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Hatsune-Miku  +   1233d ago
No debate to be had. The ps3 a 6year old console is better than the Wii u. The vita and the ps3 combo is already better than what the Wii u will offer because of the portability of the vita and the transferring option they offer . The vita as a handheld offers a better touchscreen, resolution for the screen offers its own games and 3g on the go over what a person could do with the Wii u pad.

The ps3 which is supposedly less powerful than the Wii u offers a lot of games which are above what has been shown running on the newest Nintendo console. Despite what the nay sayers have been saying the Wii u is basically trying to be a PlayStation but there is already a PlayStation with the PlayStation 3 being the best. I've already seen spinderellas already declaring that transferring a Sony tech being a copy of what Nintendo did.

The Wii u is entering a market where all of its tech have been established by other consoles and its also adopting a lot of the old games already on older consoles. The Wii u will offer its own exclusive titles but small amounts which either looks like Wii games and the rest being mediocre at best looking at the gameplay and trailers.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1233d ago | Well said
I beg to differ. I honesty believe that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is far more advanced than any current generation console offering.

The Nintendo game pad comes out the box with standard functions that are nowhere to be found on any current platform or handheld device. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system was built from the ground up to utilize new and improved next generation features. Features that will be supported with most or even all Nintendo Wii U entertainment system offerings for an entire generation. Pretty much full developer support.

Early unreleased launch titles have already shown features that are not quite capable within the current generation. And this is the beginning of the very beginning. In about a year from now when developers release more meatier gaming experiences that harness the next generation technical power of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Those offerings will blow the doors off early launch offerings, and anything from this current generation.

Even Rayman Legends a simple side scrolling game already provides next generation features that can not be duplicated by Nintendo Wii U entertainment look a likes.

Something as simple as the Tokyo Street Demo is also not possible with the limitations of current generation technology.

There are many more small examples of the point that I am trying to prove. But I wont post videos here all day. Simple youtube research will show that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet like control functions are far more advanced than anything on the home console market right now. If you think you can debate that then I am all ears.

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decrypt  +   1233d ago

Console gamers dont care about graphics.

Technical advancements be damned.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1233d ago
@ LX-General-Kaos

I dont totally agree with what you're saying. Surely there's going to be differences between the two offerings, but the videos you show are not really that impressive.

The PS Vita does things that New Wii U can't do...

We call throw videos, the point is that, the Wii U is not necessarily as powerful and advance as you'd like us to believe

And here's a video of TearAway
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1233d ago

While those vita games that you have linked are very creative and nifty in their own right. They still dont show seamless transition from controller to console like the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. The camera tricks were very nice I admit but even the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system can do similar things as a single unit. There is also another Nintendo 3DS entertainment system offering that has a similar but greater example. Its an anime style game with a digital girl that wanders around.

You did not show anything that has anything to do with Nintendo Wii U entertainment system like capability. But I do admit the camera tricks on the vita were amazing.

This is the type of advancement and seamless transition that I speak of.

Mass Effect 3 for on the game pad paints a bigger picture for my point. Full retail games with seamless transition and additional features not possible within current gen.

Nintendo TVii is another example of next generation integration not possible within the current generation.

ZombiU as well.

I do respect what you have shown above, pretty nice tricks and i respect your opinion. I just dont believe that camera tricks alone are anywhere near as advanced as the features offered as standard with Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1233d ago
I guess we will have to agree to disagree here a little bit. It seems that the advancements that you're so amazed about, don't really have the same effect on me as I feel that the majority of them are already found elsewhere.

I mean yes you have the Tokyo Street demo, but how is moving the camera around not better done with the analog sticks on a controller, or how is the fact that you can use AR(Augmented Reality) with the PS Vita and 3DS not equally as impressive as NFC that the Wii U uses.

