 weeks. Its awesome. I mainly use mine as a computer monitor and for 3d movies. I have played several games in 3d but ironically to me that game that blew me away in 3d was Gears 3.

This isn't a televisions its a monitor designed for personal use. why are you guys complaining about the size when everyone knows its 24. Additionally you probably will be sitting directly in front of it anyway. It will seem like 32-40 inches. Plus it has a 240mhz refresh rate and 2ms reponse time with 2 hdmi. That is top of the line. If for any other reason it makes a damn good pc monitor. The sound sucks however

i suggest an extended warranty because apparently there are some issues with the product although I haven't had any problems yet.
kingPoS  +   1231d ago
What bothers me is that it supports component but not the common formats monitors use, such as vga & DVI.

Btw not everyone has a hdmi complaint laptop or desktop.
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level 360  +   1231d ago
Stereoscopic 3D worked out really fine using either active and passive shutter glass technology.. just to get that out of the way.

In a way it's not really the games but more the films that are using 3D which attracts more buyers to this technology.

I think the problem started with the first batch of 3D Blu Ray movies were not really very good. And they chose the region of kids demography which is a brilliant idea but then the 3D related films they released were simply quite awful.
Really it's only now that we are seeing on some really good 3D Blu Ray films that we would actually want to collect.
At the moment it's still a very slow process.

As for the games, blame goes to the various marketing departments who really haven't done a good job at promoting and selling 3D games.

And as the headline says which is quite true 2D/3D LED and some Plasma screens are quickly getting cheaper by the week/month.
Give it time to pick-up when 3D movies that are worth collecting get more and more.
claud3  +   1231d ago
Yep sure its cheap and i am a legend. Come on really, its still expensive and you're a fool to think its cheap at all
redtideone11  +   1231d ago
I bought one just after e3 2012 and it is great. the size is great you can even watch shows on it if you have a cable box. the size is just right anything bigger and you scores are going to have an bad effect. people always want to show off, ohh I have a bigger screen but you never knew that you can't play cod or bf3 on 55 inch screen. it will never work because the games are rendered for smaller so pin point will be very hard and so no point in playing. I find it's price to be a steal at $250 $300. this thing is a pc monitor on steroids games are meant to be played on monitors not tvs but whoever says you can't use it as a tv are wrong. do you ever see a pc monitor that have speakers attached to them and have 3d, for the cost you won't find a different display for the price that offers what this bad boy does.
SnakeCQC  +   1231d ago
in the uk its still as pricey as a 40 inch 1080p tv
1nsomniac  +   1231d ago
Why have us in the UK never had a deal on this display? the cheapest its been here is £310 = $501.

So fed up of getting robbed by this country!
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OSIRUSSS  +   1231d ago
I bought one from . Gamestop it died in 2 weeks. The flashing red lights of doom, GOOGLE it. It was a good display though I liked it a lot.
360ICE  +   1231d ago
Say what you want about 3D, but I want that SimulView!
yeahokchief  +   1231d ago
Yep it's cheaper and I still don't want one.
JadedXGamer  +   1231d ago
Another irrelevant and cheap gimmick from Sony.
level 360  +   1230d ago
It's not only Sony who's selling 3D screens, there's Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic ( LED and Plasma ), Sharp, Hisense, Sonic etc.
For PC ( besides gaming can also be used to watch 3D Blu Ray movies ) - ASUS, Acer, BenQ, Viewsonic, AOC, Samsung, LG etc.

All with differing price points, but mostly more affordable as ever. Remember a few years back a Full-HD LCD 40inch roughly costs about 2,500 - 3,000 now you can get a 55inch LED 2D/3D for the same amount.
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