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claud3  +   1158d ago
totally agree. They were like a unwanted baby, what a mistake
Alos88  +   1158d ago
Well that's a bit dark.
Psychonaughty  +   1158d ago
Comments like yours are unwanted and uncalled for.
claud3  +   1158d ago
Its just a comment
SilentNegotiator  +   1158d ago
That's certainly a creepy way to put it.

But, anyway, Rage was horribly mundane and low on content. Even its hyped to oblivion graphics were only so impressive. In fact, a lot of the environment looked like crap. And they seem to have forgotten that shooter fans like the multiplayer to have shooting in it.
Ju  +   1158d ago
Hey! Surprise! It wasn't/isn't another CoD clone! And it sure isn't targeting the ones focused on multiplayer as it has a great and long campaign. Rage is an awesome game. I just got it, I must admit I held of so long. But it's totally underrated. And I don't even think its a "great" looking game. It looks OK, but we've seen better. But I have a blast playing it.
Highlife  +   1158d ago
hope you are not speaking from experience. If you were trying to be funny you crashed and burned hard.
XB1_PS4  +   1158d ago
I like the Unreal tournament series, and they're all tech demos.
Perjoss  +   1158d ago
I loved Rage (obviously apart from the terrible ending), for me its a perfect example why you should not always listen to reviews or other gamers, sometimes you just gotta try games for yourself.
SilentNegotiator  +   1158d ago
.....It got like, 80 on Metacritic. What are you talking about?
Highlife  +   1158d ago
Rage was one of the more boring games that I have played in some time.
InTheLab  +   1158d ago
I agree with Rage, but have no opinion of FF13 as I've never played it.

Rage was a boring game. So boring, it basically stole the plot of another boring game, and tried to mimic the gameplay of the very good Borderlands. I've tried multiple times to complete Rage but I just can't seem to give a s***. There's just too much stupid in Rage. For example...Wingsticks usually kills most mobs instantly, but shooting them in the head with steel or feltrite bullets does nothing.

The game also feels old. id did a good job with melee character's A.I., but anyone with a gun made me feel like I was playing Doom again. And while the game is open ended (sort of), most of that open ended gameplay comes in the form of car combat, with the rest of the gameplay taking place in a series of dungeons that are nothing more than a bunch of corridors...

There's more reasons why I thought Rage was terrible but the game is just too boring to talk about anymore.

The author should talk about Crysis 2 next round and why they're bothering to make another..
Sarcasm  +   1158d ago
I agree about Rage. After the initial "Oooh Megatextures!" it was all boring and repetitive.
aliengmr  +   1158d ago
Here's a first, I agree on every point, even Crysis 2.

Not sure how people can love Rage, there's not much there to begin with. And "Mega-Texure"? What over-hyped garbage that was. Maybe it was impressive on the consoles, but it was garbage on PC. Distant textures were great, but up close it was a mess.

Anyway, bubble for you.
kevnb  +   1158d ago
rage wasn't that bad, just not the masterpiece I expected.
gillri  +   1158d ago
liked the first half of Rage alot, second half was poor and the ending was terrible

but it had great gameplay throughout
claud3  +   1158d ago
My strong opinion and them both sucked as games
D_RoyJenkins  +   1158d ago
Never played Rage but FF 13 had weak characters and a weak plot. I couldn't bring myself to finish it, it was that bad.
blue_cheese  +   1158d ago
Square Enix wasted this generation making mediocre games no one wanted. SE could have made a FF Final Crises sequel or expanded that world on consoles, or how about released FF Versus or Kingdom Hearts 3 or spin off's, or new IP's, or simply make a good FF game. Never played Rage, just didn't appeal to me.
MasterD919  +   1158d ago
Even the developers admitted to Rage being a let-down because they wanted to do more with it, but couldn't. Unfortunately, that only pisses off people who played the game and expected more.

I sold mine for what I paid for it, but for less than $10 I would gladly play it again. It wasn't the worst game ever by any means, it just was a let-down in the sense that it couldn't do what we thought it could...
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1158d ago
Im fine with XIII its not nearly as great as the old fantasys but its a good game on its own. I let 2 of my friends who never played Final Fantasy borrow it they both compelted it 100%.
ILive  +   1158d ago
I don't know about Rage but I did truly enjoy final fantasy 13. It is one of my favorite games this generation.
N4Flamers  +   1158d ago
Is this supposed to be a review? I thought it was appropriate that I stop reading this article after the writer admits to not playing a game he just called bad in the tittle.
josephayal  +   1158d ago
i need my $60 Back
Final Fantasy 13 isn't bad, That game was terrible!
SKUD  +   1158d ago
RAGE helped me get past the complete and utter disappointment that was Alan Wake.
teabag-nation  +   1157d ago
Rage is one of the more enjoyable games on the SnoozeBox

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