Between the PS3, The PS Eye, The Move, and the PS Vita, you've pretty much covered over 90% of what the Wii will be offering. Now is it nice that Nintendo has packaged most of that into one device? You bet, but to imply that the technology is far ahead of what we have now? I just don't see it that way unfortunately.
Ultimate Controller for PS Vita

CrossPlay with Playstation AllStars
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1233d ago
I fully respect your examples and opinion. And I will also agree to disagree over this debate. Until next time, have a good one.
buddymagoo  +   1232d ago
Little Big Planet 2 PS3 and Vita showing it can do what the Wii U does and more!
Lucretia  +   1232d ago
U would hope so Kaos.......its supposedly a new console
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1232d ago
I beg to differ. Giakai could go beyond what wiiU could do for any device. Also unlike vita you can't take the controller to the park and still play AAA games. I think gaikai will bring this for those with a good connection like me. Nintendo actually couldn't compete with that.
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extermin8or  +   1232d ago
wow are you being paid general-Kaos? Personally there are fiew things that I ahve seen that any controller with a touch screen cannot do; many functions similar to Rayman:legends can be done on lbp2 using the vita as a controller for instance. also the nfc you mention is all well and good but aiming with motion controls be it via a controller or on the vita,3ds or a smartphone is so awkward I disklike aiming the camera on those things let alone my viewpoint they just don't coordinate between my movement and the respons well enough thus they appear rather gimmicky and unfortunatly most of the wii u stuff I see around does look gimmicky. I find it hard to believe that come next gen when developers are making xbox and ps3 games that probably donn't need screens they will bother putting the time or money to support a wii u version that uses the tablet controller properly and that if they do this same option won't be available to ps3/4-psvita owners.
Also just to point out the same controller aspects using the vita appear gimmicky to me aswell; I may try them as I own a ps vita and a ps3 but I'm not really bothered either way about the feature.
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kupomogli  +   1231d ago
Seems like you'd say the Wii U could cure aids if you thought people would believe you.

The Wii U being such an advancement over anything is just someone spreading false and misinformed information.

Here's Cross Control gameplay utilizing both LBP2 and LBP Vita. This shows off that there's nothing the Wii U can do that the PS3 and Vita can't do together.

Are there going to be many games on the PS3 and Vita that utilize this feature? No. Does it matter? No. I like LBP, but the feature, just like the Nintendo Wii U, is nothing more than a gimmick in what the system can do. It doesn't mean that it's a major technological advancement. It's nothing more than "what can be done."

I'm getting a "Nintendo Wii U Entertainment System" though. I'm just not a Nintendo fanboy who praises anything Nintendo does and brushes off the exact same feature on another system like a hypocrite. Instead of being such a fanboy, your interest should be what games come on each system. Who the hell cares if the PS3, 360, or Wii U has better games. This hobby should be about hwo good the video games are and not how big your e penis is because you own a system with better games. All those extra features for the original Wii and how much more it sold didn't get you very many good games did it?
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago | Well said

I understand that you seem upset with me for giving my 2 cents on why the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is much more capable than the PS3/Vita combo. But thats just how I feel about the subject. Right now you and other sony supporters are showing me the same example of the little big planet demo multiple times. Right now when it comes to connectivity thats all that you have as ammo. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system does much more than whats seen with that game.

Where is your answer to my Tokyo Street video above? Where is your answer to Nintendo TVii? Where is your answer to the Nintendo online web browser? ?

Do you have an answer for a feature like the evolution of potential sports titles?

Acting as if you are coming here teaching me some sort of lesson about being a true gamer, and its all about the games is not necessary right here. The article is a comparison between features of two consoles. We all know the games discussion will come. We will save it for a proper article. That was an unnecessary attack. Your comment screams frustration that you desperately hope that the next generation Nintendo Wii U entertainment system can be surpassed by your current generation console of choice.

Basically what I am saying is. I came here to debate the topic of connectivity between two platforms. Not about "being a true gamer" I show you many different examples of seamless transition through multiple features, online connectivity, and gameplay styles. You continue to show me some neat tricks in little big planet. Trying to convince me that a single game offers everything that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system can do and more?

"Are there going to be many games on the PS3 and Vita that utilize this feature? No. Does it matter? No"

seriously man?

