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EmperorDalek  +   1232d ago
Sony make the same noises now as they did with the thier Move controller. PS3 with Move is better than the, who cares. Move was a waste of money and the Wii trumped the PS3 in sales from day 1.

Wii-U will outsell PS3/Vita combos from day 1 also.
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darkgod  +   1232d ago
ps3 and vita is laggy and filled with error msges :/ how is that better just sayen
taquito  +   1232d ago
the ps3 has 7-8 year old hardware in it, we still don't know exactly what the wii u has inside, but it will be roughly 4-5x more powerful than the ps3

there is no contest, the wii u will CRUSH ps3/360/vita combined

thank goodness, last gen console games are really, REALLY showing their age on ps3/360
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Omnislash  +   1232d ago
Just the fact that the PS3 is being debated against a next gen system goes to show that the PS3 is the best console this gen...
StrawHatPatriot  +   1232d ago
Not in terms of sales of course.
Omnislash  +   1232d ago

Oh I forgot I was a shareholder and not a gamer. /s


Yeah of course the Wii U has more RAM its a new system, but they are comparing it to an older current gen system which proves the PS3 is still holding it down, why arent they comparing a Wii U vs Xbox 360?
Drainage  +   1232d ago
...OR.....that this is a ps3 fanboy website that fail to realize that the wii u has wayyyy more RAM than their 400 dollar Vita
laxbeav  +   1232d ago
The short coming I see with the PS3 and Vita combo is that not everybody has both. The game developers will have to take that into consideration when making the games and at most the features for using a Vita with the PS3 will only be a bonus add on. Everyone who buys a Wii U has the gamepad so the games can be made around using the pad in new and creative ways. I hope the Wii U is an amazing success and the games are amazing because Sony and Microsoft will then make something great to compete and we all win.
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MacDonagh  +   1232d ago
There is no debate here. The Wii U is built around their tablet controller and the way it can be used in games while the Vita is built around the PS3. That isn't to say that the Vita/PS3 isn't bad or anything like that, but when you see how well the Vita has been performing in the market recently; you begin to wonder just how many people are going to be using the Vita/PS3 combo.

They really need a good holiday season.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1232d ago
is it funny to anyone else that a Next Gen console is trying to justify itself against a Current Gen console?

if your Next Gen console can't beat your competitors Current Gen console... then you shouldn't even show up for the game!

and you really better hope in the long run that your Next Gen stats/hardware/software definatley hang with your competitors Next Gen console and NOT their Last Gen Console!
TheKayle  +   1231d ago
wii u will be probably x4/5 times more powerfull than what debate?..

4 times the ram of the ps3
disc read of 22,5mega/sec against 9 of the ps3

a 3 core power7 (ibm power pc) processor that work associated with the gpgpu that is already i dont know how many times more faster than the ps3 gpu ..against a 3 core xbox ...mono core cell (that is a freakin slow process in multimedia things)

Cell (PS3) | 3.2 GHz -> 230.4 GFLOPS* -> [20.8 GFLOPS]
Intel Core i7 980 XE | 3.33 GHz -> 107.55 GFLOPS -> [99 GFLOPS]
Power 7 (Wii U) | 3 GHz -> 99.36 GFLOPS -> [between 95-98 GFLOPS***]
Xenon (360) | 3.2 GHz -> 96 GFLOPS -> [well below 57.6 GFLOPS**]
Cell (PS3) | 3.2 GHz -> 230.4 GFLOPS* -> [20.8 GFLOPS]

gpu :
Based on Radeon HD 5000 “Evergreen” series
Built on 40nm manufacturing technology
Unified shader architecture
GDDR5 memory support (memory is likely to be shared with CPU and system)
Shader count: 400 unified shaders (rumored)
75 GB/S bandwidth
Low power design, 50W TDP
Full 1080p, 60 frames per second support

the GPU is estimated to have 400 unified shaders with extra features added. This would still make the Wii U GPU many times faster than what’s found in the Xbox 360 , which only has 48 shader units (and we all know that the xbox gpu is already faster than the ps3 rsx gpu)

directx 11 compatible
32 mega of eDRAM for realtime "like" antialiasing against 10 mega of the xbox 360 (where this 10 mega already work ina great way!)against no edram of the ps3.....

etc etc etc

so what?
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TheKayle  +   1231d ago
ps the bandwith of the gpu is more than 3 times faster than the rsx gpu

20 GB/s read to the Cell and XDR memory
15 GB/s write to the Cell and XDR memory

the ram is gddr5 against the old gddr3 of the ps3

so what? (again)
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