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Relientk77  +   722d ago
Over 40 PS1 Classics Added To The Vita Store - Includes FF8, FF9, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve 1, Parasite Eve 2, More

^ Yes
BringingTheThunder  +   722d ago
great games there
Relientk77  +   722d ago
I'm happy with those 5 games, but I wonder what are the other 35+ games coming to the PS Vita
TrendyGamers  +   722d ago
I'll be loading up Chrono Cross as soon as the Store updates.
-Mika-  +   722d ago
Resident Evil 6!
Nimblest-Assassin  +   721d ago
Watching gameplay... I noticed something

They are both wearing the same thing

Also if this is the actual menu... I will laugh out loud
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jghvhv  +   722d ago
Resident Evil 6 for me and Rattata!
TrendyGamers  +   722d ago
How can he play without thumbs?!
jghvhv  +   722d ago
He can borrow my thumbs.
TrendyGamers  +   722d ago
Or evolve it into Raticate and it should be able to play.
Myst  +   722d ago
These past few weeks have been rather interesting.

Looking forward to RE6 as well as War of the Roses next week.
Etackett2010  +   722d ago
Getting Resident Evil 6, Sonic Adventure 2, and both Parasite Eve games for my Vita.
ceballos77mx  +   722d ago
I will skip these and get dishonored and assassins creed 3.
ShaunCameron  +   722d ago
It's all about Resident Evil 6.
yeahokchief  +   721d ago
Resident Evil 6 is garbage. Boring and ridiculous third person action game that has nothing in common with the originals. Save your money for November.

RE6 is for stupid little kids just like the movies.

And even if you did want to play it... why in gods name would you buy it on release?? You saw how many DLC editions they released with RE5. You'll be paying $60 for around half of the game. Go ahead though. Waste your money kiddos. I guess it doesn't make much of a difference when mommy or daddy buy it for you.
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Armyntt  +   721d ago
Sorry im 32 and have 2 kids of my own. I dont get alot of time to play games as my time is very much consumed with life. (Kids,wife,army,etc) So if i want to go out and buy RE6 on day one thats my choice. Your reasoning behind waiting on it is the same for almost every other major release. All games now get the DLC after the fact. Just because its released doesnt mean i have to buy it. Your comment is immature and the tone is repulsive. Just because people have a different opinion than your own does not make it wrong. If i purchase it and im entertained than it was money well spent. Sounds like somebody needs to grow up.
yeahokchief  +   720d ago
derp derp derp. I shoots da zombies! weeeeee

sorry you enjoy terrible games
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Armyntt  +   719d ago
lol. Seriously!? That was your answer? Lol. Im sorry i thought i would get an adult reply. Not childish nonsense in return. What you say is opinion and not facts. Its guys like you that make the rest of us who might have a bad day feel better about ourselves. It could always be worse you know, we could be you. Lol

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