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GrahamGolden  +   1231d ago
biggest nintendo fangirl i ever saw on this site..u try to hard men give it a rest

ur console will be forgotten once new ps4 and xbox will be out so enjoy while u can and enjoy the ports ps3 and xbox360 will give to you
raytraceme  +   1231d ago
The wii u game-pad is very low res. and is has a large screen so gaming exclusively on the controller isn't the best option. (854x480 6.2in screen) The vita oth has a very nice 960x544 5in oled display with capacative touch. If the ps4 could do the wii u stuff with the vita native than WIN!!!
kupomogli  +   1231d ago
@ LX-General-Kaos


*bows down to Nintendo for coming out with such an amazing new feature not possible anywhere else.*

Seriously. The Wii U is displaying the internet browser on your tv while your using the touch pad to control it. What's the difference between that and the Vita. What's the difference between that and the 3DS.

What should really be said. It's a fu**ing internet browser. Who cares. If you've got the internet, then you more than likely have a computer. I say more than likely because there are some people, very few, that don't have computers and use their internet service to play games online only.

I currently own four video game consoles that can browse the internet. 3DS, Vita, PS3, and PSP. I've used it once on each device and haven't used it again since it's such a worthless feature when I have a computer.

Only a Nintendo fanboy is going to act like an internet browser is an important feature.

Nintendo TVii is nothing more than what we use on any device on almost a daily basis. If I want to go to the NFL Sunday Ticket, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, I'll open up the respective destination.

Nintendo TVii from what it seems is something that overly convolutes the process. You open a directory of tv shows and/or movies, and then choose one, but if it happens not to be available on Netflix/Hulu/or whatever you subscribe to, it'll ask you if you'd like to pay a fee to watch it. If I want to find a movie that I want to pay for, I'll go to one of the On Demand locations. Being a Netflix subscriber, I already know what is on Netflix, so I'll just go to Netflix and watch what I want to watch.

I'll get to the "potential sports evolution" but really. Everything you're praising, every other console already does it. It's not that every other console can't do it the way Nintendo does it, like your description of TVii, it's just that's not how they do it thankfully.

Then your video of the Wii U Golf Prototype. The one scene that was in Nintendo Wii U's E3 announcement video that looks cool, but does it work? Until they show actual gameplay footage and not just a tech demo that was probably fabricated, then it really doesn't exist. It's like the one video that was posted showing off the Vita's AR cards and there was the alien at the end. The alien on that video was more than likely just fabrication to make the console look better.

Besides. The Vita has a camera facing both directions. The camera has recognition software, so Sony could come out and develop something for the Move that used the Vita camera that did that if they wanted to.

Also. Your comment dismissing LBP just shows how much of a hypocrite you are. There's clear proof on what has been shown by the PS3 and Vita as to what the Wii U can do and you're dismissing it. Other than a fabricated prototype, you've got nothing that shows the Wii U can do anything more than the PS3 and Vita can.

The only thing that you can say, and anyone can admit, is this is the Wii U's main feature. What is seen on LBP is not going to be utilized on many other games. The fact that the Wii U is developed with this in mind, is that it's going to be on every single game.
AWBrawler  +   1231d ago | Well said
When will people stop calling Cross platform play between the PS3 and Vita the same as Wii U. it's not the same. Hell, the Wii can do that with a DS. Anybody remember Pokemon Battle Revolution? or Final Fantasy Echoes of Time?

All these people trying to compare forget the main thing. The Gamepad comes packed in with every Wii U, and it IS NOT meant to be portable. the 3DS and DSi is their portable. Plus there are obviously more features with Wii U as Kaos has shown in his links.

Again I say The Wii U has fanboys paranoid, but if they were unbiased and enjoyed each system for what it is, there'd be nothing to fear
crxss  +   1231d ago
more people will use the Wii U with the GamePad than the PS3 with the Vita. Microsoft should incorporate Xbox SmartGlass into every game it has (and advertise the sh!t out of it until it's drilled into people's heads) if it wants to cut into Wii U's sales.

1) All Wii U users will have a GamePad and use it
2) A small amount of PS3 users have access to the Vita
3) A good amount of 360 users have access to a smartphone or tablet and will be able to use SmartGlass

my money says that, if they play their cards right, Xbox will be taking the cake.
GribbleGrunger  +   1233d ago | Well said
See, this is where I separate from the Sony fanboy. Yes, the Vita/PS3 can offer what the Wiiu can do (I agree with Sony on that) but to say it's better when the Wiiu is designed for this function and has more power is silly.

I'll say it again: It would be good for both Nintendo fans and Sony fans if developers had two platforms to make games on of these kinds. That's all I've ever said and that's all that's needed to be said. Of course if a Nintendo fan claims the Vita/PS3 combo can't do something and I know that it can, I'm going to point that out too.

But that's not the same as 'better' or 'worse', it's just a case of 'can do'.
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kneon  +   1231d ago
It will be more powerful than the PS3 on it's own but remember that the Wii U has to do the rendering for both screens while the PS3 and Vita can each render their own screens since they each have their own CPU and GPU.

So on a single screen game the Wii U should come out ahead, but on a game utilizing both screens the PS3+ Vita might very well have the advantage.
stuna1  +   1231d ago
Exactly Gribble! The question of which is better is already pretty obvious, but the question should be is it a leap or a skip?

A opportunity has presented itself! But due to ignorance it will be overlooked! Can the PS3/Vita and WII U garner similar support that can be beneficial to both fanbases at the same time, while still being able to compete individually? My answer is yes they can.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
Gribble deserves a Well Said for this post
1upgamer99  +   1233d ago
Have you read anything about the Wii U lately. You are in some denial if you think the Wii U has less power that PS3. That debate was over weeks ago.
GrahamGolden  +   1231d ago
and so what if the wii u is more powerfull ?

who cares today ?
its 7 years ahead of the ps3
save that message and say that again once the ps4 is out
TruthbeTold  +   1231d ago

People wouldn't feel the need to bring up the obvious fact that the Wii U is more capable than 7 year old hardware if there weren't the same 6 or so ridiculous fanboys constantly trolling all things Wii U, and claiming or inferring that it's the opposite, or that the difference is negligible.

First the 'strategy' was: 'LOOOOLZZZZ!!!11! Teh Wii U is weaker than teh Current genz!!! Don't buy it! Wait for my favorite company to release their new machine!!!111!'

Then it was: 'So what if these developers that have given their names say the Wii U is far more capable? A couple of anonymous supposed developers said otherwise! Long live teh PS360! LOL @ teh Wii!'

Now it's: 'Well of course the Wii U is stronger... It would be pathetic if it wasn't.'

Of course that is always laced with a healthy dose of: 'It's still not that much better, and anything it can do the PS3 can do anywayz!'

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RFornillos4  +   1232d ago
@shutupandtakemymoney ... i think your logic is not correct. the comparison is between Wii U vs. PS3 + Vita... of course you can't bring the Wii U gamepad to the park, that's because it's not a separate portable device; it's supposed to work with the whole system as one console. now if the comparison was between Wii U + 3DS vs. PS3 + Vita, then your argument wouldn't mean anything coz both the Vita and 3DS you can bring to the park.

now going back to the topic: i still believe Wii U is still better than PS3+Vita, simply because it is a system of its own; not an additional feature that was added to the existing console or handheld.

it would also not be fair to the Wii U, simply because the system hasn't been out yet. to say that it is not capable of doing this or that, or that the games would not be innovative enough to use those technologies is purely based on speculations, rumors and some fanboyism. anyway, if you really believe that the PS3+Vita would provide the same experience as the Wii U, then it's your call. nobody's forcing anybody to buy anything.

we will never know what it's capable of till after a year or so of it's release. which is practically the same for other consoles; it took some time before devs were able to maximize the potential of those consoles.
MNGamer-N  +   1232d ago
So with the PS3/Vita, your'e telling me I have to buy a graphically inferior $300 PS3, along with a $250 Vita that has a smaller screen, with not many games that support the feature, and this is a deal? I should go run out and spend $600 to pick this up? I think not. Nice try, however I'll be playing my Wii U with much better features, thanks.
Beastforlifenoob  +   1231d ago
On the other hand WII-U controller price...
eferreira  +   1231d ago
but with the vita you can take it outside and use it as a separate console with its own library of games.
eferreira  +   1231d ago
you can take the vita outside and use it as a separate console with its own library of games. The wii u features is just a bonus
Theyellowflash30  +   1232d ago
Hatsune-Miku, the PS3 is not more powerful than the Wii U. Show me one developer that says that. Cause I can show you multiple quotes from developers that say the Wii U is more powerful
C0MPUT3R  +   1231d ago
Show me a Wii U game that looks better than God of War III, or Killzone 3. Next Gen hardware should be able to top those easily.
stragomccloud  +   1231d ago
I think everyone should stop feeding this troll. He/She is obviously in love with the Wii U beyond all reason, but loves to troll. Just ignore everything this one says.
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NukaCola  +   1231d ago
Wii U has the advantage as the tablet and the system are one. But that doesn't rule out that the Vita and PS3 go together well and can do great things too. I think if we have this debate, let's wait until the next PlayStation console as I am sure full Vita compatibility will probably be included.
_LarZen_  +   1231d ago
Either you are drunk or you are trolling.

There is nothing to debate as the systems cant be compared.

End of story.
Muffins1223  +   1231d ago
OH god...LX-General-Kaos vs Hatsune-Miku
We dont need both of you guys on one article,one is enough
jacen100  +   1233d ago
2 words "Totally Integrated"
jujubee88  +   1232d ago
I have two words as well, "Orbis Vita"!

jacen100  +   1231d ago
I have another 2 " Sony Fanboy" ?

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beerkeg  +   1231d ago
What the hell is an Orbis Vita?
jujubee88  +   1231d ago
Yeah, sure. I mean, it's perfectly fine when someone has an interest ... Just label them some sort of fanboy after you read one of their comments.



It's Latin for "circle of life". It's a long story but Sony seemingly wont go with the number strategy like previous hardware (ps2, ps3, etc) and will go more toward the naming/sumbolic route of branding their stuff like Nintendo. That's why VITA is called VITA and not psp2. That's also why ps4 will (most likely) be named orbis and not ps4.

You can put two and two together and see that there would be some integration between the two. And, yeah, they will integrate the two sku's in one (if they are smart about the marketting). This will probably a launch thing.

But, hey, I am just going off rumors and assumptions. Take it as you will.
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AO1JMM  +   1231d ago
@jacen100, Exactly.....
DEEBO  +   1233d ago
Like nike slogan says,just do it! i have the ps3 and vita combo and the 32gig wii u almost paid off. I owe like 30 bucks on it but anyway, i played with the vita's remote play using god of war collections,i tried the ultimate controller with UMVC 3 and i play some old ps1 games.My conclusion is that these features are good but its not enough support from sony.every game should have had remote play.cross controller from day one.They want sales but holding back features that can make a system ten times better is just not smart sony! The remote play works well but it will lag if you get too far away from the ps3.ultimate controller was cool too,being able to map super moves to the touch screen is a plus and to be honest i don't care who does what better then the next company,i just want a new way play games and wii u ps3 and vita are both cool. hopefully MS does well with smartglass
stuna1  +   1231d ago
Why you got disagree is beyond me? The fact that you realise that there is something to be gained from all consoles/handhelds in a unbiased comment is commendable! Bubble up.
rpd123  +   1231d ago
Well said. The only thing I think the PS3 Vita combo has over Wii U is the fact that the PS Vita is actually its own handheld console. Other than that, it's too pricey for someone to buy both, there isn't enough support, and games aren't built with that in mind. I think it's silly to compare them when the Wii U was built with all of this in mind.
FirstPlaceMan  +   1231d ago
Has everyone forgotten about 3ds/Wii U connectivity? Any advantage the Vita has over the gamepad can be done with a 3ds. The Wii U will be great for fully integrated dual screen experiences, while the 3ds/vita can be unique controllers. Also, the Wii U is better than the ps3. With PS3 and PSVita, you have TWO screens. With Wii U and 3ds you have FOUR, and if you connect more 3ds consoles, you could have even more. When Nintendo shows the 3ds/wii u connectivity, Sony fans like hatsune-miku will call bullshit and say 'they copyin!' Sad truth is Nintendo was the first to connect you handheld to your console with GBA and GameCube. Seriously, the 3ds/Wii U connectivity has a lot of potential for Super Smash Bros 4. Sony fans will say that copied playstation all-stars even though Nintendo announced SSB4 would be for 3ds and Wii U and will connect together. Honestly, Sony fans need to wait until the ps4 before trying to compete with the Wii U. The PS4 will most likely be stronger, but if it fails, it may be the fall of Sony. They've been losing money for a while
1upgamer99  +   1233d ago
From what I understand, the lag between the PS3 and Vita is too great to do what the Wii U gamepad can. The Wii U to gamepad (limited to 24 feet for best performance) the lag is next to non-existent. So if there is even a .3 second lag between the vita and the TV its going to botch gameplay up. What I am interest in Is how the 3DS will be work with Wii U, I have a feeling the 3DSXL was made because it may work along with the Wii U in more ways than we have ever seen Nintendo use a portable for in the past.
plmkoh  +   1232d ago
There is virtually no lag between the PS3 and Vita other than the time it takes for the radio signal to be sent if you use Ad-hoc. The Wii U is exactly that: a slave controller to a host system via Ad-hoc, it's as low as any bluetooth controller.

What will have too much latency for any serious gameplay is if you pair over the internet, in that case there is no comparison since we're talking in the realms of home console vs cloud computing, rather than PS3/Vita vs Wii U.
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1upgamer99  +   1232d ago
Oh Ok, that's why I said "from what I understand" because I was afraid I read it wrong, and did not want to state it as a "Fact" I do know that the Nintendo gamepad has according to
No lag
Ilovetheps4  +   1231d ago
There was lag when I tried using remote play. That's why I don't use the feature. It's not at the level of the Wii U gamepad. The Wii U was built for this feature. It's an afterthought for the PS3/PSV connection.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1231d ago
In the video of the cross controller play demo for lbp2 there was lag. I agree that from a hardware standpoint there should be no lag like the Wii U so maybe it was just a software issue that can be ironed out.
ALLWRONG  +   1232d ago | Intelligent
PS3 and Vita cost twice as much as a Wii U and still can't do the same things.
FanMan  +   1231d ago
Thats because the Vita is its own system. You can take it anywhere and play games on it. The Vita is not dependent on the ps3. This is the exact opposite for the wii u. The wii u gamepad is just a glorified contoller. It needs the wii u. Without the wii u, the gamepad is useless as far as i know. So of course the vita will make it more expensive...
laxbeav  +   1231d ago
But the article is talking about them together. It wasn't discussing the gamepad vs. the Vita. When you look at it like that then duh the Vita is better in the sense it is a portable system and the gamepad is a controller.
samtheseed  +   1232d ago
On the very first day the Wii U launches, it will have 11 games or so that exploit the Wii U's very essence RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. On the very first day the Wii U launches, it will have prooved it's potential 1000% moreso than the PS3/PSP/Vita combo has in 6 years.

I mean, are the people refutting this on drugs or something?

By the time the next PS is released, you'd be lucky to see 1 PS3 game do 10% of what the Wii U can do, and do it worse. Stop dreaming.

Mad bro?
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TongkatAli  +   1232d ago
Its not the same, stop comparing the two for the love of god!!!
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Pillsbury1  +   1231d ago
Exactly, finally someon that has common sense around here. the two are different while the ps3/psv combo may offer some similarities it will never be fully utilized and integrated with every game like with the wii u. I love my ps3 and ps vita and I will also like my wii u, they all have something different to offer. Sonys 1st party devs might make a few games that use ps3/psv features but unless they release a ps4 bundle with psv it wont become standard for the platform.
deletingthis34675334  +   1232d ago
Only a grand total of 2 games will support it, and costs significantly more for the end user than buying a Wii U with the controller included out of the box. Sorry Sony, but you might as well throw in the towel on this. Look at your Move, nobody but the most die-hard .02% of Sony fans bought one, and the ones that did, it sits there collecting dust just like every Wii console in existence. Stick to what you are good at, making new IPs. Don't waste any more time and money into these stupid gimmicks nobody wants.
TronEOL  +   1232d ago
The only time the PS3 and Vita combo will ever do anything the Wii-U can do is when Sony actually pushes it. I'm a massive Sony fan (and even bigger PlayStation fan), but even I know right now the PS3 doesn't do anything the Wii-U is going to launch doing, and continue to do for the rest of it's lifetime. The PS3 is a PS3 and the Vita is a Vita. There is no "true combo" yet.

Although Crossbuy, Crossplay, and transferring saves is a fantastic start. We just need to see more games using it. We also need savegame cloud integrated across all PS3Vita games, among many other features.

I truly want Sony to prove me wrong tho, since I've been pushing for this idea since before the Wii-U even existed (screen on a gamepad), mainly because of what I saw with the PSP and PS3 with it's tiny amount of Remote Play.

The PS3+Vita don't do what the Wii-U does. It CAN, but it doesn't, and I'm not sure if it ever will.
yewles1  +   1232d ago
Didn't we go through this days ago? jeez...
DivineAssault  +   1232d ago
The wii u is more powerful & im sure when the titles start to flow, it will outshine PS3 but i doubt we will see games that exceed the graphics of games like Last of Us until PS4 is on the horizon... 90% of games of wii u will be designed to use the 2nd screenn.. Where as with PS3+Vita, much fewer titles will use those features.. It can do it, if developed to take advantage of the vita.. But again, this shouldnt even be a debate if the wii u is 6 years newer.. This shouldnt be questioned in the slightest bit if wii u was truly nx gen.. The fact that games dont look alot better out the box is concerning.. I know it took a while for PS3 development to get where it is but as soon as PS3 hit shelves, the games looked better immediately than the previous generation.. That just isnt the case with Wii U.. Not many people are willing to buy a console & pay more money for games they can play now.. Especially when wii u titles are $60 & on the others theyre $30-$40.. The pad play isnt where it needs to be just yet... Tapping on it to make blocks is just retarded & the whole map/inventory thing is already on ds/3ds so theres nothing new to expect there... It will come once nintendo gets their feet wet with HD tech, but by then, the power houses will be here to steal the show... Once again, i will get wii u but not til i see smash bros & Bayonetta 2.. Theres no excuse for them to look current gen with all that power under the hood.. If they look the same, ill buy wii u after a price drop
wiiulee  +   1232d ago there even really a have wiiu a true next gen, innovative console..and you have sony in last place this generation trying to come up with some slick advertizement and patch to keep their fanboys happy...because to truly company wiiu with the two consoles from sony is really a joke
wiiulee  +   1231d ago
compare......well to compare the two gaming companies is a joke too
Ulf  +   1231d ago
Consider the following points:

A) The Wii U hasn't been proven fun. It's not out yet.

B) The Wii U tablet doesn't have its own CPU and GPU -- it must drain Wii U resources, whereas the PS3/Vita combo doesn't.
Devinchi33  +   1231d ago
I like how the Wii U's second screen is dismissed as a gimmick by many, but when Sony claims they can do it too, fanboys claim it's better on their system.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1231d ago
Why do we need this debate?
SonyNGP  +   1231d ago
It's the Wii/PS Move all over again.
AO1JMM  +   1231d ago
Sony copying the competition yet again?
#18 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Beastforlifenoob  +   1231d ago
Sony never copied anything, and the WII mote was copied by Nintendo, Sont invented something similar in the 1980's
The_Infected  +   1231d ago
Is there a PS3 and Vita bundle for the same price as WiiU? No

Is there a game where you can have 2 to 4 other people playin the game in tandem to the Vita like the WiiU? I don't think so.

They're problems with the PS3 does what the WiiU does.
StrawHatPatriot  +   1231d ago
You need $550 for the Vita and PS3.

You need two of the same game for the Vita and PS3.

Not every game supports the cross-play.

The Vita's controls/buttons are different.
Beastforlifenoob  +   1231d ago
Search cross play on Google then look at point 2 of your argument *fail*
Pillsbury1  +   1231d ago
Agree not everyone will be doing cross play on ps3 only sony 1st party as it is not standard and what 3rd party would waste money a small percentage will use.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1231d ago
Sadly, there's very little to debate as one product has a future and the other one doesn't.
user3195532   1231d ago | Spam
dennett316  +   1231d ago
There's no debate to be had. The Vita and PS3 may be able to connect in a similar way to the Wii U...but it will not be the same experience.
The Wii U is a home console designed to be experienced in the way that it is. Developers can develop in the knowledge that the Gamepad is always there for all users, it's abilities are tied down and linked to the console in a way that the Vita's are not to the PS3.

Most Vita owners own a PS3 according to Sony, but barely a fraction of PS3 owners own a Vita. Developers cannot develop the same kinds of multiplayer experiences that they can for the Wii U because it's frankly not worth doing for such a small percentage of gamers to take any advantage of.

The Wii U does what it does lag free, would the Vita be able to do that with the way it connects to the PS3? I doubt it.
The Vita will not succeed as an expensive controller for the PS3, it will need to succeed as a handheld system with it's own unique titles as that is what it was designed to be. You could fudge a Wii U like experience, but it won't be the same as the real thing as the Nintendo hardware was designed with that singular purpose in mind.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
Finally someone that truly understands.
AWBrawler  +   1231d ago
What the Vita is doing is more closely related to this than the wii U, albeit with much better graphics.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1231d ago
Your right despite owning a PS3 I don't feel the need to buy a PSvita at this time. Perfectly fine with just the PS3
TheLastGuardian  +   1231d ago
I already have a PS3 and PS Vita, I didn't buy them just to play dual screen games. Both systems game libraries combined can't be topped by the Wii U. The Wii U is just the better system for dual screen gaming.

I hope plenty of developers support cross-controller games for the PS3 and PS Vita. Media Molecule, Sucker Punch and Drinkbox Studios are already supporting it. There's a few Wii U exclusives I want, but I'm not buying one until it's cheaper, has a bigger hard drive and more games.
#24 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
mshope10  +   1231d ago
it should say wii-u and 3ds versus ps3 and vita cause 3ds and wii-u can do the cross play thing Sony keeps talking about.

but wii-u's game are all made with the second screen in mind not Just a few first party games.

plus when games like monster hunter 3 ultimate come out people will have more reasons then just bringing the game with you to both options.

see on wii-u it's in full 1080p HD and 3ds glasses free 3d so even though they are the same game they each have a different way to view it.

but with ps3 and vita its for real the same game between both systems just get the portability.

so I don't know why Sony keeps trying to talk this up like Nintendo can't to the same thing plus more cause every single wii-u game is made knowing everyone will have the gamepad.and they got cross play games for people which have 3ds and wii-u so Nintendo got everything covered.
Blacklash93  +   1231d ago
A PS3+Vita combo costs at least $200 more than a single Wii U system. The Vita alone is barely able to stand on its feet with titles and Sony hasn't given reason for me to believe that will change soon. Nintendo is suffering the same problem with the 3DS. Few people actually own a Vita, as well. Now who besides Sony will bother with crossplay all things considered?

There's also the fact that the Wii U is designed for this function. I've been hearing reports of lag for the Vita crossplay whereas for the Wii U people are saying it was next to non-existant even in the first hands-on previews.

Nintendo ommiting features like multi-touch and AR are cons, especially the former. For a console that prides itself of multi-tasking and innovative concepts that's pretty disappointing.

Overall, while the Vita tech is certainly more feature-packed and nicer, Nintendo will have a better experience and we'll see more innovative and numerous ideas from the Wii U, if only because that's the draw of the system to developers in the first place. Nintendo laying out a friendly engine for all Wii U developers was a smart move.
#26 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1231d ago
Are we still having this debate?

Once the Vita and PS3 get the same amount of support as the WiiU then we can continue but until then it is all just theory.

And no, I am not hating on Sony- I just think that they would be better served focusing on this feature for PS4-and trying to make the combo more affordable.

Also, they would do better getting more support for Vita, which is a great machine kit but worthless without a library to highlight its strengths.

Good Luck to all consoles (they all bring something to the table)- although my heart is with Nintendo.
Benjamminkno  +   1231d ago
They claim the PS3 can do what Nintendo can to prevent trade ins for the new system.
BeZdaBest  +   1231d ago
its kinda sad when sony has to compare their "HD HANDHELD"

i mean come on were talking about to different fields....

say it with me people.......



how you can compare these two things are ridiculous and straight up ignorant on sonys part....and instead of trying to use the vita to compete with the wii u gamepad "CONTROLLER" .... they should focus on making more games like gravity rush......
AWBrawler  +   1231d ago
Exactly lol how crazy is it they're comparing a Controller to an handheld. If you say Wii U + 3DS combo vs PS3 and Vita combo at least it would make sense. I assume Iwata is laughing at people comparing a handheld to a controller, I be he's doing something like this
kingPoS  +   1231d ago
I think Nintendo needs to establish the controller as just a controller with a screen. People are already starting to belive it can operate independently from the WII-U console.
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